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  1. You cannot make that extra 1/2” of trigger pull disappear. A Glock will always be just a Glock no matter what you do to it. If you think a 1911 would fit your likes better just shoot a 1911
  2. It’s one of those better to have it and not need it type of things. I shoot SS major and I have no problem knowing I have 3-4 unused mags still on my belt. If you wanna be that guy you’ve seen run out of ammo during a stage then so be it.
  3. You will be fine. Everyone has had their first match. You are in a fun squad
  4. It could’ve been a double. Should be plenty of room for 6.4 grains of powder behind a 147. That or it was stepped brass. Is there room in stepped brass for a 147 at mag length?
  5. They will adjust to any bullet profile
  6. mwray


    Agreed! That’s why I’ve started making myself read it every night.
  7. mwray


    Needs to be more rules on stage design.
  8. mwray


    My New Years resolution was to read a random rule everyday from the uspsa rulebook. Well when I hit 8.5.1 last night I got to thinking that I’ve never seen hardly anyone engage the safety while moving. Is this rule just looked over or are there that many people in violation of this rule? They guy with the Glock doesn’t have to so why should the guy with the 2011 have to? Thoughts?
  9. I never knew there was any para cut sti mags out there
  10. MBX makes para fit mags
  11. It would have no effect on either. The necks split because the brass becomes too brittle, thus annealing softens is back up. The primer pocket opens up because too much pressure is trying to leave back out the flash hole.
  12. The tombstone kit is my fav at the moment. The ease of changes lenses for any light condition is awesome
  13. So this happened today. A fellow on his classifier reshoot has a round flip into the chamber backwards from the mag. Yes backwards as in the bullet was facing the breech face. He quit and asked the RO what does he do now. The shooter could not clear that round from the gun. What is the proper way for the RO to handle this? Technically it is a loaded round in the gun,when the shooter goes to the safe area and clears the weapon, hrs then handling live ammo at the safe table.
  14. I’m reading over the newest rules trying to help a buddy answer a question. He has a tri Star CZ wannabe that is on the production list. His gun is single action only with a safety. Can he star with the hammer cocked and the safety on?
  15. I’m hosting a class with Tim in north Alabama in October. If anyone wants hit just hit me up for details
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