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  1. I think they saw my post and decided to take vengeance. (OK, not really.) I ordered a bunch of small parts for about $76. When the charge came through my bank, a second charge from CZ followed it for about $400. I called CZ to say, "Hey, it looks like you charged me for something erroneously." The conversation ended with, "We don't see this. We have to look into it and call you back." That hasn't happened. So, currently out $400 for nothing. Thanks, high quality CZ online experience!
  2. Yes! Thanks. I ordered $75 worth of springs and pins.
  3. Well, yes, it has. It's one thing if a site goes down for a bit; that's understandable. But it's been weeks, if not months. e-commerce in the year 2020 does have much greater expectations.
  4. I was much less than pleased with an experience with them involving milling a slide for a dot. I don't want to go into details for risk of bashing them here, but I will say that I wound up giving up on their quality and having something machined locally to get something reliable.
  5. Like, with a telephone? No. I also haven't tried the mail order catalog, since it's 2020.
  6. What's the deal with CZ's online store, or "webstore" as they call it. I've been non-urgently needing to order a few miscellaneous parts for my CZ, but their store has had the same generic message for at least a month now: So, if I just need some miscellaneous things, such as factory grip panels, front sight pin, slide stop pin, where do I go? Not a fan at CZ-Custom and CJW doesn't seem to have every OEM part like CZ had when their store was up and running. Thanks
  7. I never noticed the responses about the grease usage. Interesting. And some videos are classic.
  8. The continued theme that somehow shooting major makes you a tough guy is really quite amusing, like y'all are shooting 50BMG pistols, and minor guys are shooting Airsoft. I sometimes shoot limited major (.45), and I dress in a muscle shirt those days to show off how incredibly powerful I am. The fact remains, major/minor is an arbitrary relic from the past, and it will go away
  9. I'm playing the online forum game, where the rules are that discussion of opinions is a primary function. When I play the USPSA game at the range, I don't discuss opinions of rules.
  10. I understand that. But, what is the point of power factor? If it doesn't have roots in the belief that higher power factor yields more effective damage to flesh, or points to a cardboard target, then what's the point? Perhaps we can have a continuously variable scoring system where: C point value = (chrono'd velocity * bullet weight) /125,000 * 3 such that if you're shooting with exactly 125 PF, you get 3 points. But, if you up it a little to 135, now you get 3.24 points, 153 PF will give you 3.672 points for a charlie, 169 PF yields 4.056 points, and then everyone can pla
  11. If people drove cars as a means of protecting their lives, and it was deemed that the minimum requirement for effective protection was a top fuel dragster, you would. My point is that we all know through the endless, ridiculous caliber debates out there, that 9mm is just as effective at .40 or .45. So, shooting major is done only for scoring, which is absurd.
  12. If you shoot major in USPSA and carry minor in your EDC gun, you subconsciously agree that major/minor power factor is irrelevant.
  13. If the gun fits in the box, great. If people started showing up with those guns, I'd be adding lots of knock down steel to my stages.
  14. Oh, definitely any action would be fine in CO. Again, the categories are basically: Ridiculous guns (open) Normal guns (any non-open pistol, even a little 25 caliber prostitute pistol if you prefer) Normal guns with optics Revolvers for the boomers
  15. It definitely is, but I think the distinction between limited and production is unnecessary. (I failed to mention that there'd be no such thing as downloading magazines, so the distinction with fully loaded mags is unnecessary, IMO.) Crazy guns normal guns normal guns with optics Revolvers
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