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  1. mwray

    Remington 1911 needs trigger work

    EGW all the way
  2. mwray

    Brass Catcher for practice?

    I was thinking earlier this evening that someone needs to make a brass catcher bag for open guns like they make for an AR.
  3. mwray

    entery level bolt gun

    That’s all a Bergara is
  4. mwray

    Gibbz Arms bolt modification

    That’s awesome!! Most of my friends I help with their junk hardly say thanks!
  5. It seems that PCC has already done enough damage to the sport, so why make it worse?
  6. I thought it was the same powder already.
  7. mwray

    Single stack mag pouch question

    Yes one mag per pouch , not all mags in like a dump pouch. Each mag needs its own hole to rest in
  8. mwray

    Starting Position "standing in box"

    I can’t state a rule on this because I’ve never thought about it. I do know that if you have a foot on the ground outside the fault line you are faulting and get a procedural for each shot fired. So I guess that rule works in reverse too? If the RM says it’s cool you have to live with it for that match. I think you did the correctly as you should, aslong as the shooter kept it civil. It should’ve been declared in the WSB if this was a wrong move.
  9. mwray

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    I started shooting SS about two years ago. It’s by far the most enjoyable and rewarding division I’ve shot yet.
  10. Yes very sad. Maybe someone in the center of the country will try to have one similar every year.
  11. mwray

    Anyone ever Arb a local?

    At most local matches if someone has a situation we just send them with a witness to the MD, and go with that
  12. What is everyone’s view on the lab radar chronograph? Good , bad , what?
  13. mwray

    1911 vs 2011

    I shoot SS in uspsa so in SC I would choose 1911 just for practice purposes
  14. mwray

    1911 vs 2011

    Welp! Tons of reasons why. First one to mind is handsize. Then weight preference
  15. It can be done. My step up goes 1- sizing die 2- powder drop with expander funnel 3- lock out die 4- bullet feeder 5- DAA seat/factory crimp die
  16. It can be done. My step up goes 1- sizing die 2- powder drop with expander funnel 3- lock out die 4- bullet feeder 5- DAA seat/factory crimp die
  17. mwray

    USPSA App

    I think the biggest problem was when the website launched everybody had create a top secret clearance style password and we all couldn’t remember it
  18. mwray

    Old Single Stage Press an Issue?

    Spend the money on a good set of bushing dies
  19. Well you can test the bullet for steel core with a magnet. That covers most of the AR rounds. Rifle matches tend to have a cap on speed at 3100 FPS. I seen guy get sent home at a PRS match because his 6.5SAUM was obviously way beyond 3100fps. Dude wrecked every target he engaged
  20. mwray

    USPSA App

    Finally figured out how to login and I must say I’m impressed. Will be a very handy tool for shooters and staff both
  21. mwray

    USPSA App

    Yeah too much too fast! Maybe it will square out sometime this week
  22. mwray

    Why no love for WAC?

    I liked WAC just fine running 9major, but HS6 made more gas
  23. Speed is what kills steel targets. I have a plate hanging out the back of my range that has been unharmed by thousands of 308 and 6.5 cm rounds then one day a guy shot it with 65grain out of a 6rem now it has a hole through it. My target guy says 3000fps is the tolerance point of true ar500 steel