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  1. Oh cool. Thank you. I think im gonna look for a 23 slide. I want the conversion barrel for just a touch more muzzle weight. Or at least that’s the thought at the moment.
  2. Thank you. I just grabbed a couple of factory mags. We are limited to 10 rounds so I'm not sure about how they will run. I have another "Franken-gun" that I'm going to try them out in and see how they perform. I also have some Magpuls and they seem ok but I'm not thrilled.
  3. I shoot local, club level matches at 10 yards for nothing more than the fact that I get to run my gun. So, in my case, the 19 works just fine. Thank you tho.
  4. I have stumbled onto a G19/3 and I'm looking to build it into something kinda racy. I have minimal experience with Glock firearms. I have in the past owned one, a 19/4. It was cool but I don't love plastic guns. So I sold it. I have not had a desire to own another until recently when I saw the plethora of available parts and ease of assembling and building them and how much fun it can be (anyone that knows me knows I can't help building sh--stuff). So, I have the frame and recently purchased a LPK and locking block kit from Lone Wolf. It came with the trigger and all the attendant parts. What I'm looking for is suggestions on parts to buy, parts to avoid buying, etc. Any tips and tricks from experienced "builders" would be much appreciated as well. My thoughts are as follows: *Glock 19 Gen 3 frame* Stock parts kit minus trigger Apex trigger (I've got one in another pistol and like it but am very open to suggestions) Stippling of some type, I may try it myself. ETS magazines *Stock 19/3 slide* Stock upper parts kit (for now) Window cut the front and cut for a mini dot Lone Wolf barrel, threaded A compensator of some type --- I'm totally lost on this one and have zero experience with comps on hand guns but will run this in some local games hence my wanting one. I'm for sure looking for recommendations on magwell and extended mag release. The magwell is not as tough, the mag release is. I dislocated my thumb some years ago and don't have full function. Pressing a release is tough on the standard size. Especially the 3's. I'd prefer something a little lower profile than something like the Zev paddle but will deal with whatever my final decision is. On my 1911's I run a paddle release. I don't love it but it's what works for me. Color... Well, that's up in the air as well. We'll see how that rolls. Again I'm looking for suggestions on which way to proceed and which way to avoid. And, before it starts, this is not my first rodeo. I know about the pitfalls of building, the extra cost involved, etc. Additionally this will not be a HD gun. Essentially I have every avenue covered already and am in the toy buying phase. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. I didn't watch it but it'll give you an idea: Scroll down a couple of posts and a gent gives some solid advice: https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/g17-to-19-grip-chop-dimensions-template.1381939/
  6. This is turning into an interesting thread. Thanks all all for the info so far.
  7. I currently run a Chargemaster and I like it well enough. However if I was to try and get more "precision" I would for sure look at the FX120i. My buddy has one. He's been killing it at the range and the informal matches so far this year. He attributes it to the thrower and I don't disagree. He's a hella shooter but has gotten even better and more consistent. Pretty impressive.
  8. Stupid internet with no voice intonation...
  9. Not quite what I meant. I mean that you can't be off your game when shooting wheel guns as, IMHO, they are less forgiving of form errors than a semi with a 4 pound single action trigger with a clean break.
  10. Yes. Big Tex Outdoors does as well. Recoil Gunworks is OOS right now but had 22 frames for 44.95
  11. Very cool info. Thank you. I'm currently looking for a Gen3 G19 frame to have it sent to my FFL. We'll see how it goes. I'm not 100% on it. But looking pretty seriously.
  12. I shoot them (only at club level) because I prefer the recoil impulse over semis. And I feel that they fit my hand very well. Working on them is a joy and very complex and simplistic all at once. I like loading for them as there is no worry about cycling the slide. I also enjoy when I'm at a match, having guys come up and ask "Why a revolver?". In all they make me smile a bit more than a semi ever does. I also really enjoy the challenge. One poster mentioned that there is no "cheating" a wheel gun. Shooting one keeps me on my toes. I enjoy the self-challenge. Good luck getting it all figured out.
  13. That looks great and your photography skills are not lacking. Very nice.
  14. Thanks all for the suggestions. I won't be buying factory. I'll be putting this together as a project to have fun with and also use for matches... occaisonally. But mostly for fun. Carry... not here in my state. @louu Nice to see another Jersey boy. Thanks for chiming in.
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