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  1. Good morning, I hope all are staying healthy through this craziness! I'm wondering if anyone knows a valid code for 10% off Blue Bullets. I know there is one for 5% Pref1 but just trying to save a bit more if possible. Thanks, Stay Healthy!! Todd
  2. Well, I FINALLY got to shoot my first USPSA match! I had a great time, didn't get DQ'd... GCL in Rochester NY. Finished 3rd in CO out of 20, 14th out of 52 overall. I'm pretty happy with my first match. But happier to have met some great people and hopefully made some new friends!
  3. CZC does the lightening cut also. It makes weight..
  4. I just picked this up last week. CZC build.
  5. I use a Wolff uncaptured guide rod and springs in mine.
  6. My schedule seemed to just get crazy. I'm a Owner Operator truck driver and all things just got real busy. Gotta make it when it's available I guess. I'll be getting down there as soon as things settle down again.
  7. Ugh..... I had a last minute change in my work schedule that forced me to withdraw from the match. Really sucks, I was looking forward to it.
  8. I'm looking forward to meeting some new folks.
  9. Good idea.. I can take newbie razz'n. It's all fun!
  10. Hahaha. Should I carry less? My old a$$ would move faster with less weight. Lol
  11. Thanks for the reminders! I'll be shooting SS major, with 6 mags on my belt. I shoukd have enough... lol
  12. Thanks! It's going to be hard to to stay ahead of slide lock. LOL
  13. I'm really looking forward to this! Just have to adjust to the new game.
  14. Well, it looks like the stars have finally aligned! I have been shooting IDPA for 5 years or so and have always been interested in USPSA, but after joining I never even went to a match. I'm really looking forward to this although its going to be strange without a actual sequence to engage targets.
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