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  1. I guess I will have to watch closer. I had no idea any of the sticker guns had thumb safeties.
  2. What if any striker guns have a external safety? Sorry Im asking because I cant think of any.
  3. rustychev

    Ultrasonic cleaner

    All the ultrasonics I have seen seam to small for brass cleaning. I wet tumble with out pins and just plain water to get the crud off I dont care if it looks good just want the crud off.
  4. rustychev

    Brass tumbling recommendations

    I wet tumble with just plain water and no pins. I dont care what it looks like just want the crud off before going to the press. For drying I picked up an old oven for free off of craigslist and use that at 250 for 90 min. I only use 90 min because thats how long I tumble for. then a shot of one shot as it goes into the case feeder.
  5. rustychev

    2 stages in the same bay

    The Iowa sectional dose it every year but they run it. stage 1a walk thru every one shots it then 1b walk thru and every one shoots it. Its handled like two separate bays but set up in the same bay.
  6. rustychev

    So 1911 9mm Single Stacks...

    Got my Sig's in this week. After some polishing and springs it's a very nice SS 9mm should be fun next summer.
  7. rustychev

    Electric Vest and Half Gloves for Reloading

    22 was the high today I reloaded in my basement.
  8. rustychev


    Thanks Ill keep my eyes open for a REI not many of them in the midwest.
  9. rustychev

    Non-shipped, shipping notice!

    Im sitting on a order just like that had tracking for a week now but still has not moved. I understand BF was a big sales day but come on if you have boxed it up and created the label ship the thing.
  10. Had my first one done 2 years ago at 35. I have a family history grandam on dads side had lots of pollips removed over the years and dad had so many removed they had him do one every year for 5 years..
  11. rustychev

    Single stack mag pouch question

    the quiad mag puch is just fine as long as the out side mag is still close close enough to the belt.
  12. rustychev


    I saw that but no one local to me has any to try on so I just bought a new pair a 1/2 size large. It has worked for me for can a few pairs so until I can try a pair of the wide size on Ill just keep on this way but when I travel I keep my eyes open.
  13. rustychev

    Anyone have a membership at PSTG?

    I have heard ben talk about it on the pod cast but thought it was a gimmick after seeing this I think I will go check it out.
  14. rustychev


    I love my speed cross but have wide feet so I found I need to go up a half size 10.5 to 11
  15. I could never shoot if that was all I had. I load all winter 12000 in just 9. So I can shoot for the summer without worrying about running low.