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  1. Properly stowed is anywhere on your person. Your hand, pocket, waistband, or your teeth if you dare etc. Tac reloads can not be required but my be performed by shooter if they so desire. You still must follow other reloading rules like not reloading while exposed to unengaged targets. Scott, tribal rule in IDPA is still a problem. If a stage wants you to do something thats not the norm then it must be written in great detail. Also any non-shooting actions can not be penalized except by those in section 3 of the rule book. As for retention it is a shooting position much like strong
  2. So back to what I said at the beginning? 2 for stacking and 3 for the non reload.
  3. No it matters because of the type of penalty that should be applied. You ascertain that t-3 was engaged correctly because they engaged it with one round reloaded and shot it again with one round. It couldnt of ever been shot correctly because a reload didnt take place at the correct time making the shot to t3-t5 as taking place without the reload being performed. That gives us 5 PE total.
  4. Lets talk about the reload first. DO you contend that the reload was done correctly? I say there never was a correct reload as the WSB for this classifier is suppose to be after t1-t5 is engaged with one shot. Not after 5 shots were fired. I understand t-3 was engaged with one round and a reload was made then it was shot again but that doesnt satisfy the WSB.
  5. Read this if you havent. Its not the same example but it should have made you think about VC scoring. Another Virginia Count Problem (nroi.org)
  6. In the stacking example a reload was never performed according to the WSB for that example. A reload that is preformed prior to the part of the string where it is required means nothing. Such as if you had a malfunction during your string or you forgot to load your mags up and had to insert another mag to just finish the first part prior to the mandatory reload. When all targets have been engaged with one shot that is when you must do a reload regardless of how many times you reloaded prior to completing the one shot per target requirement. In the OP t-3 does get one shot and the shooter makes
  7. T3 was not engaged correctly though because the first reload does not count towards the mandatory reload. 10.2.4 A competitor who fails to comply with a mandatory reload will incur one procedural penalty for each shot fired after the point where the reload was required until a reload is performed
  8. These are s#!t shows but I think Its 2 PE for stacking on t1 and t-2. The first reload means nothing. Then 3 PE for not doing the required reload and shooting t-3,t-4, and t-5
  9. Just some master level shooters, and Also have shot against DM's as well. Its IDPA though not like USPSA. So right not good. I dont expect anyone to modify a stage cos I am shooting pcc. Design it how you want. Most the time I would shoot a stage the same way with a pistol as I would a PCC. I am confidant that you cant screw me without screwing the pistol guys worse. I enjoy the challenge.
  10. why not allow PCC? Articulate a real reason why? Not the whinny its a pistol match now I cant get the imaginary high overall win. PCC shooters pay $ to shoot. Not everyone that shots a PCC wants a match were the stages are 50 yards out. Some people use them for home defense. Its fun to light up a stage with PCC. Yes I do expect to win, and win by a lot. I dont go around claiming I won high overall either. Its nothing more than a metric to measure myself against.
  11. I am probably close to 20,000 on my ironcity rifle works pin.
  12. IF its a game then who cares if PCC shots it too? If you think its based off of concealed carry then why are we shooting full size glocks and CZ's? Those are not normal carry guns.
  13. Good to see biker doesnt know the rules. You are limited in rounds for pcc. 30 in a mag. Its a rifle not a pistol so different rules. Plus you can get a shadow 2 to make weight but it requires milling so why do it when there are other options that make weight with the same platform. Ranger who cares. I thought there was no overall win for IDPA. You are just shooting against your division and class so who cares what PCC does. Hard leans are not a thing in IDPA, pistol shooters whine to much about them. Especially if its weak side, and just for the record, no they still dont have a c
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