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  1. No agreed, i don't know why dillon didn't add another station with the 1100. I have tried and tried to double it, and couldn't get it to happen. I called dillon, and they too said it was impossible unless something is broken or set wrong due to the timing of the powder bar and the index. That said, don't forget to test the powder measure before a session to make sure its actually going to let you know something is off!
  2. How did you manage a double on the dillon? The powder bar shouldn't reset until the plate indexes if you have it set correctly. The evo powder sensor works great, but that machine (i have both) can double charge too if automated. Lots of videos on the FB group of people not having the plate index so I'd say the powder sensor is a requirement of automated.
  3. I think I was paying 60 from them. That said, the last batch had a ton of crimped primers in it....oh and a loaded round that found when I was putting it all into my dryer
  4. I think you're off on your price for your 750 with 223. That looks like the price of the no caliber conversion machines, which is the only way they are selling now as of last week for the time being. That said, there is a decent price increase coming Jan 1 across the board, so don't wait. I have a new primer flip tray I'll sell you for 15, so you can save a ton right there off your 2300 haha.
  5. Can't seem to find one anywhere. Already talked to bobcat.
  6. 750 conversions are out several months, and you will start seeing the 750 being sold with no conversion kit new from dillon/vendors.
  7. Kimball has 9mm conversions coming in this week. I spoke with him this am. I believe 10+ kits but most were spoken for so I'd order now through him.
  8. I believe there was a change to the shell plate specific to the 38s
  9. I have the tnt sizing die and I can't get it to run on the press well, even if I move the clutch from 3 to 8. Using lanolin it still stops on most cases that have glock bulge. Plus it scratches them, like many others here have reported. I emailed him, with no response. Would look elsewhere for a sizing die. A lee u die does the same thing, better, and for 1/5 the cost.
  10. They posted in FB the site would be updated around 2 today with VV and berger and a few others. Just FYI
  11. I can only imagine how much reloading equipment will be for sale in 18-24 months. Dillon 1050s are going for almost 4k. 4k! I mean if you didn't have the press, you think I believe you had the primers before this? Maybe that's who is paying 400/k.
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