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  1. Yes. I sent the gun in for a cracked slide. I got a call a few days after it was as received. It was being repaired and the technician noticed the frame was also cracked. At that point I was told it was beyond repair and I would be issued a new DVC. They used several of my old guns parts. The magwell, optic, trigger and mag catch. At some point sending a new DVC vs replacing the entire Grandmaster makes some financial sense to them. If they even had all the parts. I couldn't be happier.
  2. I had a 2005 era STI Grandmaster. After tens of thousands of rounds, the frame and slide cracked. After several months wait, I received my warranted replacement. I asked for a DVC-O in 9 major. It arrived in mid 2019. I compared it to a few year old DVC-O of a friend of mind. It had several changes. I finished this season shooting Carry Optics and only dabbled with my new open gun. I have almost 3000 rounds through the gun with zero problems. I live in a ban state and I'm running STI gen 1 10 round mags. I just installed a steel grip and this gun runs nice. I sure hope they don't stop making open guns.
  3. Just put a PT EVO on my DVC-O. I was on the fence. I can't believe how much it calmed the gun down. It felt real heavy at first. I dont even notice it now. Big difference. Go with steel.
  4. I'm using 8lb Wolff recoil standard length spring. Which 7 lb spring are you using?
  5. I kinda like a three dot sight. I don't shoot irons that much though.
  6. Just installed a PT. Complete change compared with the plastic. I can't believe I was hesitating.
  7. Production is 10 round limit. Limited magazines are 141mm long maximum. How ever many rounds fit.
  8. I received a 2019 DVC-O a few months ago as a warrenty replacement. It is a 9 major. I have around 2000 rounds through it so far. I have had zero malfunctions so far with gen 1 STI 9/38 mags without spacers. The mags are 10 rounders, I'm in a ban state. I'm running the RTS2 dot and mount. I just installed a metal grip. This gun rocks. I'm really enjoying 9 major.
  9. I use WST and recently SP for coated in 9mm. They both seem similar. Had a velocity drop with WST and a recent level ll. I think they left the rounds right out in the sun. I'm going to use SP for big matches. Love WST, been using it for decades.
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