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  1. My opinion is dont bother with the 17 rounders at all. I find with a magwell on they are to short for a good insertion. Even with +5 extensions they are nearly all the way in the magwell. I suggest getting the glock 33 rounders. I like the beer can grip for reloads. Plenty room for your hand and full insertion of mag. Get a MBX, or Goliath, or whatever extension you like. Remember though for uspsa matches 32 round max stage design mostly, couple exceptions though. I say 3 glock 33 add extension to one use the other two for reloads and back up. If you really want a 17 you can use it as first mag in a classifier with mandatory reload and then use 33 for reload.
  2. Glock 27% CZ14% Smith & Wesson 12% are the most popular at last years IDPA world champs. It didn't break it down into what model of hand gun.
  3. I have no problem with a guy that whips out an overlay for a club match. That's exactly what should be done. The rules apply to every level of a match. Not to mention if you ever shoot a higher tier match and you have been following the rules then there is no surprises.
  4. 22.1 Please note that other clauses in the body of the competition rules require that a “trigger mechanism must, at all times, function safely” (5.1.4), that handguns must be “serviceable and safe” (5.1.6) and that the Range Master is the final authority on the definition of “safety” as it pertains to the mechanism of the gun ( It is the competitor’s responsibility to be able to demonstrate at any time that all factory safety mechanisms are functional, regardless of whether they are internal or external. So I dont see anywhere it is specifically not allowed. The above does apply, so depending on the type of trigger, adding tape could be an issue. jwhittin quoted a rule but that rule applies to grips not triggers. This rule I think would get you by. Specifically after market parts, which tape is definitely after market. 21.6 Exchange of minor EXTERNAL components Sights, firing pins, firing pin retainers, pins, extractors, magazine releases, slide stops, thumb safeties, triggers, hammers, bushings, and ejectors MAY be replaced with OFM or aftermarket parts.
  5. I would put my leadstar arms up against a JP any day. Yes JP was the standard for PCC reliability for awhile. I am not knocking their PCC. I am saying there is now others out there. Leadstars weigh in at 5.3 lbs. JP 5.8. If you get a carbon fiber barrel 5.1 lbs on the leadstar. The length of pull on a leadstar is shorter than carbine length stock. Very well balanced and easy to move with. Bottom line is dont buy crap. If your PCC doesn't run 100% its useless. Reliability is king in PCC as said above.
  6. Dont need a rule. The RO cant just assume that the timer picked up all the shots. Ask the RO how do you know the timer got all the shots? The main point here in your question is "if the RO is not sure" then they can not give a PE. If you can not tell me with 100% certainty which target I didn't shot at then you have no ground to stand on. Imagine this as the conversation by the RO. I didn't see what target was skipped nor am I sure if the shooter skipped a target but I want to give a PE based on the shot timer not recording the minimum number of rounds fired. What if they took more shots than required but didn't shoot at a target? Are you gonna review the timer and say they must have just missed the target cos I have 24 shots on a 22 round stage? Shot timers can miss shots. Especially with PCC on a stage where the shooter is retreating. You as the RO cant stay close enough to me to record every shot without risk of me over running you. They are just to quite. Dont bother asking the shooter if they skipped a target. Its not on them to tell you how to score the stage. Its not on the peanut gallery to score the stage either.
  7. Leadstar prime. Thousands of rounds 100% malfunction free. Ready out of the box minus your optic of choice.
  8. IDPA " SSP Permitted Modifications (Inclusive list): A. Sights may be changed to another notch and post type. Slides may not be machined to accept different style sights." Once the slide is milled for an optic it is no longer SSP legal. You may shoot it in ESP USPSA 21.2b Milling of Slide A. slide may be modified specifically for installing sights, and for no other purpose.
  9. I use the MBX mini. 47 rounds. Plenty good for all USPSA matches. The followers need to be sanded so they transition smoothly or you will get a salt shaker. I also prefer to use the 31/33 glock mags for reloads on classifiers over the 17's with plus 5. By the time the 17's get seated in the pcc with a magwell it is almost flush with the magwell. A beer can grip on the 33 is much easier and faster for me.
  10. I use a MBX extension on a 31 round glock big stick for 47. Carry one 33 round glock mag as back up. If its a classifier with reload I will use a 17 rounder with a plus 5 as my primary and reload with a big stick down loaded for easier mag insertion. It is much easier to beer can a big stick for a reload than to try and shove a 17+5 in with magwell in place. By the time the mag gets locked in it is almost flush with the magwell.
  11. Procedural penalties for failure to comply with stage procedures do not apply to the number of shots fired. Penalties for firing insufficient or additional shots are addressed in other rules and must not be penalized under the provisions of 10.2.2.
  12. I keep going back to 10.2.4 also. It just seams dang steep of a penalty.
  13. Virginia count. T1-4 engage with 2 rounds each perform mandatory reload and then 2 rounds each again. Shooter screws up his mag reloading and ends up with only 7 rounds in his first mag. Has to reload. Reloads puts the 8th shot on t-4 then continues to engage T1-4 with two rounds as required. So my under standing is he didn't perform the reload when required. That's a penalty but is it a per shot till shooter reloads again? Which penalty on the tablet is it?
  14. http://www.multibriefs.com/briefs/uspsa/USPSA122619.php Here is the link to a multi brief about a magnet being used in carry optics. Its equipment. So if you have a mag pouch in front of your hips that you use while shooting pcc and do not remove that for when you shoot any division that doesn't allow mag carriers in front of your hips, its bump to open period. Call it whatever you want, towel hanger, ear muff holder, what ever goofy name you want to try, but its welcome to open. Will anyone say anything at your club match? I dont know. They should, following all the rules at any level is important so that no one thinks something is legal goes to a tier 2 and gets there day ruined by being bumped to open or worse SNS
  15. There is no rule against wearing empty holsters. The problem is the rules as to where your magazine carriers are allowed on your belt vary by division. So if you are shooting production but use a mag carrier in front of your hip for pcc you are now not in compliance with the equipment rules when you shoot your pistol again. This is exactly like the magnet on the belt in production deal. Troy said you can have one and it has to still be behind the hip bone. In addition before the make ready command the magazine on it better be removed or it is bump to open and dont put anything back on it until range is clear or that is a bump to open.
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