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  1. I appreciate that suggestion, but now I've lost confidence in CZ and this junky, yet very critical, part.
  2. Just to follow up at the OP here, I bit the bullet and splurged on a Trijicon SRO a couple months ago. So far, it's been great, and I'm not too worried about my dot anymore.
  3. I have a CZ75B and a CZ85C (just another 75 variant), and the slide stop has broken in both of them multiple times. I've replaced the recoil springs in both guns, thinking if that spring was weak it'd increase the beating this slide stop was taking, but even with a spring that's around 1,000 rounds old, I broke another slide stop today. Is this a common problem? Does anyone know of an aftermarket version that's made of higher quality than CZs? I'm not sure what to do other than to keep a handful of extras around, but that doesn't do anything as far as confidence in these guns for every day carry.
  4. Y'all. I've been carrying either a CZ75 or a variant for many years and have quite few holsters, naturally. But, none of the IWB holsters I have is able to accommodate a carry optic, which I've added to my CZ-85 Combat. Any suggestions on a good IWB holster that will have a cutout for this? I prefer kydex holsters that cover the muzzle fully, so as not to have the front sight post rip holes in my pants over time.
  5. Earlier this year, I had my slide milled so I could shoot carry optics in USPSA. I went with a Vortex Venom optic, but haven't had good luck with it. Shortly after owning it, the dot dropped, and I couldn't get it even close to re-zeroed. Vortex sent me a replacement optic. Great. Then a few weeks ago, the aluminum frame around the grass broke, which then also broke the glass. I'll be sending this second optic in for another replacement. I don't intend to put this back on my gun, as I've lost confidence it this optic's ability to handle life on a reciprocating slide. I still want to shoot carry optics, and I'm wondering what optic has the best (and justified) reputation for durability. I don't care if it costs $85,000. I've literally shot only about 1,000 rounds with an optic on my gun, and I've broken two. I'm looking for a more satisfying experience than this. With the abuse these things take, I don't expect them to last forever, and I understand the idea of owning two and rotating them, but I'd like that swap to be less frequent than monthly.
  6. Not necessarily. I'd never want to shoot a gun that I wouldn't carry in real life.
  7. Move the matches to Saturday if it's currently on a Sunday. You need someone with a servant's heart, but you'll find more of them if your match doesn't conflict with church. At my club, a friend and I run the matches, and in some ways we're the perfect people for it, in that neither of us really cares about the competitive side of shooting, and we more enjoy just facilitating things for others, and then getting some shooting in for ourselves. But, what makes us not so great is that by not having that hyper competitive component to our personalities, we sometimes don't give the competitive people the correct responses they'd expect when something goes wrong at the match, just brushing it off with a, "Eh, who cares, it's just a fun match" type of attitude. We're trying to correct that. We have a few guys who design and set up stages every month, and they'd be great at taking over MD duties, but they're very competitive, and I'd never ask them to take it over. They would quickly learn (if they don't already just intuitively know it) that it's impossible to be mentally in the game as a competitor while playing double duty as a MD. So, you have to find someone who enjoys other people's success and enjoyment and doesn't really care too much about his own results.
  8. I agree with others about going directly to the 1050. I never agreed with the "starter press" philosophy. Sure, it'll be a bit more to learn up front, but it's not rocket surgery.
  9. There are (surprisingly) still a few spots left for this month's NHRPC match. Registration closes at noon today, but I'll extend it if these few spots remain available.
  10. I bought a Standard Manufacturing SKO-12 semiauto shotgun last summer. The experience has been absolutely awful, and I wish I were one of those fancy YouTuber people so I could do a proper review to warn the world of things to expect if they waste their money on this thing. Conceptually, it's a great gun, but it appears to me to be poorly designed and tested. The first problem that I had with it was that it allows for the over-insertion of magazines, which causes the bolt to lock back too far, jammed improperly, when shooting to slidelock. This is a frustrating, unpredictable behavior to experience when shooting on the clock in a 3gun match. Initially, I wasn't sure if this was a defect with my gun, or a design problem, so I sent the gun to Std Mfg to look at. I even included this video demonstrating the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNRbrwCis0Q They had the gun for a couple of weeks, and then sent it back saying they cleaned it (it was brand new), test fired it, and that it was functioning properly. Then, as a P.S., wrote "Try not to over-insert the magazines." THAT WAS THE POINT. So, in my opinion, this is a total design flaw. OK, fine, in spite of that flaw, I can live with it. I shoot long guns left handed, so just developing the habit of using the bolt release isn't the end of the world, although I sometimes need the extra oomf that comes from pulling back the charging handle when loading a fresh mag. But what else? I ordered some additional 10 round magazines, and then later realized I'd need another. I noticed that they'd since changed the description to be a 9 round magazine. Curious, I inquired. They responded saying that there was a problem with the springs getting deformed when loading 10 rounds. So, another case of not testing things properly, and their fix was to just relabel the product and tell you load it down by 1. Lame. And they've had "25 round drums coming soon" for the past year. Chokes. It comes with one choke, cylinder. That's a bit weak, in my opinion, especially when I look at my CZ 712 that came with a nice pack of five, not the end of the world. Of course, trying to determine what chokes I can put into this barrel was a little challenging. The information is not on their site, and no choke manufacturers offer info about this Std Mfg (probably because I'm the only person foolish enough to own one). I wrote to Std Mfg, and they responded saying their chokes are proprietary, and you can only use theirs, at $35 each, of which are there are sizes. Of course, according to their website, there's only one choke they make for this, and the size isn't indicated, and it's out of stock anyway. After another communication, they confirmed their website is inaccurate, and the chokes for their other shotguns will work. (Hopefully they've since corrected this online.) I've since ordered my single $35 choke with $10 flat fee shipping, and after spending that much on it, I decided to frame it and hang it on my wall instead of using it. (Not true, of course.) Also, let me point out that the one choke they have listed for this gun at http://www.stdgun.com/chokes-2/, doesn't indicate the restriction. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but it seems to me that a choke diameter is a rather crucial piece of data for a choke. I might even go so far as to say IT IS THE PRIMARY PIECE OF DATA. Now, how about shooting this thing? First of all, the failure rate for it to properly cycle is absurd. It averages about 35% failure. Shooting ordinary 7½ bird shot, I'm a little okay and understanding with it not cycling properly. But, I get a high failure rate shooting 3" magnum slugs, even. Crazy. The lowest failure rate (not 0) I get is with Winchester Super Speed bird shot. Another thing is the safety switch. When in the fire position, it is such that your index finger is over top of it, and after a day of shooting this thing at a shotgun match, my finger was bruised for about two weeks at that spot, because it's impossible to be on the trigger without the safety switch digging into your finger. Horrible design, and I know Std Mfg isn't the only one with this problem. For the $1000 I spent on this thing, I feel like I have a gun with absolutely no valid use case. I can't shoot it in matches without wanting to throw it in the trash at the end of the day. I certainly can't count on it for any defensive scenarios. Not that I hunt, but if I did, this could only be used if I were hunting baby seals and wanted to club them with the gun. I think the only time that I'll wind up really using this is for trap, since I don't have to worry about any the stuff above when loading single shells. Overall, I think the gun is total crap and was rushed to market without proper design or testing. I also find that the company has no understanding of what it's like to be on the customer end of their experience. But, the one upside is that when I received my choke, inside the box was a flier for their S-333 handgun, so I got a fantastic, long laugh out of that. Or maybe I'm just a primadonna and expect too much. But I can't help but compare my overall experience to that of my CZ-712 Practical. It cycles everything, is comfortable to shoot, came with chokes and other goodies, and cost half as much. I guess I'll be learning quad loads afterall.
  11. I recently got a Standard Manufacturing SKO-12, which is a box-fed shotgun. The magazines physically fit quite nicely into a mag pouch for a standard AR-10 magazine, but I've found that when I pull the mags out of these mag pouches, I'm apt to disrupt or dislodge a shell or two because of how exposed they are at the top of the magazine. Can anyone suggest a better means of carrying shotgun magazines that would be ideal for quick reloads on the clock? Thanks
  12. Every year, I have a new year's resolution to either explore the world of red wine or the world of bourbon, but each year, it never happens, because I just like beer too much to displace it. But, I did try a couple years ago, and did the Bourbon Trail (in fact, I'm wearing that t-shirt today), and I totally understood how and why people love bourbon. It's great. It's a challenge for me, because I rarely drink at home. I'm more of a social drinker, and beer is both cheaper and safer to drink when out and about.
  13. I'm not entirely sure at the moment, but I have enough of an understanding of networking to figure it out once I understand how the system works. At least, I believe so. Through a combination of public DNS records and port forwarding on my router, I should be able to expose whatever access I have to the system while at home to also be accessible on the Internet. I'm kinda hoping that I won't have to do this though, but we'll see.
  14. This is a summary of where my mind is, as far as what my requirements are. I refuse to pay anyone monthly. I'd sooner spend $98,000 once, than $2/month, no matter how illogical that is on paper. I want to be able to have 8 channels of video I want a system that supports a mix of wired and wireless cameras I preferably want an NVR system, I think... My whole house is wired with Cat5e, so I'm looking primarily at PoE cameras I prefer buying an NVR and then selecting cameras one-by-one based on the wired/wireless need, the targeted location, as far as indoor/outdoor, and wife's aesthetic requirements. I don't want (necessarily) buy a kit. If I can monitor things remotely over the Internet, that's cool, but I don't care too much about that So far, I think this is what I'm after. I'm just trying to find out concrete information on if/how to use wireless cameras with this. https://www.lorextechnology.com/nvr-network-video-recorder/4k-nvr-with-8-channels-and-2-terabyte-hard-drive/NR9082-1-p
  15. My wife wants to put cameras around the house, which I'm also into. I have an assortment of research questions and some reading to do, and I'm wondering if the security-minded gun owning type folks could recommend a good forum or other resources for such a topic.
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