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  1. I run a Primary Weapons System ar-9. Does anyone know what if any magwell fits them?
  2. I know for an absolute fact that the recent RO class the instructor trainer said that you can not be DQed for muzzling yourself at the safe table. That rule only applies to the coarse of fire.
  3. That S.O. is wrong. Not maybe or kinda but completely. To many tribal SO's trying to give P.E's to shooters as if there is a prize for the most P.E.'s given. As pointed out 3.6.3 cover this. On the other hand I blame this so called rule book we have in IDPA. Its so poorly written and a joke it will destroy this sport.
  4. The gun wasn't handled but it easily could have been. As the shooter was given the make ready command. They could have picked the gun up taken a sight picture etc. Their was no one with them. Yes they were forward of the muzzle. Down range of the shooters gun is forward of the muzzle. Its sloppy, lazy, and sets a very bad example.
  5. Where does it say when a calibration challenge has to be called for. Can it be anytime during scoring or does it have to be immediately after ULSC? I looked but don't see anything saying when.
  6. You can shoot at the steel till it falls. No reloaded is mandated until you move onto the next target array or until you have shot the minimum required number of shots at a target for it to be engaged. So you can shoot more than once at the steel without a reload.
  7. I witnessed a situation the other day in my squad so this is first hand knowledge. The RO tells shooter to make ready. Shooter pulls gun out of holster places gun on barrel as this is an unloaded start. RO on the score pad starts talking about a target that looks unrestored. So both RO's go walking away towards the target looking for a hole. I immediately start calling to them whoa, hey, no what are you doing you cant walk away from the shooter their gun is out. These two fools were oblivious! I was literally shouting at them as they walked off. They didn't even say anything to the shooter. I wish I could say this was the last dumb move of the day but it wasn't. This time I was the shooter. I shoot pcc. I was loaded and ready to go when a piece of steel falls over. Windy day. So the RO running me says muzzle up. I pretty much ignored that and just unloaded and showed clear, then flagged my pcc. While explaining to him that I would rather just unload because its much safer. Not to mention I would of had a loaded fire arm pointing "up" past the 180, and someone down range. I just don't get it. Did the stupid stick hit them on the way in? Seriously these two shouldn't be allowed to RO making the decisions they were making that day.
  8. That's legal. Maximum 10 rounds loaded in any magazine after the start signal. Ap d4 9
  9. Not legal. A Slides may not be machined to accept different style sights. I believe that rule covers #2 and #3 of your question. As for replacing the slide, I am not familiar with berettas but if you cant buy it in that exact configuration with the vertec slide then its gonna be out. It no longer meets the minimum manufactured number of 2000.
  10. Diver123


    Always call stop on a possible squib no matter who, what, or where you are on a stage. If there is a squib no reshoot no matter if the SO called stop or the shooter stopped themselves. If no squib and SO stopped them its a reshoot. Shooters stops themselves no reshoot. Score it down 5 unless the reshoot rules apply. As for cover calls HQ has said that if the shooter is inadvertently faulting the line with their foot over its 1 PE. What is that? Maybe the shooter doesn't realize their foot is over the line. The FP applies when the shooter runs up to and grossly over the fault line. Stepping clearly over and beyond the fault line. PE's are not given out on a per target basis. They are given out on a per type of infraction for the string. You can not get more than 1 PE for the same infraction except cover violations.
  11. I know this is an old thread but I want to point out something I didn't see mentioned. I disagree that its the last shot only that matters. If during the coarse of fire the competitors gun breaks, or something occurs that prevents them from finishing, you now don't have an accurate time to put down. Now they are gonna get a reshoot because you didn't get their times.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. Helpful!
  13. I this remotely legal for a start position for PCC. Stock on belt weak hand holding rifle strong arm relaxed at side? I don't think it is but I have been told it is in some magazines as a start position. You are not required to shoot weak side in this scenario. It is pistol shooters designing stages to punish pcc shooters.
  14. The sp-01 is a great gun for IDPA. It will fit in the box. Your measured height isn't consistent with the actual specs for that gun. 5.79 inches is the height. Now as for the firing pin block that must be installed to compete. The single action only trigger puts you into ESP. However cajun's pro package isn't a conversion to SAO unless you specifically asked for them to do that too. Otherwise you have a tuned sp-01 that's DA/SA and can compete in SSP and ESP. So yes reading the rules first is good but also knowing what you are talking about is too. If not smarter.
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