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  1. Are there any good options without dropping a couple hundred bucks? Im looking for something to film first person practice and matches.
  2. Follow up. You were right. I think after day 3 I did not have the inserts go flying out.
  3. I did the same. I got the thicker kydex and it does the job.
  4. I think you might be right. Didn’t have any issues in my latest dry fire.
  5. They told me to try one size thinner insert or bend the springs with the one I was running. One size thinner and the mags had zero retention and would fall out. I bent the springs and it does seem to help but the still come out. I called them again and they said to try sanding some of the surface of the spacer off. the issue happens when I pull the magazine out and put pressure one the bottom of the spacer. If you pull the mags straight out it won’t happen but in dry fire I’m being aggressive and putting too much force. If I can get it resolved they will be amazing but I’m
  6. I just got these and My back insert kept coming out today in dry fire. Super annoying. I’m using the thickest spacers with mecgar mags. I’m wondering if using the medium thickness would help. These seem amazing until you go for an aggressive reload and parts go flying. Grr. It happened more with one mag. Guess I’ll call them tomorrow.
  7. I’ve been dry firing several days a week now and felt good about the da pull. But then during live fire I got trigger freeze several times. It was pretty cold and my hands were cold but the da press kinda got in my head towards the end of the session. I think I was trying to pull it differently and get on the trigger sooner and this pulling slower. More dry fire is needed!
  8. I decided to try out the daa xip pouches. We will see how it goes.
  9. I had not thought of this. I checked last night and while it is possible the mounting plate sticks up above the belt quite a bit but I think it will work. thanks for sharing I had not heard of this problem. I’ll look into the Cr speed some more.
  10. I currently have the older ghost 360s and I want to switch to something where the magazine rides lower. I also want to switch to bullets out. I think the daa racers and race masters will work. Are there any other mag pouches that are height adjustable and production legal?
  11. Thank you for the specific drill. This is good and something I can work in dry and live fire.
  12. I ordered an LTT 92 with his trigger job. I’ve been watching his videos as well.
  13. Picked up my first da/sa gun and have shot mostly glocks. Where should I begin on learning the da/sa? Any drills, tips or advice? Thanks
  14. I'm picking up an LTT 92 and was wondering if anyone could share some load data for a full size 92? I have titegroup and hp-38 and coated bullets in 124 and 147s although my stock of 147s is very low. Thanks in advance,
  15. Okay I’ve been out of the game and away from the forums for awhile. Am I understanding this correctly: Flat faced triggers in glocks are now legal in carry optics?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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