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Finally read the FAQs

Finally read the FAQs (3/11)

  1. Did you get the percussive ones that are made for shooting?
  2. What’s out there for non electronic in-ear protection? Looking for something that’s reusable and I won’t need to double plug with over the ear protection.
  3. Well it turns out that these don't work so well with the p320 mags. Guess I need to buy a washer or something. None of the spacers fit. Either too tight or too loose.
  4. Will the CR speed versa pouches work on a DAA premium belt?
  5. fireman1776

    SIG P320MAX

    Is that grip tape?
  6. What’s the pro of upgrading to guide rod to a stainless one? is the stock legion one known to have issues? I see several people commenting about changing the guide rod.
  7. I run a LTT 92. I wondered the same about the mag well until I looked at a shadow 2 mag well and then realized it’s me and not the gun.
  8. Could you share info on the brass battery adapters please?
  9. Good to know! I run blue bullets so I will look into that. I like the idea of the powder check but I suppose if I just keep my eye on the press I can check for powder in the case.
  10. Looking to upgrade from a 550b. Will be running only 9mm. What all do I need to get the 750 to run and all I have to do is pull the handle? It seems the Dillon 750 with case feeder and then the mr bulletfeeder and the extra short powder bar. Am I missing anything?
  11. Noob question but is it a rule that you have to leave your firearm if you go to the bathroom? Is it against the rules to just keep it on your person?
  12. Are there any good options without dropping a couple hundred bucks? Im looking for something to film first person practice and matches.
  13. Follow up. You were right. I think after day 3 I did not have the inserts go flying out.
  14. I did the same. I got the thicker kydex and it does the job.
  15. I think you might be right. Didn’t have any issues in my latest dry fire.
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