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  1. How are you all getting ahold of him? I asked about having a few guns built, which he responded to and then and radio silence.
  2. just wanted to give you all a heads up.....
  3. Picked up a CO so I can shoot this class if components get tough for .40 major. What parts should I keep for the shadow 2, either at home or in the range bag for a "when it breaks" or am I g2g and shouldn't worry?
  4. You have any other bullets to try? I've never tried loading 200 blues. Nor have I used the Dillon die, but if you're .422 or 23 you should plunk just fine. How do you have your crimp die set in the toolhead?
  5. I'm assuming your bore is clean ? Have you tried other holes on the hundo? There are definitely hundos that are out of spec as reported here, and I have a few holes that are tighter than others.
  6. How's the leading ? Debating using these for a pcc since they are still available and I love them for limited.
  7. Ige strikes again! was looking forward to coming over and joining you all. next year it is then. But what if we shoot in groups of 1, that's allowed right???? sheesh this state.
  8. Just as another option there are plates that fit the stock dovetail, so you just end up a little higher.
  9. Ok, thanks gents. Wanted to make sure I wasn't out of the norm.
  10. Loading 4.7 n320 with previously fired mixed brass, at 1.185 I'm getting average ES of ~40 and SD of 10-11 on 180gr PC coated purple bullets. How does this compare to what you're seeing?
  11. are you getting any hang ups in the mag a 1.17? I just tried some today at 1.18 oal, and they didnt fit well enough to load in the mag after the first or second round.
  12. Ok, I got the standard in, plenty of grip! It's almost too aggressive, haha. I can't imagine what the others are like.
  13. I believe LG outdoors has 6x 4lb containers left per their GunBroker store. I bought 3 and they hit me for 39 total in shipping and fees to Texas which isn't the best but I can't find it anywhere so it is what it is for now.
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