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  1. https://monetizepros.com/features/how-to-monetize-a-forum-50-tips-guides-and-resources Number 6 in combination with affiliated ads is probably the easiest passive way to monetize forum content. Turn keywords and user posted links into affiliated links - I thought I saw that already on here, but not sure.
  2. This happened to me at a major match last year: two short stages, staying loaded between them. At Make Ready on the second stage, I draw, take a sight picture on the popper and squeeze the trigger... round hit the steel dead center. A complete brain fart on my part, forgetting that we remained hot between stages. RM struggled to find the right rule to log in the tablet... Should I have been restarted?
  3. I am learning something from this thread. Before reading it, if this happened while i was the RO, i would have called a DQ and cited the 10.4.3 , following the 8.3.1 logic that waktasz outlined. So clearly, a part of me is in agreement with the folks that call for the DQ and i am surprised to see that it isn't. However the other part now also clearly sees the reasoning and rule citations from the senior members of the NROI core. And if this same situation happens to me now and i as an RO can save the time by not calling the RM (who at a local club would of course side with the RO's call and probably wouldn't even know the rules) and not ruin someone's day - that's a great thing! So I dont know about changing the wording of the rule book... but could this be a topic for the next official clarifications email from the DNROI or at least a blog post?
  4. i wonder about that... there were at least a few serious guys on the PSTG forums and on here that were participating in the discussion of the latest changes. Not to mention the previous discussions of other rule changes like gas pedals and potential mag capacity changes. .. But ultimately yes, i think we agree on this.
  5. I was not talking about the top guys though.... I was talking about serious guys. But i agree and feel that your concise presentation is much better.
  6. Agreed! And even the top level sponsored shooters, the really good guys who folks tend to listen to (i am not talking about the discount code pushers) will also be catering to their sponsors. Not to mention, it's probably a much better deal for a sponsor to give a 10% discount to a lower level shooter who will then flood every Area page and all of their IG and FB friends feeds with the brand's name, wear a "sponsored" jersey at every L1 match and talk to all the other new shooters to help promote their "sponsor". So that leaves a pretty narrow band of serious people who might feel like their favorite sport and specific division is getting stomped on by these new changes. Do they matter? I mean... One would hate to think that they dont matter, but realistically? They just dont. They may bitch and moan, but will still pay the membership and the match fees and will keep practicing.... if only for the simple joy of crushing the "sponsored" shooters. Disclaimer: the above is an opinion, not a statement of fact
  7. If anyone cared to take a look at things other than just the BOD minutes or the 2020 rule change (i.e. Mr Foley's presentation), then they clearly saw the direction the leadership has been taking the organization and is intending to take it going forward. The main goals seemed to be increasing the revenue and growing the numbers of participants. And it appears that the leadership is well ahead of their intended targets. It's only natural that they will be catering to the broader masses, newer shooters, major sponsors and industry partners. They will not be catering to the top 5 or 10 percent of the serious shooters whose goal is compete at a high level, with everything that is attached to that. The lower the skill and level of participation, the more emphasis is put on "what's the best gun?", "how light is your trigger?" and all the meaningless modifications like gas pedals and slide ports. The higher the skill, the less worries one has about various equipment lipstick and the more focus is put on the actual skill development.
  8. The differences between "old" and "new"? Should be easy: https://uspsa.org/viewer/2020-USPSA-Competition-Rules-Change-Log.pdf
  9. It now makes sense why they dont recommend the anti walk pins - with a super light hammer spring it needs all the energy and anything that is robbed by the friction on the "locked" pins can cause an issue. Thank you! I think I have enough info to work out this doubling issue (that may not even be hardware related). First things to try on my list: a better grip and heavier trigger springs. Along with the stock Hiperfire pins if i can find them
  10. Oh i didnt know that... do they say why mechanically that would make any difference? i do have those installed....
  11. I hear what you're saying and as George said earlier - "NO, cant use the timer in this case" (referring to the example from my original post). But i am still not sure it's that clear cut... Please forgive me if i am nit-picking... i just want to make sure i fully understand the rules and reasoning here. If this example goes all the way to arbitration., will the Arb Committee ask the RO something along the lines of "what method did you use to determine the procedural penalty"? 10.2.7 does not indicate HOW the penalty should be called or observed by the RO. So if the RO is not sure and the shooter is not sure and the timer shows 2 less shots fired AND it's not against the rules to review the timer.... then the RO has enough information to make the FTSA call. And if the timer failed to record two shots... Unless as Sarge suggested you kept an eye on the last shot fired time - shouldnt we then question if it's functioning properly and even issue a reshoot? Let me ask these two leading questions: What rule would you, as the shooter, state for the reason of your appeal for the presumably incorrectly applied FTSA penalty? If you are on that squad and you clearly saw the shooter not engage the target, will you be OK with the FTSA not given?
  12. Sniperboy - I didnt get much clarity on the 4 vs 5 issues from JP guys... so i am still as baffled as you. I am going to try to figure things out with the short stroke 5 weight system and then refocus on the 4 weight SCS. Maybe upgrade it to a 5 weight slider for PCC or use the 3 weight one and drop it into a 5.56 build. ck1 - The New Frontier Arms lower is pretty solid, they make excellent lowers in my experience... My FM upper has also been pretty good with the 308 rifle spring and buffer in a rifle tube/stock configuration with BCG weight in. Going to SCS, removing the BCG weight and using the carbine buffer tube is where i ran into these issues. I also spoke to a couple of friends here at the local club who shoot PCCs with Hiperfire triggers and JP SCSs. Both of them were strongly leaning towards bump fire due to a weak grip, just as it was suggested by the JP guys from my earlier post. So i will play with that more. I also got a set of stronger HF springs to play with. Fingers crossed, this might solve my issues. Thank you all for the feedback, really appreciate it.
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