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  1. I have a DPP attached to the top of mine. It still cycles.
  2. I think you're worrying about nothing. How does the 133PF shoot as far as accuracy? That would be the only thing I would be concerned with. SD of 11 is nothing.
  3. Have you tried coated bullets in your S2? That's all I run in mine. Is your barrel reamed?
  4. For coated bullets Sport Pistol and WST. Never saw the magic in 320 but whatever it works. Hell, I've even used Red Dot with great results.
  5. I have an Anova, been using it for the last year. It is truly amazing. Steak, Pork loin, Shrimp, fish, Chicken all fantastic. I bought a little grate that fits over my charcoal chimney. I fill it half way with charcoal and sear using it. You get perfect temp food, no more drying out. You can also cook food at lower temps to pasteurize the meat and get it really juicy. Shrimp never tasted better. I buy a pork loin and cut it into 2 pound chunks, cook it for 3 hours at 135ish. Then sear. You will be amazed at how flavorful a
  6. Ordered 11/27 shipped 12/11. Stuck in the pipeline in North Carolina, been 10 days
  7. You need lead, lots of cheap lead before you decide to do anything like mentioned above. You need an good source of lead/antimony/tin to make bullets. I have the Lyman 25 lead pot, really nice $350 LEE molds $40, Handle $15 Convection oven $200-400 Hy-Tec bullet coating $25 Bullet sizing $10-125 Misc equipment, lots of time Once all set up with clean lead, I can cast around 500 an hour when everything goes well. Then coat, dry and bake. Coating doesn't take long. I bake 5 pounds of lead every 10-12 minutes. I like three coats.
  8. Blues are shipping fairly quick, they are just getting stuck in shipping right now.
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