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  1. I have a Suarez slide with his internals and an RMR no barrel or recoil spring. It’s essentially new. Have $1000 looking for $650


  2. I'm a tinkerer. Nothing nefarious. I just like to putz around with stuff.
  3. I emailed. All their barrels are drop in. I think they also said all are 1:16.
  4. BarSto does but it's a 1:16. I'd love to find a 1:10.
  5. Hey All. Who out there makes a 1:10 twist gunsmith fit barrel for Glock? Gen3 19? Thanks for any help.
  6. I emailed Aaron several weeks ago. I do not have time this summer to compete in FT/R as it's an all day affair with the drive down to Cumberland (I'm in Bergen Cty) and a full day of shooting. My family time is just too important to me and my wife and I have really been enjoying our time together on Sundays. Since I don't make a living at shooting, I've decided to call this summer a wash and pick up handgun competition in the fall at Tenafly. And, although I have no desire to get to a Master or Grand Master status, part of enjoying myself is being at least somewhat proficient at whatever I'm doing. I've always been a fan of classes and education in general (high school not withstanding) and PB and Ronny were very helpful in pointing me toward a proficient teacher. All that to say that after emailing Aaron, and several emails in between, we settled on a date and I started to prepare. I brought: Lunch Water Sunscreen Extra clothes (JIC) Gun/belt/holster and pouches Tools for repair/maintenance Cleaning supplies for gun 500 rounds of ammo (I didn't use it all) A willing attitude and an open mind Aaron supplied the rest. We went over some basic safety when we got on the range and from there proceeded to work from the base on up. We started with natural point of aim and establishing a firm shooting stance. We also worked on grip and he offered several little tips which, when I applied them, really made a difference. I changed the position of my finger on the trigger and it also made quite a difference. Shortly thereafter we put the rubber to the road and started with livefire. Aaron is extremely safety conscious but not overbearing. If I committed an infraction he didn't yell or give me grief, he simply mentioned that "In IPSC/USPSA this is how to avoid a DQ" and I would start over. We started out with one shot on paper as he checked to see if I know how to shoot (I don't) and how well my pistol functioned. The gun did well enough at 10 yards but it opened up at 25 so much so that he had me shoot his gun to see if it is me or my gun/ammo. We determined that I'm actually, marginally, more accurate than my ammo. Plated bullets are the culprit and not good past 10, maybe 15 yards (I will be changing my load shortly). Once that was sorted we started working on shooting one, then 2 rounds on target. Then we started working on splits. Then on to transitions. Then stringing together splits and transitions. After a good session of livefire, we backed off a bit and worked on holster draw which we had touched briefly on in the beginning and then to reloads. Last was the real test. Aaron set up a small course of fire and had me run it. He filmed it (I didn't see it and I'm fine with that) and we considered what I did incorrectly. He then ran it and showed me what could be improved on. He is considerably more efficient than I am, which came as no surprise to either of us. And so I learned. 10 minutes to debrief and we wrapped it up. Aaron kept the class moving without rushing and is a master at keeping it light and fun. And fun... that's why I shoot. It's a lot of fun. All in all, a really solid class and a great day on the range running my gun as quickly as I could. FUN. Oh, I had my first squib ever. Crazy how fast it happened and how neither of us heard it. Thankfully all was well as it was essentially just jammed in the end of the chamber. No harm, no foul. http://dvcperformance.com/
  7. Heading to meet my instructor in about an hour. I'll follow up with a post on how it went. Thanks for the suggestions all. I really appreciate it.
  8. Nothing "local" to me. The range is about an hour and change from here. There are some indoor ranges that allow holster draw but I try hard to not shoot indoors anymore. I just don't enjoy it. Except for the local club match that I will be participating in which is during fall/winter, I'm outside mostly.
  9. Thanks guys. Much appreciated. I got my list of "stuff" to bring and am really getting excited to do this.
  10. I'm new to the competitive handgun world. I do NOT have any aspirations to attain Master or Grand Master status. I'm a guy that mostly competes with himself. I'll be shooting local, informal, club level matches. I'll be in "Open" because my eyes suck (so I have a MRDS) and I dislocated my thumb some years ago so I am running a paddle release. At that point, I figured "what the heck" and put a comp on the gun as well. That said... Proficiency adds to my fun. So in wanting to become proficient in pistol handling I am taking a class with a local, Master level shooter. I know what to bring as far as equipment but where I'm a little lost is in what questions to ask and what skills to work on. I'm assuming that my instructor will guide me well, however an informed session is one that will benefit both of us and I'd like to be better informed. So I'm on here asking what to ask. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you. I am considering adding pins. Good advice on the 2 pins on the left. Much appreciated.
  12. I’ll just be running regular old 9. I’m not a serious competitor and don’t care about the higher points awarded to Major shooters. Thank you for the offer to help with loadings . I appreciate it.
  13. While I wait for the mount for my MRDS, I figured I'd make her all mine... I had the time to try my hand at stippling. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I'm sure there are some tips and tricks that I could have employed, but for the money and time spent, it works for me.
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