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  1. nasty618

    Council after the COF

    On 1/7/2019 at 10:05 PM, IVC said: I think these are very valid points. I am sure this has been brought up more than once over the years. Youtube search would show too many badly called 180 violations... And while "photos, audio and/or video recordings are not accepted as evidence", i think with all the advances in technology over the last 6-7 years and common use of GoPros there is a case to be made at least at higher level matches to allow for video evidence review. If not the final and decisive evidence, then at least for CRO/RM consideration or during arbitration? So why wouldn't the membership request (and leadership consider) amending that rule? I've wondered about this for a while, any insider info or opinions from the veterans of the sport?
  2. nasty618

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    That first part is what i disagree with - Production IS a VERY competitive division. Just look at the number of people in it and the number of Ms/GMs in it. Perhaps we use "competitive" to describe different things? Do you mean just "overall match placement"? I see "competitive" as "a high level of participation combined with a high level of skill to challenge any level of shooter". In other words, will a Production M/GM level competitor be able to compete against a reasonable pool of and face a good challenge from his peers as well as from upcoming A and maybe even B class challengers? I actually struggled with that definition before posting I think maybe a working definition could be someone who is consistently scoring at the top of their Division classification bracket while also scoring better than the lower 1/3 of the next bracket. Of course, that assumes a decent representation of not just the division, but also brackets at a given match. Winning Production at a local match where you have 6 total Prod shooters of which only three are classified doesnt mean a lot, IMO. Placing in the top third of your class while placing better than the bottom third of the next class at a major match, even if overall placement is in double or even triple digits represents a "solid [division] shooter" to me. I think that's a good point. If I had only a handful of people to compete against in my division - i would pick a more competitive one (based on my acceptance criteria of "competitive division").
  3. nasty618

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    I dont think thats a correct way of looking at things. Why would you compare apples and oranges? If a Production shooter were to gauge his performance based on Overall placement against PCC and Open guns... well that's just asking for unfounded disappointment from setting unreasonable expectations. Unless you want to compare overall target accuracy which still means very little when Major PF shooters care much more about speed than about dropping a bunch of Charlies. I think Production is much more challenging and requires more skill and focus for the very same reasons you mentioned - limited capacity, minor PF, iron sights, magazine placement, etc. I think it's a higher badge of honor to be a solid Production shooter.
  4. nasty618

    Council after the COF

    Got it. Thank you! As i mentioned, it was a rhetorical question, considering the vast amount of experience and knowledge i was "questioning" . But having witnessed those things at local matches, i wouldnt want someone relatively new (like me) to misinterpret what was written. I understand and agree 100%. The case i was describing (finger) was not a new shooter (time in sport wise). The second case (loaded gun at MR) - the violation was clear and age/experience should not have mattered, IMO.
  5. nasty618

    Council after the COF

    I started following this advice after a local match last year. I was a back up RO on the squad and was running a shooter who had his finger in the trigger guard while moving. I was a freshly minted RO... not wanting to ruin someone's day, not being 100% sure... whatever the reason - I did not call it. However, I did approach the shooter after the COF and politely told him what i saw and suggested that he might want to keep an eye on that. He denied that he did that, so i walked away... but i did go to the primary RO and asked him to keep an eye out for a potential infraction. Worth noting that when i asked this same shooter to assume correct start position on a previous state, he said it didnt matter and became visibly annoyed when i said that i couldnt start him until the WSB Start Position was assumed. A few weeks later, my buddy relayed me that at the following week's match the shooter said how bad of a hardass i was to him Moral of the story for me was - DQ. Or DQ not. There is no counseling. If Yoda was an RMI - he would say that Having said that - i personally dont want to hear "finger" if i am the shooter during the COF, but dont mind some post actions feedback. I also definitely would and have pointed out potential danger areas to friends and people i know well. Specifically, things like finger not being fully out of the trigger guard where from one side looks like it might be in but from another - kinda looks ok. You know - that finger hook that's out but parallel to the frame
  6. nasty618

    Council after the COF

    I agree completely. Please forgive me but... Does that mean that you both allow 180s at Level 1 matches for local shooters that you know and are able to give advice/counsel? I am pretty sure this is a rhetorical question and i am just nitpicking, but i dont want to leave a doubt in others' minds as i have witnessed a 180 that made the entire squad squat (<- see what i did there?) when they got swept by the shooter. Some commented they were literally looking into the barrel of the gun. I also witnessed new/younger shooter pop a round out of the chamber on "Make ready"... The shooters were local and am not sure if ROs "counseled" them, but i do know the shooters were allowed to finish the matches.
  7. Source: https://uspsa.org/announcement/288
  8. nasty618

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    If you don't mind my advice - besides choosing the right gear and modifying it, another key thing to turn your attention to is learning the rules of the game. If i could go back a year ago - that's the advice i would have given myself. It's astounding how many new and experienced people (to include ROs) at local matches do not know the rules... Being in a restricted state - I also started in L10/Major with a Glock 21 and a dinky belt/holster set up. After a couple of months i made the choice to move to Production with SP01 Shadow as well. After almost a year in Production - I think it's a more competitive, challenging and fun division.
  9. nasty618

    Mec-Gar Mag Spring Question

    Was doing some searching and stumbled on this post. Trying to get +10% springs for CZ 75 MecGar magazines. Do these Wolff springs that fit CZ magazines also fit MecGar ones? https://www.midwayusa.com/product/3415411743/wolff-magazine-spring-eaa-witness-10-pct-extra-power CZ Custom site lists them as incompatible? https://czcustom.com/products/cz-75-85-sp01-full-size-magazine-spring-10.html and the ones that are - https://czcustom.com/spring-mag-mecgar-follower.html - are not +10% Any recommendations and advice are welcome. thanks in advance! Edit: I guess i found my answers here: https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=60900.msg399515#msg399515 and here: https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=53128.msg328552#msg328552
  10. nasty618

    Federal Syntech 150gr TSJ in Shadow 2 - POI shift?

    Interesting! I'll do some more controlled groups WHO, SHO and vice grip it freestyle on a rest. But it's good to know that it's probably not just me but also the physics and ballistics of different projectiles that would make this POI shift almost expected. Thank you for that!
  11. nasty618

    Federal Syntech 150gr TSJ in Shadow 2 - POI shift?

    Good tip, thank you! Although... wouldn't that become apparent with any ammo? I do intentionally try to have a 60/40 weak/strong hand grip strength
  12. nasty618

    Federal Syntech 150gr TSJ in Shadow 2 - POI shift?

    I'm my case the shift is in both directions - about 1 inch up and ~2 to the left @ 15 yds. If 124s are spot on, I guess trying out some 115gr bullets might be an interesting test.
  13. nasty618

    Federal Syntech 150gr TSJ in Shadow 2 - POI shift?

    Makes sense... Thank you!!
  14. Hi gents I am getting a 1.5-2 inch high and left POI shift with this ammo in my Shadow 2 at 15yds. In comparison, PPU Prvi 124gr is spot on. Groups with 150gr TSJ are generally bigger but still acceptable for USPSA match ammo. I shoot two different games with this gun. I use PPU for Accuracy and Federal Syntech for USPSA... Winter accuracy is my primary game right now, so drifting sights is not an option at this time. I may do it closer to the spring/summer time when USPSA becomes the only game I shoot. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced an issue with Syntech 150gr TSJ ammo where the POI changes when compared to their other/regular ammo? Thanks in advance!
  15. nasty618

    Perforation Scoring

    I dont know if it's always been the case, but lately i hear a lot of "it didnt break the line". When i hear it from the fellow shooters it's almost always coming from a D or C class competitor. Opens a perfect opportunity to refer them to Section 9.5 in general and 9.5.2 and 9.5.3 specifically. However, when that comes from the ROs who have been doing it for a while... i find it very troubling. I think this is one of the most fundamental scoring concepts that must be learned from day 1. If they dont know this one... what else dont they know?