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  1. Any word on the FTDR by seeklander and Leatham?
  2. That is the exact presentation of the target.
  3. I just want some collective ideas about this target set up. Imagine a target completely hard cover except the head. Then on this same target a head that was cut off from another target placed upside down in the A zone. I cant imagine that this is a legal arrangement of targets. It was scored as two separate targets. Thoughts?
  4. egd5 just to set it straight faulting a line isn't necessarily an FP. HQ has clarified that if a shooter has part of their foot on the wrong side of a fault line it is simply a PE. Stepping grossly over the fault line is an FP. Is it subjective? Of coarse. There was a video released awhile back. The FTDR is for gross un sportsman like conduct such as, ignoring all fault lines charging the targets and shooting them at point blank range. I have never seen one issued. As for shooting tight leans to the left. First you can bend your outside support leg lowering your center of gravity allowing you to lean farther out. Use a wider stance and rotate the gun counter clockwise as you lean out. Remember to keep the barrel clear of the wall as the offset can trick you and you may just end up putting rounds into the wall. You may have to crowd cover a little more than normal. As a last you can do the shoot and fall over the fault line method, Only works if you have one target to shoot or are very fast on the trigger. There is no rule that says you have to end standing behind cover just that you cant fire shots out of cover unless legally re engaging a target. I do not subscribe to the switching hands for left side targets. Its unnecessary gun handling that could get you into trouble. Dropped gun while switching hands or breaking the 180. Not impossible but it requires you to train your brain to run with the gun in your left hand now. I run much faster when I don't have to think about what my gun is doing because it is ingrained. With practice it all becomes easier.
  5. Has nothing to do with don't be a dick. Has to do with changing my mind before the beep. Every shooter is entitled to do so at will without announcing it.
  6. If I manage to run into you at the start then you are the retard for just standing there. You are the one with the timer standing behind me and know when you are going to beep it. So you should well know to get out of the way as you beep me. If I do it again on the start then its you the RO that's the a hole for not getting out of the way. Its on the RO to stay out of the shooter way not the shooter to stay out of yours. You cant hold a shooter to their word. There is no penalty. It should be obvious what way a shooter is going if its an RO trap. That in itself implies there is only one way its a trap. There is a simple solution for you. Don't run the timer. Issue solved.
  7. ZZT and what are you gonna do when I don't answer you?
  8. As a PCC shooter and RO I am against asking them what way they are going, even prior to make ready. What happens if they go the opposite way they said? Now you as the RO might be caught flat footed cos you were expecting something else. Pay attention that they didn't miss a target and decide at the end to run back to that target while you are standing there with the timer over their shoulder. As RO's we should look at a stage and look for any traps that might be present and know what we are going to do if shooter does x, y, or z. Maybe you need a second RO to watch the shooter while you set up towards the last shooting position. Yes you will miss some shots but better than being caught down range and a reshoot issued. I hold the timer up high speaker pointed towards the shooter. I can see early on if the timer is picking up shots from where I am holding the timer. Lets me know where I need to stand and stay out of the way. Nothing worse than an RO shoving a timer up in your face while you are shooting an array.
  9. I only use FMJ or plated projectiles with a round nose. I do know several people that shoot blue bullets with titegroup out of their pistols. Its a fast powder and even with that I get a lot of unburnt powder in my trigger and bolt. I don't care I like it and its cheap. I have more problems with carbon build up at the muzzle brake than anything else. I don't notice any recoil impulse issues. I pull the trigger fast and stay on target with it. If I am off its cos of me not the recoil. The best advice I would give is find something and stick with it. If it runs then don't go changing bullet profile, weight, or powder for that matter.
  10. RJH the stage you described sound like a trap. Why design a stage where you can shoot the target and after the activator makes it disappear? Good stage design should never run into this type of issue. The days of the joker in the video shooting a target from behind a wall while standing on a support are over. That was never the intention in the first place. Its gaming IDPA style. As an MD I would never allow a mover to be shot from a static position where it wasn't activated and had to be activated later.
  11. Jaques I run my current RN 124 at 1.120. I use 3.5 titegroup and get 130 pf. Its not a leadstar but might help you in that you can run them shorter with out issue. My leadstar is on order however. Talk about drooling every night waiting.
  12. I always put it in my front pocket. The whole make ready is part of my routine. I do the exact same thing every time. Its like religion to me. I don't ever let the RO take it. If they reach for it I move it away. If they manage to grab it as I am locking the slide back I take it back from them. It maybe neurotic but its my routine. I don't do change. When I RO if the shooter doesn't turn towards me and look at me with the slide back and the flag in I wont touch it. If they do hand it to me I hold it. Im not a dick, but I do have my routine.
  13. I know it doesn't help you now but I will put 12000 through my pcc a year. I shoot, and if ICRW firing pin stands up to my use everyone I know will hear about it. I have two of them and once I reach 10,000 rounds it will go to my practice only bin. I will use a new one for my major matches. Cant afford it to break then. So like Bwillis says use what it tried and true. If he has over 10,000 on his then the other firing pins shouldn't even be considered.
  14. Iron city rifle works. guaranteed to last 10,000 rounds. If it ever breaks they will replace it free anyways. My last OEM pin broke at 4000 rounds. I haven't put many on the new one yet so we will see how long it really last. I use a hyperfire 24c trigger.
  15. Number one is you don't need piece of mind about your gun falling out of your holster while resetting stages. If it falls out Don't pick it up notify RO and they will clear and return gun. Its not a DQ. Second is if it is that unsecure then get a different holster.
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