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  1. I don't recommend the 358-150 mold for 9mm. I have run them before, but I don't recommend. Try the 356-120 TC mold, works great in 9mm. Saves on lead too.
  2. I put a few hundred cleaned pieces of brass in a large ziplock bag. I then put all the brass on their sides with my hand, less chance of the spray going directly into the inside of the case. Then a light spray of one shot, close up the bag and shake them around. I then dump them into a container to air dry for at least 5 minutes. No cleaning after loading. I load 9 major.
  3. It's treated you well. You got your moneys worth out of it. Dry fire/back up gun. They're only $900
  4. The higher dot has always been just fine for me. I can switch between open and CO and they index the same. I just don't see the need for it. I made master with a dovetail plate if that means anything. Plus once you mill, you're stuck with that platform. If you go to sell it, it can always be put back to stock.
  5. Don't be in too hurry to mill the slide. I prefer the higher dot.
  6. B class sandbagger. I've seen it a lot in CO especially when Walther money was at stake.
  7. Because a tricked out Stock ll is just awesome to shoot.
  8. Try gently tapping the bullet out and see what happens
  9. Hard to see from the picture. It looks like it runs across the bottom of the bullet
  10. I always get that when I use the puller. The bullet bounces back and hits the case mouth.
  11. did you use a inertia bullet puller to remove that bullet?
  12. Fully tricked out Stock 2 isn't a cheap option compared to the Sig, but IMO very hard to beat. I love mine.
  13. WST and coated bullets if you can't find Sport Pistol
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