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  1. I am surely in the minority on this one but I do not like the henning hanger. With a S2 with brass grips it does not support the weight of the holster causing too much movement. The adjustability is incredible but I also had it come loose at the range after a handful of training sessions.
  2. Thanks for this. Looks like it's my only option. I tried the amazon ones and like the reviews said they are too big. Temu is the same as the one offered on Amazon.
  3. Thanks. I hate to support them but I may have no other choice.
  4. Thanks. I did and they told me they don’t have them anymore. If I can find em I will stock up because it’s useless to me without a hat mount.
  5. Broke mine and they are discontinued which really sucks. Does anyone know a replacement that fits that Go 2? Amazon reviews seem iffy. I ordered some to try. Range Panda is out of stock.
  6. For me: You can't stop the gun from recoiling. Also there isn't one way to grip a gun. Just like there's not one way to shoot a basketball. No two NBA players have the same shot, not sure why people think things are different with guns.
  7. I can say, that's not how it is anymore. I heard negative reviews of Ben's class from someone who took it many years ago and I was hesitant to go to one because of that. I went to one recently and he has clearly changed his teaching style. Highly recommend it.
  8. Following with interest! The classifier breakdown inspired me to practice Can you Count in dry fire to see where my baseline mechanics are.
  9. Anyone know a good static popper that’s easy to transport to and from range that can be used on gravel?
  10. A dremel or file to the magwell is much cheaper than all new mags
  11. The downside is that it doesn’t provide much horizontal support. Some people, myself included got rid of them because holsters and mag pouches moved too much horizontally. Some love the belt, others hate em. I don’t think there’s much in between. But how compact it rolls up is a huge advantage so that may outweigh some potential downsides for you.
  12. Who has better prices?
  13. Received mine. Ordered in Jan 2023. So very close to one year wait.
  14. I use supervel also and on some other threads came to the conclusion that they use hard primers. I have to use a 13lb hammer with extended fp to get 100% reliability
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