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  1. also, if you can find one, dont rule out the dan wesson pm9! I bought mine new, at less than the trojan price and it has serrated top of slide, front f/o, and has run great for 5k rounds
  2. I'd say save your money. Do you have a FLGR set up now? If you're wondering if the buffs help, I'll send you one for free to try out. Shooting the same gun back to back, on a FLGR set up, one can not tell the difference with the buffs. What the buffs will do over time, is come apart and jam something. Have you ever heard of a 1911 frame wearing out there?
  3. how does the ghost compare with the limcat?
  4. you'd be better off using your front hand to aim then trying to use something that is on top of say the ta-01nsn. It is however helpful and convenient when shooting with NBC gear on, easy to acquire with that crap around your head.
  5. weedwhacker, do you have a KISS unit to compare to? I love my Kiss but for 200 less I'd like it less.
  6. thanks, this is exactly the info I have been looking for. I checked my Hornady book last night, and sure enough no load for clays. Now to find some 147gr zeros....
  7. that sounds perfect for what I am after. Any one have loads for clays? I have jugs of that laying around.
  8. has anyone compared this trigger to the JP? I realize it has a flat trigger, but wanted to know how the Super Dynamic 3 gun compared against the JP trigger.
  9. getting the wife and her friends into shooting after they approached me about wanting to learn. I have 0 experience with 9mm, and load only 45 and 6,6.5mm rifle. I purchased them a Dan Wesson Pm9 and need to come up with something easy. I added a tungsten GR I had laying around, so I'm hoping to find a powder puff load. It just needs to punch holes and smack steel. thanks, nick.
  10. Mike, the stand you are referencing to have fabricated is exactly what I did. Its heavy, roughly 40ish lbs but the torque from the handle at that fulcrum length will cause some wobble. Before I bolted it down, I used bags of lead shot to weight the base and the problem was solved. I think I paid about 50 dollars for materials and labor. I had them sand blast it too, before I primed and painted it.
  11. I tried it when it was first released as I was on the early preorder from Midway. I also have the RCBS unit, and find the accuracy of the Hornady to be +/-.1 worse than the RCBS. I do think its faster, but I ended up giving it away if that answers which I prefer.
  12. meant to add, the only problem I have is that sometimes I dont get enough travel on the primer seating part that pushes it into place. However, there are plenty of online fixes recommending the addition of a washer underneath it attached to the press frame
  13. between ebay and craigslist and forums, I'm still unable to find a replacement. Does anyone have plans for one that works WELL?
  14. I went mid ground and chose the aluminum buffs. No issues, and it has the same feel as the poly ones.
  15. didnt caspian do a run of about 20 left hand 1911's ? I remember seeing one on gunbroker a year or so ago.
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