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  1. The Fuller Brush Man, with Red Skelton
  2. Chronograph loads yesterday afternoon using my ProChrono set at 10 feet from the muzzle, and got some really strange readings. Sig P320 came in at 995 avg over 10 rounds of 135 gr TC Blue Bullets, all good to this point, then I ran ammo from the same batch through my Sig P365XL and the readings went all over between 950 to 2100.No signs of overpressure on the brass. Re-ran the the P320 again to see if the chrono went TU, again the avg was within the range of the first run. I called Competition Electronics this morning asking them for advice or what they think coul
  3. Welcome aboard! When we get off the COVID-19 lockdown, come and check out Memphis Sports Shooting Assn memphis-ssa.net/
  4. Turn my RTS2's on at the start of the Match and off after the last shot of the match, it's never been a problem for any of mine.
  5. Looking for suggestions for grit size to use in a DYI pistol grip project? What is a good source for purchasing Silicone Carbide grit?
  6. Will you take $250 shipped?

  7. St Barth is awesome, great food and people. Most speak English and they take USD.
  8. If your still in the market, I have a railway 6 - 8 MOA, refurbished by CMore and mounted on a 10-22 for a year. Changed over to the RTS for commonality on all my guns.



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    2. AzShooter


      Wow, Great to know.  Thanks Bill.


    3. Stage 3

      Stage 3

      It's in your mailbox!! Enjoy and good shooting.



    4. AzShooter


      I already have it mounted on my backup gun.   Thanks.


  9. I've been running the RTS2 V4 for over a year and have not had any problems.
  10. I don't remember how much I cut off, I cut off just enough that the case feeder now sets just above the bend in the arm. Used a hacksaw.
  11. We just finished the series, pretty interesting.
  12. I've been using the closet in my home office for years, small space but does everything I need it to.
  13. Check out Memphis Sports Shooting Association (MSSA) in Arlington, TN. 2 USPSA, 2 Steel Challenge and 1 IDPA matches per month. Plus covered lines, skeet, trap, sporting clays, cowboy and long range. www.memphis-ssa.net
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