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  1. I’ll just be running regular old 9. I’m not a serious competitor and don’t care about the higher points awarded to Major shooters. Thank you for the offer to help with loadings . I appreciate it.
  2. While I wait for the mount for my MRDS, I figured I'd make her all mine... I had the time to try my hand at stippling. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I'm sure there are some tips and tricks that I could have employed, but for the money and time spent, it works for me.
  3. Thank you very much!! Gah!!! Metric...
  4. I'm going to attempt to mill my Glock for a Vortex Venom. Does anyone have a print or know where to find one? I would love to have it for reference. Thanks in advance.
  5. Other than a dot, she's pretty complete. Internally the trigger is all Apex. NDZ ss guide rod and spring. Zev striker spring.
  6. My external parts are all in and on the gun. Just waiting on a metal guide rod and springs for the pistol. After that she should be done other than milling for a MRDS. I'm hoping to do that in the next few weeks. I shot it the other day without the comp. It shoots really well. My handgun technique really sucks right now. Hoping to improve on it over the summer. Matches start in the fall. Thanks to all that helped. I really appreciate the advice and such.
  7. I just took a look. They look fantastic. I'm just not sure I'm into spending that much right at the moment but I will keep them in mind for sure.
  8. I spoke to Lindsay at RHT this morning. I've decided to run a comp and they don't make a holster for the 19 that will accomodate a comp without taking a dremel or heat gun to it. Honestly, I'm kind of bummed. I guess I'll have to look around to see what I can find. I ordered a Carver 2 port for the pistol. I figured that I have the threaded barrel, I may as well put it to use. We'll see how it goes.
  9. I'm building a "run what ya brung" local club match gun that doesn't have many divisions. It's a casual night of shooting guns at speed. Safely, of course. Hence my getting a little silly with it.
  10. I'm not 100% on a comp and honestly may forgo it for the time being. We'll see. I just wish that the holster makers would put pics of all their attachment devices in one spot on their site. Or pics in any form.
  11. I’m sure that thats a solid rig but that’s a bit much for me. Thank you tho.
  12. Carver Custom "Tactical" magwell and Apex paddle style mag release are on the way. The frame will be done once these are installed. On to the upper. And a holster. I'm looking for a holster. I'd love holster suggestions. I'll need help with a holster...
  13. @polymerfeelsweirdman Thank you. A buddy has a kit that he’s gonna let me borrow. I appreciate the encouragement very much. @TeamCarverCustom I’ll be looking to add the “tactical magwell” from Carver shortly. Thank you for the recommendation.
  14. Frame is in. Gun is together. I put an Apex trigger in as I have one. I like the trigger and will probably keep it as such. I'm polishing the slide and will be cutting on it shortly as I'm getting a milling machine delivered Sunday. Let's see what kind of mess I can make. I've been looking at the SLR magwells. That may make the cut. Still considering what mag release.
  15. Last plan abandoned. My buddy had a 19 slide, complete, with a LWD threaded barrel all unfired. He sold it all to me for a very fair price. I'm now waiting for my one gun a month NJ silliness to be done with. I'll grab the frame monday and put the pistol together with a polished stock Glock trigger for now. I'm thinking to grab a Hyve trigger and am wondering if anyone has any experience with it here. I'm also still stuck on which magwell to grab but the SLR looks pretty solid so I mag go that direction unless I hear differently from someone on here.
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