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  1. So how do we strike a balance between being an honest RO who understands and, as a result, enforces the rules equally and without bias and cutting slack to newer or less knowledgeable shooters? Because these two things often conflict with each other... I have my own thoughts on this but i am curious to hear others' opinions. This is an honest question, as i agree that there rules that could use some additional attention from the NROI leadership.
  2. There's a couple of full match vids with stage numbers on YouTube... Here's one: Here are stage 11 and stage 4
  3. Dang... that's too bad. That one or stage 11 (three targets close, 4 on each with a reload) would have helped me get the G. Oh well, I guess it's back to earning it through regular local match classifiers Just curious, where did they (USPSA?) say it - on FB?
  4. After looking at a couple of Race Gun videos, looks like some of them have been changed (either start position or type of targets), maybe ruling out the possibility of these stages being potential classifiers: 6, 11, 12? These ones appear to still be the same across two Nationals: 4, 5, 10, 13. Also looked at the SS Nationals, looks like their stage 10 was the same as stage 5.
  5. It's not like veteran GMs have not been wrong in the past or have not been replaced and left in the dust by A class guys. But this argumentum ab auctoritate is what it is - a logical fallacy. Or is debating veteran GMs not allowed anymore? I am not saying either one of them is right or wrong, but it helps to keep an open mind and hear others' thoughts on the subject and if you know they're is wrong, ask the questions and let their answers sink their theories.
  6. I'd congratulate him on a truly amazing performance, from 82% last year to 2nd place this year... but i am afraid the thread will get locked
  7. I think the overall picture shows very similar trends in every division, not just LTD or Open... I mean the differences between the top guy and the next two-three guys, then the next 5-10, then the 10-20, then the percentages of the rest of the field... I look at the aggregate numbers - overall accuracy, penalties, speed, consistency... That's why we go to the Nats, right? To find out where we stack up against the best in the country. Did I get better in the last year of training? One might be a murderer locally, taking all the lunch money at club matches... but at the Nationals he is just
  8. If you look at the chrono stage, you will see that he did not go sub. He shot 134 PF.. so yeah - he shot 9mm, probably used his plastic production gun.
  9. At least a few of stages at the 2020 Nationals look like potential new classifiers... Some of the ones i am thinking of are 5, 10, 13, maybe 12? They are more along the lines of the 19 series, which everyone i know liked - freestyle, movement, comstock, etc - in other words more representative of actual USPSA stages. Others, like 4, 6, 11, were back to the old "stand and shoot from a box" ... I asked one of the ROs at Stage 11 if this might be a new classifier - he said yes, but they might change them. Not sure what that means... Wondering if anyone ha
  10. He's said once that even if the Nationals were stand and shoot (or some other dumb format) - he'd still go simply because it's the USPSA Nationals - a match that matters. So cost wouldn't matter. That was a few years ago... He also said last year (not publicly though) that retirement might be sooner than one might think... Are they limiting super squad to 10 this year? If not, two spots on both super squads were still unfilled... I do agree on the Top 4 (minus Stoeger) - Jonasson, Lane, Hetherington and Racaza. But I feel Nils would take it. P.S. Maybe s
  11. The shooters on my squad all hit the popper in the calibration zone. They all lost the challenge. For one of them, it took the popper almost a full second to fall after the RM shot it. Yet nothing was done after that at least to my knowledge. So I am not sure i understand how this was a self correcting issue for them.
  12. I have lost matches by less than a few points. In some cases it was as little as a make up shot that i should not have taken... but those were local matches so who cares. If you've ever lost a match by a fart as well, then i am sure you know it still stings. So if you were someone who was in contention for winning a major match and lost it on a calibration challenge... I think you would see it differently. But maybe not, i dont know. I think that's a very good way of avoiding these issues and while it may not resolve competitors getting f-ed by popper calibration completely
  13. Gotta love the "i have been doing this for this many years and i've never seen it happen", therefore it doesnt happen "logic". Not that we need any more personal accounts of this actually being a thing... but i have witnessed popper f-ing just recently at A8. There were three challenges on the same squad, the RM remained at the bay after the second one and watched the whole squad shoot. Weeks later, i spoke to other shooters who confirmed they had the same issue on the same popper but did not challenge it.
  14. You can check your membership status and current classifications on the website.
  15. There is only one local club near me that does IDPA. It's where I "discovered" IDPA after shooting a couple of "Action Pistol" matches at our little club in 2017 and wanting more competition. The IDPA MD "doesn't believe in fault lines". There were some other things that were "odd", but I didn't know any better. I shot a couple of their monthly matches before discovering USPSA in 2018, and that was pretty much the end of my IDPA participation. I came back once in 2019 to beef up my classification. Got Master in two divisions that day, but when he told me "you can't use a GoPro because it
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