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  1. That last part brings to mind do you give local ROs cash as they don't have a hotel? My first thought is no your covering cost not paying them right.
  2. I have never worked a level 2 my club is looking into holding one nest year from a ROs point of view would you rather have a room provided and get stuck with a roommate or be given some amount of per diem and have to find your own place? Same for luch more cash to bring your own or some form of food be it subs and cookie or what ever.
  3. All case heads looked good.
  4. Looks close but I found sig oe I can use until EGW gets new ones.
  5. No all brass reloads at 135-140 pf
  6. To talk to sig they would have to pick up the phone when I call or return an email sometime. As far as fitment everything looks great no peening or burs or shiny spots at all.
  7. I dont want to have to replace the one in my practice backup gun more than once a year. A external extractor should last a long time. Iv got glocks that have 40K plus from when I was shooting prod on the extractor that came with the gun. Have two that went about 10K each before needing replacement is just a crap part as for as I can tell. Not sure if its just to soft of metal or what but they get worn down fast.
  8. Only one I have been able to find was EGW.
  9. Rep I talked to said they pulled them as they are backed up and no solid ETA on new ones hope is for 3 months or so.
  10. If I can get someone at sig on the phone I will try and get a few. So far over two calls I've spent 90 minutes on hold. They are only open hours I work so no chance to just sit on hold until they pick up.
  11. Talked to EGW and I am not the only one. Some problem with the steel. Said send them back for a full refund. They also said hopping to have new ones in a few months.
  12. Not even one time. The last one that I broke today had less then two matches and one 500 round practice on it. I put it in less than two weeks ago.
  13. I will call EGW tomarow and see what they say before I do anything. Rolex - Over all Im happy with the Max but I will say this from a keep an eye on stand point. I have shot both front sights on my 9mm lose I have now penned over the dove tail to lock them in place. I have also found that the stock slide stop tends to ride over the mag follower if follower gets to dirty.
  14. So maybe the tip is getting ripped off and I just need to file it back a bit?
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