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  1. I completely agree with the above statement. I'd imagine it's a threading issue more than it's a brake issue. I am glad they're working on it for you. Good luck.
  2. Since I don’t take it at all seriously, this is pretty much my way. I generally leave the match with a smile. That’s success to me.
  3. FWIW, in a non-folding stock, take a look at the KRG Bravo. Sub $400 and pretty awesome. If I hadn't totally committed to FTR this year I'd have grabbed one.
  4. Great info. I'm running a 625 as well. It's already a ton of fun. No Clay's by me, currently. I'm running 185's and 200's with a moderate load of W231 and it's fine. I may have to try TrailBoss at some point although I'm not a fan of the smell. But, it'll be fun.
  5. This is fascinating and all so confusing to a newbie like me. It's amazing what goes into this. Thanks for all the info.
  6. I currently have the stock grips back on the pistol. The "JM" grips. I'm gonna try them one more time. Moonclip holder... my jeans pocket. Keeping it super simple and fun for now as it's a club level match.
  7. So, I sold the TK release. I'm now looking for something that is not sooooooo long... I've seen the Revo Supply ones but am mildly sketched out by the fact that they're polymer. Is there anything else out there with a little somethin-somethin so I'm not so inclined to miss but isn't as long as the TK/Hogue ones?
  8. Well hell, help a brother out... Actually I'm good. Summer is long gun season for me.
  9. I don't plan on getting super competitive. Just competitive enough that I can bust a couple of balls along the way. I was the only wheel gunner at the last club match that I shot. I'd like to keep it that way, actually. More funnerer. Whatever that is, I don't think they exist around me.
  10. This is awesome. Definitely a struggle for me. I'm hoping to work on dryfire drills this weekend. Thanks all.
  11. I'm glad I stumbled across this. I'm considering a RDS for a revolver that will be used in local matches during the off season. Primarily I'm a rifle/FTR guy. Great info.
  12. The Ruger Precision in .223 is pretty awesome out of the box. Price allows for decent glass. If I was looking, it's where I would look.
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