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  1. Last time I looked tccc had only approved tq with windless as proven to be a effective at stopping blood flow. But in full disclosure I have not read the most recent review that just came out in the last few months. ETA I went to find the C-TCCC update and here are the approved/recommend TQs Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) Gen 7 and Gen 6 Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet -Tactical(RMT-T) SAM Extremity Tourniquet (SAM-XT) SOF Tactical Tourniquet – Wide (SOFTT-W) Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT) TX2” Tourniquet (TX2) and TX3” Tourniquet (TX3) I would argue that if is not on the list you should be rethinking using it. Prior to the update only the cat and sof-t tq had been on the list. You will note the swat tq did not make the cut. All the above tq are proven to be able to stop blood flow in field conditions. The fact that the swat is cheaper isn't a good argument as it is used to save a life spend the extra 20.00 bucks.
  2. All my training is done with a CAT so that is what I carry. I would like to play with a few of the RMT to get a feel for them. I however am not a fan of the swat TQs as they are just about impossible to put on your self and in my experience are much harder to apply to someone correctly and effectively. I have two things I require from a TQ It must work as tested by ultra sound. I must be able to put in on my arm by me self.
  3. We have a core group of 6 or 7 people that show up and we let whoever has something that they want to build have a bay. I send people to bays to help out as they show up. I generally pick a classifier and a short course or a speed shoot for one bay.
  4. So if I'm reading that right minor looks better until the very top of the scores?
  5. Based on the date it's a far chance you're talking about the class we put on at Sioux Falls Practical Shooters. I really hope you got something out of it. If you have any thoughts on ways we could improve it for next year please let me know.
  6. I don't totally agree with that last part. Part of what I like about SS is the risk vs reward of 8 or 10 and unloaded starts are just one of the risks you have to think about. I shoot minor as I have found that for the matches I shoot it tends to be a better risk.
  7. Thanks guys don't really care how it looks just so it works.
  8. My DAA belt is getting significantly to big as I have lost about 30lbs and I and aiming for another 25 or 30. Has anyone cut down a outer belt and if so would super glue melting the cut end keep it from unraveling? I would like to avoid buying a new belt until I get down to my target weight but I now have so much over lap that the side that goes under is closer to my gun than the zipper on my pants and the over side is right up to my first mag pouch. This is on a single stack rig.
  9. You'd be surprised how many people think the last item there is not true. To many people argue the hit has to be in the calibration zone to be able to call for it Including a RM at a level 2 I was at.
  10. My primary gun is a Sig max but I use a Springfield RO as a backup gun and you can us a sig holster for both but the fit is not the best. The RO is a very nice gun for the money
  11. I had not thought about guys that cant go pron due to bad knees or other problems dont really care is someone dose not want to. Have to find out how to make that work with the stage layout.
  12. We have not had a stage where you had to go prone in a few years and I know that is not something you see very often but every now and then you will at a level 2 or 3. I have been thinking about doing it but our range is gravel and 3/4 crushed stones. Not really the best thing or most comfortable thing to prone out on. Any ideas for a cheap pad. My two thoughts are a pice of carpet or sheet of plywood. Or do I just try to pick flatter spot in the bay.
  13. I was hoping to hear that but the shape is so different then any I have used in the feeder I wanted to ask before ordering a few new cases of bullets. Thanks
  14. Has anyone used the DAA bullet feeder with coated LSWCs in 45. That is my preferred load in 45acp and I picked up a caliber conversion. I am wondering how the bullet profile will work in the co-later.
  15. I love shooting SS minor and crushing guys who think they can buy speed. One of they guys I shoot with just bought a SVI limited gun and told me how with his new gun he will finely get me this year.
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