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  1. The holosun 510 c green is the only way to go. One optic all day long
  2. I despise the "what way are you going" questions. It means nothing. What if I go a different way? As the SO you need to get out of the way. Be prepared to move any direction necessary. Any good SO knows the stage and can see what way a shooter may move. In IDPA its not like a shooter has many choices anyway. USPSA you are most often standing out of bounds behind the shooter with the rest of the stage in front of you. IF its a regressing stage then you know to run at the beep.
  3. Ill say thats Fing great that you are still shooting and enjoying it at 79. I shoot with some buddies that are 70 and 69. Im older than most shooters out here. Competing against 24 year olds is rough. They go home drink and go out. I go home and sleep!
  4. Oh I am older. Maybe even fat too. I dont see a need to practice hips shots for once a year possibility. PCC's belong mounted on your shoulder not shot from the hip like an old western with shotguns. I have seen it go bad and when it does everyone laughs so there is that part. Some entertainment. I saw one person running a laser once at a match. It lasted one stage before he turned it off. Provided some comedy for the other shooters. Maybe they are popular elsewhere but not anywhere I shoot. Maybe its a west coast east coast thing.
  5. IM sure I will get flamed for this but gonna do it anyway. You do not need a laser or an offset. It is an excuse for not learning and practicing to shoot tight left leans or the it looks cool factor. I shoot close to 75 matches a year and have never ever seen the need for a laser or offset. Learn your optic inside and out. Practice with it so that it becomes second nature. Understand your optics offset so if you have to roll it you know exactly where the round is gonna impact. My opinion about shooting from the hip is dont. Its not natural to do so. We practice over and over mounting the gun i
  6. This was by far one of the best IDPA matches ever. No gimmicks. Challenging for all skill levels. Novice shooters could choose to activate movers one at a time and the MA/EX could activate multipole movers at same time. Several stages gave you choices of how to shoot it. Walt's stage designing was spot on. Not to mention a they have 20 bad ass bays!
  7. At my range guns are regularly left at safe tables. I see the same bunch of shooters at the 6 matches a month I shoot. We are talking near 200 different people. No guns have gone missing. The only down side to leaving your gun at the safe table is picking it back up after sitting in the blazing sun. Thats not fun I assure you.
  8. Removing your belt at the safe table is legal as long as the magazines stay in their carriers on your belt. Pull the gun out before make ready DQ. No exception. Someone could be behind a barrel taping. The RO needs to be the one clearing the range and then giving the make ready command. This tells me the shooter isnt listening for range commands. Next one he ignores could be stop.
  9. jollymon32 what would you do if a mag was picked up that fell on the ground landing on the other side of the wall? Or a competitor dropped it while trying to reload and kicked it across the ground out the other side of a wall, then ran around the other side picked it up and kept shooting the coarse of fire?
  10. The same way if you drop a mag and it lands on the other side of wall and you need it you bend down reach forward past the plane of the wall and pick it up. I believe this rules is to keep people from shooting under walls or shooting between any gaps in the material used to construct the wall.
  11. Yes they should look at other things such as, did the bullet hit anything on the way to the target? If yes what was it and more importantly was it a full diameter hit on the object it hit on the way to the target. If it is a partial the hole scores. A deflection off a barrel causes a hole. That hole scores period. Enlarged, oblong, round, and even without a crown or grease. Nothing else caused the hole but the bullet. A barrel doesnt cause it to break apart into fragments. Shooter got lucky. Next time maybe not so much.
  12. Its black and white in my mind. If an RO tells you to point the gun uprange and you do it, thats on you and you go home. He tells you make ready and there is someone tapping you go home. Just cos the RO tells you to do something doesnt mean its a free pass. If he tells you just point the gun at that barrel and that barrel is 190........ bye you are going home. Does it seam fair? Maybe not but life isnt fair. You are solely responsible for your gun and where it points. The only small exception to this is if the RO trips you and you drop the gun or break the 180 provided you as the shooter could
  13. How does prize distribution to the top shooters only bring the sport back to the D thru A shooter? The bulk of match fees doesn't come from the top competitors of each division. With 150 shooters, 7 divisions, and 21 prizes to be given out, you have just excluded 129 people from any chance of winning anything. Not to mention the $16125 dollars that they would have paid for the match. So why would the "average shooter" want to pay for a match with zero chance of a prize? Sand baggers are not going away. They are a joke. I have no respect for them. They will find a way to weasel any system. I h
  14. Leadstar arms all the way. It is light but not to light. Comes ready out of the box minus optic and a magwell. Thousands of rounds through mine and malfunction free. Feed ramp lets you run flat points problem free though I do RN. The last round bolt hold open is not something I really worry about as I shoot more USPSA than the 1 IDPA match a month.
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