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  1. I know you asked about a SRO but I sent in a Romeo 3 max they got it on a Friday and had the new one on the way by Tuesday. I dont think they fix them I think its a in stock thing meaning if its in stock it will be fast if not good luck.
  2. Just switched to CO after lowcap and put romeo 3 maxes on glock 34s one gun is going good at about 2k the other one stopped holding zero after 200 rounds and is on the way back to sig today.
  3. Iv got a Romeo 3 Max going to fedex today for not holding Zero left right wont hold and is drifting left with every shot. Its all mush when ajusting left right not clicks so we will see.
  4. I have all gens of mags and all needed to be just touched on the corner to fit.
  5. Sent one in on a 34 gen 5 12-4-20 nothing yet
  6. I saw that as well. I don't think it really matters until the stage is on the ground.
  7. Im more interested in peoples experience with how they are holding up vs the SRO as that seams to be the standout for long term survival.
  8. I have never looked thru a sig 6 moa but have looked thru a 2.5 and 5.0 sro. Im not dead set on the 3 moa but do like the smaller dot.
  9. I am shooting Single stack thru Area 3 this year then planing to jump over to CO and will be using glock 34 gen 5. I have narrowed it down to the sro 2.5 moa or romeo 3 max 3 moa. How is the sig holding up. I have yet to see someone break at SRO locally. No one that I know is shooting a sig. I can also get my hands on the sig and the SRO is sold out.
  10. I have no problem with the explanation it happens been there done that sent the email company wide with the typo. The problem I have is the third part of Troys response. Last time I emailed HQ it took 2 days to get a response when I sent it during the work week. So implying I should call HQ on Saturday morning is disingenuous at best. Also saying I was making assumptions about nefarious goings on and flat out saying I was making baseless accusations when the question was based on the match book put out by HQ is rude at best and and a personal attack at worst when viewed with the "Nice job" he added at the end. Having said all that and after rereading what I have said before here I am going to try and edit my second post here to say I was wrong about the "Do as we say not as we do" comment as the explanation given is very reasonable and I was wrong with that comment.
  11. I don't think I ever said or implied you would be breaking rules (other than perhaps the 6.5.2) Witch you have now explained. I will also say the implication that I assumed something nefarious is going on is a stretch to say the least. I also most certainly did not make any accusations that are not based totally on what the ORG published. So well I could have taken a more discrete path in asking perhaps you should not be so sensitive when the ORG failed to proof read before publishing.
  12. The truth is it really won't matter to me as the earliest I would get there is 1200 on Thursday and by the time I do the safety video and register. It will be after 1. It's more the point that they tell us to go by the rule book. Also I see they say fill out the equipment survey before arrival. Do they send it out or do I need to get it someplace?
  13. Just remember when we hold our local matches we need to make sure we're following the rule book. A fine example of do as I say not as I do I guess Edit After Troys response I was wrong here and it was just a typo. Been there done that myself.
  14. After looking at the match book for Low cap nats this year are they not violating 6.5.2 based on the range being closed to competitors for the first day of staff and the first half of the second day. Maybe Im reading it wrong but it looks like the range is closed to competitors until 1PM on Thursday.
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