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  1. When I first started using LaPua Brass I did run them thru my neck sizer but it made no difference at all, just an unnecessary step. Of course if I see an out of round mouth I'll put it thru. Just remembering how spoiled I was loading 9mm on the Dillon SQD B, now on my single stage Forster it's back to basics.
  2. Yeah, I actually do load new LaPua 6mmBR brass right out of the box without sizing and new .308 LaPua brass also. I just make a dummy to measure loaded round neck dimension so I can use the proper neck bushings when re-sizing them.
  3. Now that sounds like a plan, I'll drop them in the case gauge and go from there. If they go in and come out easy I'll go to the expander die and pass on the the sizer, You're right about Truing the necks on Rifle cases, I'll run them thru a Neck Sizing die only if I find some that are dinged. I'll be loading these new 9 cases on the Forster Press, a little more effort but that's what I'm working with now. Back to the tried and true days of single stage Thanks
  4. Guy, I want to know if I have to size them first or not. And thanks for your help
  5. Just got some NEW Jagemann 9mm brass and want to know if anyone is doing anything special to load these. I haven't had to load any NEW Brass for years because I had plenty from my own chamber and I was loading on a Dillon progressive. I stopped shooting my Open Gun for a few years and went over to Precision Rifle so now I'm loading on a Single Stage Forster and just picked up a 3 die set RCBS Carbide 9mm. Do these NEW cases need to go thru the sizer? then the expander or just go right to the expander ? It was a simple process on the Dillon because everything was on the one toolhead and I never
  6. Any one know how to decipher the Manufacturers pack date on the back of a recently bought jug of Norma 203B ? I've looked everywhere with no luck. Great powder, good performance, just curious when it was packed. Thanks...
  7. Here's a site that gives excellent information on Brass, the Ammo companies that make it, for who(Military,Civilian etc) what countries they're in and the quality of each. Good resource for all of us that re-load www.headstampfinebrass.com
  8. Hi all, I have the opportunity to buy some Hogdon HS7 but don't have any data for 9mm Major,I have been loading HS6 under 124 FMJ's with good success.Does anyone have any data for HS7 & 9mm Major..Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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