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  1. I have a buddy with an 07 FFL. He’s starting to build 1911’s, mostly in 9. Additionally, he wants to build AR’s both large and small frame. So he will be loading 223 and 308. He wants to get a machine that can do a fair bunch of all of those with a relatively easy swap between the calibers. He is saying he could get to needing 1k of each per month. What say the gurus of Big Blue? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
  2. Thanks all. You have no idea how helpful this is.
  3. This will have to do until the optics cut slide shows up. Way ahead of you @Paul49
  4. I'm starting to shoot a bunch of club level matches at a local range. It's pretty informal and the only thing anyone wins is bragging rights. It's a great place for me to start out as I like having a good time without all the pressure. ***Regardless*** I have a 17 slide that I stumbled in to. It has a set of older, pretty dim Trijicon's on it. I'd like to find a replacement set of sights that I can actually see with my sorry old eyes. Conditions are going to be almost entirely indoors (unfortunately). I will be shooting a mixture of steel and paper/cardboard. So, what do you have/use that works for you?
  5. Tagged. I'm a very casual competitor but am building a CO gun based on the ZEV MBK/OZ-9 frame as well. From my extremely limited base of knowledge it should be fine but... one never really knows.
  6. I had a set of Whidden 6.5x47L dies. They were incredible. The gun was an absolute laser. The ammo I built with those dies was awesome. I sold the rifle and the dies went as well. I'm bummed to hear that they're having some QC issues. I run Redding dies for my .223 FT/R rifle and am very happy with them. (I know they weren't an option). Midrange. Got me to Marksman first season. I didn't shoot last year as I'm concentrating on pistol right now for a variety of reasons. But the dies worked well for me. Everything rifle is loaded on a Forster CoAx. Good luck.
  7. Good deal. I’ll be happy to put 500 a year through it.
  8. Nice looking rig. Thanks for posting. I appreciate the note on the firing pin spring. How many rounds a year do you put through it?
  9. I am picking up a S&W Victory .22lr for static steel at a club level match. Anyone else have one? Do any work to it? I'm adding a TandemKross trigger/mag release, and charging handle. A barrel change may happen but it's not a done deal by any strecth. A red dot is not too far in the future as my eyes suck. I'm looking for grip options but am not loving any of those I've seen so far. If anyone has anything beyond what Volquartsen does and the HIVE or Houge options, please let me know.
  10. Well... ok... I’ll run her as is.
  11. *This adapter is not compatible with some proprietary manufacturers' rails, or with Glock compact or sub-compact model pistols. Does not work with CZ models P-01, P-06, and 75D. As per MS
  12. I have a chrony. Lower case. I use the word chrony as short hand for chronograph. Mine is a Magnetospeed. Not a "Chrony" branded chronograph. It does not work well on handguns.
  13. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  14. I'm mostly a rifle shooter. I'm just getting back in to handguns. I have a solid understanding on what it takes to load "hot" loads. I do have a chrony, unfortunately it doesn't work well on handguns (MagnetoSpeed).
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