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  1. I originally contacted Bobby because I had heard the same thing, but he told me that he had sold all of the CK Arms assists and that in his new employ they do not do the type of work needed.
  2. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions, I've found a smith to do the repairs.
  3. CK Arms is out of business and Matt said he isn't doing any gunsmithing right now he's too busy making parts.
  4. I contacted Bobby this morning at Masterpiece Arms this morning, He said they didn't do that type of work. I asked for a recommendation and he suggested Eddy Garcia at EMG.
  5. Just finished a match and was in the process of cleaning my CK Arms Thunder Open 9MM when I discovered that the slide had a crack in it.The crack is located 0.100 in front of the breech face, on the left side. It runs from the top of the slide down to the slide flat. I understand that CK Arms has been sold. Like the subject seeking recommendations for a good gunsmith to do the repairs. Thanks,
  6. Does anyone know if the Tactical Solutions, Volquartsen, or Kidd 10-22 bolts are interchangeable?
  7. What has been the reliability for the P320X5, I've only got around 2K down the pipe on mine with no issues, but I'm curious what some high round count users are finding. Round count when things start to break or need replacement. Thanks, Bill
  8. What caliber are you looking for and do you want only new or would a used commander be acceptable?
  9. Where can I find an adapter plate for mounting a Sig Romeo 3 XL on an optics ready 320 X5 that has the factory Romeo 1 cut?
  10. MODS, Please move this to the classified section
  11. Hornady 22 Cal, .244 dia, 53 gr HP Match, 300 rounds, $36.00 Hornady 22 Cal, .244 dia, 52 gr BTHP Match, 100 rounds, $15.00 Sierra # 1210 22 Cal, .244 dia, 45 gr soft point, 300 rounds, $45.00 Sierra # 1410 22 Cal, .244 dia, 52 gr, HPBT Match, 100 rounds, $18.00 Remington 22 cal, .244 dia, 55 gr, Power-Lokt Match, $12.00 All prices are plus shipping. Thanks for looking
  12. The Fuller Brush Man, with Red Skelton
  13. Chronograph loads yesterday afternoon using my ProChrono set at 10 feet from the muzzle, and got some really strange readings. Sig P320 came in at 995 avg over 10 rounds of 135 gr TC Blue Bullets, all good to this point, then I ran ammo from the same batch through my Sig P365XL and the readings went all over between 950 to 2100.No signs of overpressure on the brass. Re-ran the the P320 again to see if the chrono went TU, again the avg was within the range of the first run. I called Competition Electronics this morning asking them for advice or what they think could be happening, they said they hadn't heard of this before. Anyone have any suggestions as to what might have caused the extremely high readings with the P365XL ?
  14. Welcome aboard! When we get off the COVID-19 lockdown, come and check out Memphis Sports Shooting Assn memphis-ssa.net/
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