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  1. Turn my RTS2's on at the start of the Match and off after the last shot of the match, it's never been a problem for any of mine.
  2. Looking for suggestions for grit size to use in a DYI pistol grip project? What is a good source for purchasing Silicone Carbide grit?
  3. Will you take $250 shipped?

  4. St Barth is awesome, great food and people. Most speak English and they take USD.
  5. If your still in the market, I have a railway 6 - 8 MOA, refurbished by CMore and mounted on a 10-22 for a year. Changed over to the RTS for commonality on all my guns.



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    2. AzShooter


      Wow, Great to know.  Thanks Bill.


    3. Stage 3

      Stage 3

      It's in your mailbox!! Enjoy and good shooting.



    4. AzShooter


      I already have it mounted on my backup gun.   Thanks.


  6. I've been running the RTS2 V4 for over a year and have not had any problems.
  7. I don't remember how much I cut off, I cut off just enough that the case feeder now sets just above the bend in the arm. Used a hacksaw.
  8. We just finished the series, pretty interesting.
  9. I've been using the closet in my home office for years, small space but does everything I need it to.
  10. Check out Memphis Sports Shooting Association (MSSA) in Arlington, TN. 2 USPSA, 2 Steel Challenge and 1 IDPA matches per month. Plus covered lines, skeet, trap, sporting clays, cowboy and long range. www.memphis-ssa.net
  11. Don,


    It's yours, US Postal Service Money order to cover the sale. I'll need a copy of your dealers FFL and an address to ship to.

    1. dons


      Great.  It'll take a day or two- wife's birthday, we're going out of town. I Will also PM you, not sure how this Profile messaging works.

  12. Has anyone reported having problems with the RTS2 holding zero? Mine has drifted up about 2 inches at 25 yards, either that or it wasn't locked down after I zeroed it last time.
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