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  1. In case anyone cares (I'm pretty sure no one REALLY does) I am now the proud owner of a Shadow ii/Triji SRO combo platter
  2. Nice looking rig. Good luck. I'm not a SIG guy, but if any of their guns could make me look at them, this would be the one. Grip looks Glock-ish enough to make me feel at home with the added ergonomic joy of some curves.
  3. Awesome book. If I hadn't already passed mine along to a newer reloader, I would have sent it to you. It's worth it's weight in gold. I agree with those that said to start on a single stage. It allows you to understand what each step of the process does and how it affects later processes. Do 500 rounds of whatever caliber and you will begin to see why you're doing what you're doing. I think it's invaluable. Then move on to the progressive (I also agree that the LEE Pro is not the best machine for the money). Good luck in your journey.
  4. Just a follow up... I wound up chatting with the gent selling the pistol. We worked a deal for it and it came home the other day. I am hoping to get it to the range in short order but with all that's happening I'm not sure when. But, shortly.
  5. Bringing this back up merely to acknowledge the brilliance of this statement. I may actually have this printed and hang it on the wall.
  6. I just struck a deal for a CZ S2 and an SRO. I need to get the slide milled but I'll just shoot the pistol for now as she sits. I'm thrilled with my purchase. Now to grab a holster...
  7. Thanks. I'd look into it if I could see the sights.
  8. Thanks folks. I am leaning a bit more toward the CZ for several reasons: parts availability seems better, holsters are a bit easier to come by, and there is probably a reason that it’s what most folks shoot. I’d love to find an OR but won’t hold my breath.
  9. Are they currently holding matches? If so let me know. If they’re on Sunday I may take the ride. It’s about an hour and a half.
  10. I'm looking for my next "Precious" and am between and betwixt these two. Will run in local matches in the spring. I will most likely add an optic for CO. Want the time to do some load development so I'd like to figure out what I want sooner than later.If anyone has both, I'd love to hear your impressions! If you've had one or the other, honest opinions on the pros and cons of either is eagerly anticipated.Thanks.
  11. I recently (2 days ago 9/6/2020) took a movement class with Kita Busse at a private range about 1:40 from my house. A place called Double Eagle Pocono. I had and awesome time and realized how darn rusty I am. I hadn't picked up a gun in several months due to being busy and not prioritizing. The class consisted of several hand/eye coordination drills both with the pistol in hand and without. A short stint plate shooting and then we moved in to the meat of the class which was stage planning and how to move in the stage and how to move between areas of fire. In my first run, I did it in 39:75 ish. After coaching I did it in 31:52. Which is huge. We also did some freehand shooting at a 12" plate at 200 yards which was a LOT of fun. The class gave me a lot to think about and even more to work on. All in all, it was a great day training and shooting.
  12. Iconic Arms in Englewood Cliffs, NJ sells the BUL Armory stuff. Give them a shout. https://iconicrms.com/ He is a buddy of mine, full transparency.
  13. I'm guessing that the chamber may have grown a bit and your bullets are jumping a bit too far. There is a great video on youtube by Alex Wheeler showing how to find the rifling/lands of your barrel to be able to set the max length. Look at that, tell us which bullets you are using and maybe we can offer some suggestions. If you're using certain Berger bullets, they like to be jammed or maybe jumped .010(the VLD's). The Hybrid's like somewhere around .020. If you're using Sierra they typically like a bit more jump. Some like up to and over .060. I'm not familiar with Hornady and will wait to be corrected but I believe that they like some jump as well. Good luck.
  14. Run what ya brung and git'er done! Go shoot a match with your current equipment and that will help you solidify what it is you want to upgrade/change for the next one.
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