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  1. This is what I do. The start of every session. Maybe take an average of three cases
  2. https://www.gunsprings.com/EAA/cID1/mID19/dID100#853
  3. I grind a small dimple into the slide stop where the plunger contacts it.
  4. The height of the optic really makes no difference to me. You will get used to it in no time.
  5. I also had a frame replaced, they added an "A" at the end of my original serial number. I'm only going by this note they sent me.
  6. I ordered mine recently from their website
  7. I use one of these Excelta pen brushes with a little Hoppes. They work great. They come in brass and stainless steel. It gets down in the port and scrapes off the carbon very easily.
  8. Where do I find one of these tools? Estonia? any vendors in the states?
  9. Sport Pistol, WST or N320
  10. Our local Sportsmans Warehouse got in batch of primers, 200 per person limit. Made a few trips over a couple days. Hit it once and 9mm was on a rack behind the counter, 100 round limit $18.99 per box of 50. Picked up a couple boxes for a fellow shooter with low supplies.
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