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  1. nasty618

    Virginia stage penalty question

    Just to add, if it was a partial target (hard cover or no-shoot) and his "mike" was actually in the hard cover or in the no-shoot portion - then it will not count as a penalty for additional hit, only if it was on the scoring part of the paper. (see rule if he had fired insufficient shots on the target, he would not have incurred a procedural penalty for not firing enough shots - see
  2. nasty618

    Seated start classifiers

    Thanks guys! Yep, definitely makes sense to stand up if it's a seated/holstered start, i agree. I was curious about the seated/table pick up variation. And there i could see the logic in both staying seated to save time and standing up to shoot the course in a more natural and practiced position... When i get a chance to try either option with a timer, that will probably be the best way to find out what works best for me, but i have not had the opportunity... so just wanted to see what the general preferences were.
  3. nasty618

    Classifier vs match bump

    I hope my earlier posts made it clear - i dont like the term "paper GM". I think it implies undue negative tone to a rating that was earned fair and square with hard work and effort. I think a GM rating, however it was achieved, deserves proper recognition and a level of respect for the work put into getting there. Plus several other folks have said it earlier - not all, but most GMs are paper GMs. But let me try to answer your question. If we must define some criteria to separate GMs - or any class for that matter - i think their ability to compete well at a high level match within a large segment of their peers should be the main one. I am using "non-competitive at national level" term... Allow me to explain. Lets use a hypothetical GM that Sarge was describing - one who shoots 60-65% of the field at Nationals. Are they a real GM? Of course, as we already determined. Are they crushing local Level 1 matches? That might depend on where, but probably yes. Are they able to compete with their peers at a large match like the Nationals? Unless there were unknown external factors like health issues, equipment issues, etc. that affected this placement and they consistently place at the bottom of their class and below lower classes - i would have to say no. So i would use a term like "National level GM (or M, A, B - whatever)" to describe the top competitors, people who are in the running for the top 30-40 spots overall in a field of 300+ shooters and with 20-30 entrants of their class present. Arbitrary numbers, but hopefully it makes sense what i am trying to describe. Then we can refer to a "paper GM" as just... GM. Another way to think about things might be along the lines of martial arts belts: C=white belt B=blue belt A=purple belt M-brown belt GM=black belt National Level GM, based on their wins and placements at major matches, could then be a dan grade. Not that any of this is needed, just trying to answer the question of what i interpret as "not competitive at the national level". And personally, i am setting my goal for next year to become a "paper M" For now i am happy to have discovered that i am a National level B class shooter, who could have been a "paper A" if he started shooting three months earlier, before the new classifier HHF were introduced.
  4. nasty618

    Classifier vs match bump

    lol exactly. next time i hear someone use that term, i'll be sure to ask where they stand with their classification percentage.
  5. nasty618

    Classifier vs match bump

    That makes sense, sure. Good points, thanks for clarifying! One could make an argument that all of those attributes (or lack thereof) could be addressed with "hard work" and "dedication", but reality is - very few people have the capacity to go through when THAT much work is required, you're absolutely right... And given what Gooldy and others said earlier - it seems to me that it's even more of a reason to give credit to a "non-competitive at the National level GM" for getting to a 95%+ level on classifiers. Just to clarify why i am interested in hearing better and more experienced shooters' opinion on this - as a new shooter, i have heard the term "paper M/GM" being used dismissively with shooters who were not placing well at larger events, below some As and Bs. Now having done a bit of dry and live fire practice and shot a few more matches, i am realizing that the perspective is not correct and to achieve a 95% level on classifiers takes a lot of work. An M and GM are higher Levels of Prestige (Call of Duty reference here lol) no matter how you slice it.
  6. nasty618

    Classifier vs match bump

    I am curios why you guys feel that way? I am a firm believer that with enough hard work anyone can achieve any reasonable goal. I feel that making "paper GM" is not easy by any means, but it's a reasonable goal one can set and achieve with enough work and dedication. What do you feel the other components are?
  7. nasty618

    Classifier vs match bump

    https://uspsa.org/viewer/NCCB_4.1_2016.pdf - page 4 and 8 I dont think i saw a limitation on how many times one can reshoot... i would think second time is all a good competitor would ever ask for, but perhaps a "reasonable" number might be 3? This is just my opinion, based on the fact that one can take an open book RO exam up to three times. I would say why would anyone ever need a third time, but the option is there.
  8. nasty618

    Classifier vs match bump

    I hear you and i agree, it that were the scenario. But it doesnt seem that it was the case here - sounds to me more like all match participants were allowed to reshoot and things were uploaded as designed for classification purposes, not for match score - Matt1911, if i am wrong please correct me?. If that's the case, then no rules were broken and 10.6.1 (I dont think .2 and .3 are applicable here) covers match DQs based on RM's/RO's perception and judgement of competitor's actions during the match... In this particular case, competitor acted in accordance with the announced match plan. I think we're in agreement that it would be unethical to shoot a classifier until you're happy with the score, that it would go against the guidelines of the Classification Course book and affect the integrity of the classification system. I still have to maintain my view that there is a fine line between cheating/illegal and unethical. And to my original point - even if a paper GM is not competitive on a national level, i still think that getting to a GM level on paper is an excellent, hard yet achievable goal for anyone. And getting there is no small feat. Bashing someone for having a goal of becoming a paper GM is... unethical
  9. nasty618

    Classifier vs match bump

    I understand where you're coming from, i do. And I agree that it's unethical to "shoot classifier stages repeatedly until you like the score". Shooting a classifier is a test, right? Prep for it as much as you want, maybe even get a second try if you your equipment fails... but you cant take the test 10 times until you get the score you want. Hey, even the USPSA RO certification gives you an open book test and you get three tries at it! But based on the info you presented, i cannot agree that he was cheating. To cheat is to "act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage." You said: "1 guy locally that got his GM card by going to an all classifier match that allowed you to pay $5 to reshoot any stage you wanted as many times as you want. Not happy with the score? $5 to do it again. Still not happy? $5 do it again." Was this announced and approved by the MD? Was the option to reshoot in that manner given to every match participant? Is practicing a known published classifier as much as you want considered cheating? If the answers are yes, yes and no - then i think it's clear he wasnt cheating. I highly value honesty and integrity and I think cheating is a heavy accusation that shouldnt be thrown out there so eagerly.
  10. nasty618

    Classifier vs match bump

    What rules did he break? It is understood that anyone can do poorly on a classifier stage for various reasons, and this is why the USPSA board of directors has allowed members to reshoot a classifier stage for classification purposes. This permission should not be construed to mean that members can shoot classifier stages repeatedly until they have a score they like. The integrity of the classification system is at stake. Maybe borderline unethical, but no rules are broken. Further, nobody stops anyone from setting up and practicing any and all of the known classifiers. I know several people that do it in advance of the match, if the stages are published... is that cheating?
  11. nasty618

    Classifier vs match bump

    I dont really see anything wrong with that, to be honest. If his goal was to get a GM card - he achieved it. Everyone should have a measurable, achievable and reasonable goal. Shooting classifiers at a GM level is hard enough. If getting a paper GM rating were so easy, then why arent we all GMs? From another angle, at the 2018 Nats there were plenty of GMs, Ms and As that didnt even come close their classification percentages. And a lot of them got smoked by Bs...
  12. nasty618

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    I am new to USPSA but am aware of Ben's public image, old timers' negative perception of him as well as the legion of peanut gallery fans in the younger generations. I know of Ben's history and all the drama around his old comments/reviews on Amazon, social media and other forums, plus the relatively recent Foley/Berry/Stoeger shenanigans. Oh well. Personally, i like someone who calls things by their name. But like him or not - he is a champion, a dominating competitor and an excellent coach, with proven results. At the Nationals, I was on the same squad with JJ, first time meeting him. I have to say, what a nice guy! Always willing to help, with a smile and a good word of encouragement. He was usually the first one at the targets, ready to paste and reset. I literally had to shove him away a couple of times - he was stealing my targets LOL! I wish we had that level of enthusiasm and energy from the local Level 1 competitors - nobody is too good to help reset the course! As someone said - i cant imagine a better ambassador for the sport. I think what separates excellent and even world class shooters from true champions is their ability to stay focused on the goal and perform under pressure, and do it for 9 days non stop. JJ is one of those few. I was happy to see him win two divisions and it was super exciting to watch the Production race occur in real time... and was also psyched to see Ben win his 7th title. Anyway, having said all that - i do think that JJ blacking out a fellow competitor's name in those social media updates was a (very small) blemish on his otherwise perfectly professional demeanor and true sportsman like conduct.
  13. Hi all. What's the consensus of shooting seated start/table pick up classifiers? Like CM 13-07, etc. Is there a time benefit to stay seated? Or does an average shooter get better results in general shooting standing up? Thank you in advance!
  14. nasty618

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    I wonder how many participants truly realize the amount of work that goes into putting on even small events... but events of this caliber require a huge effort and super focused coordination. I thanked every RO at the each stage and sent an email to Jake saying thank you... should have stopped by and said thanks to Shannon Smith and his team and all the untold heroes of this event - the people that made things happen on the ground... This was truly a great event from my perspective - while I am not new to national level competition scene in other sports, this was my first major USPSA match. In my mind, the most telling point was how smooth things went on each stage and overall, considering the size of the event and number and levels of participants. Like a well oiled machine! Plus I marked my first anniversary of shooting USPSA with my first (and hopefuly not last) Nationals! So i had an awesome time and am already looking forward to the next year. So if the goal was to attract new shooters to the sport while making it interesting and challenging for the top dogs... 100% agree - mission accomplished!
  15. nasty618

    Classifier system question

    So unlike USPSA, the ongoing SC classification/reclassification is always the aggregate based on all 8 stages, not just 6 highest most recent scores? Am I getting it right?