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  1. As more and more Law Enforcement move to 9 form 40 I think we will start to see 40 drying up but I think it will be a very long time until for turns into the next 38 supper. I also think any market there is for 9mm will have the bottom fall out of it. For the second year in a row I bought all the brass my local range could not sell to members for just over scrap and only got 5 lbs of 40 but got 100lbs of 9mm
  2. 3.7 under a 125 blue tc averages 1075 out of my 1911
  3. Im running a Red Hill Tac for my max
  4. my local level 2 is 85.00 and they dont have a lot for extras and Im just fine with that keep the price down.
  5. I think i will give that a try.
  6. Ya I'm hoping to find a good USPSA holster I really like my RHT.
  7. I guess it is what it is and I have heard of ranges doing something like this but never for anyone with a classification.
  8. What sort of pass do you need to get.
  9. I shoot a sig max 1911 in uspsa and use a Springfield range officer as a backup gun. It will sort of fit my rht sig 1911 holster if I lossen the tension knobs way out. Dose any know of a holster maker that can customize a holster to fit both. I contacted rht but they don't have anything.
  10. yep just what I saw in front sight.
  11. Only info I have seen is next spring in Talladega at camp range in a front sight add.
  12. Has anyone seen any info other than that date and place posted and or info on other big matches that have been shot there.
  13. My club reimburses for the class as well. The closes class to my club is about 3 hours away every year so it still means a night or two in a hotel that is not reimbursed but it dose help.
  14. Just got a pair after Area 3 and have used them a few times. overall I like them. I dont know that they would be good for ROing a open gun or and indoor range but for shooting out doors I really like how much cooler they are then my MSA Sordins.
  15. They may not get to shoot. The club can set registration how they want and Shooters will be ok with that and shoot or go some place different.
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