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  1. That's legal. Maximum 10 rounds loaded in any magazine after the start signal. Ap d4 9
  2. Not legal. A Slides may not be machined to accept different style sights. I believe that rule covers #2 and #3 of your question. As for replacing the slide, I am not familiar with berettas but if you cant buy it in that exact configuration with the vertec slide then its gonna be out. It no longer meets the minimum manufactured number of 2000.
  3. Diver123


    Always call stop on a possible squib no matter who, what, or where you are on a stage. If there is a squib no reshoot no matter if the SO called stop or the shooter stopped themselves. If no squib and SO stopped them its a reshoot. Shooters stops themselves no reshoot. Score it down 5 unless the reshoot rules apply. As for cover calls HQ has said that if the shooter is inadvertently faulting the line with their foot over its 1 PE. What is that? Maybe the shooter doesn't realize their foot is over the line. The FP applies when the shooter runs up to and grossly over the fault line. Stepping clearly over and beyond the fault line. PE's are not given out on a per target basis. They are given out on a per type of infraction for the string. You can not get more than 1 PE for the same infraction except cover violations.
  4. I know this is an old thread but I want to point out something I didn't see mentioned. I disagree that its the last shot only that matters. If during the coarse of fire the competitors gun breaks, or something occurs that prevents them from finishing, you now don't have an accurate time to put down. Now they are gonna get a reshoot because you didn't get their times.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Helpful!
  6. I this remotely legal for a start position for PCC. Stock on belt weak hand holding rifle strong arm relaxed at side? I don't think it is but I have been told it is in some magazines as a start position. You are not required to shoot weak side in this scenario. It is pistol shooters designing stages to punish pcc shooters.
  7. The sp-01 is a great gun for IDPA. It will fit in the box. Your measured height isn't consistent with the actual specs for that gun. 5.79 inches is the height. Now as for the firing pin block that must be installed to compete. The single action only trigger puts you into ESP. However cajun's pro package isn't a conversion to SAO unless you specifically asked for them to do that too. Otherwise you have a tuned sp-01 that's DA/SA and can compete in SSP and ESP. So yes reading the rules first is good but also knowing what you are talking about is too. If not smarter.
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