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  1. I bought this hat from Walmart, it's pretty nice. And a cooling towel. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Men-s-Crushable-Wide-Brim-Bucket-Hat-UPF-50-Sun-Protection-Mesh-Crown-Breathable/736357876
  2. Stock ll PD palm swell grips PD guide rod Gen 1 DP Aluminum dovetail mount Flat safety Magwell opened Henning extension 44.6 oz Good luck
  3. The Witness Steel hammer pin. Mine is the same, a pain.
  4. Take your LULA and push it up and down on the stack a few times, every few bullets, when you start getting near max. It is supposed to align the bullets better in the mag. I read this somewhere about loading Open big sticks. Should work here too.
  5. My Gold Custom takes the square trigger guard one.
  6. Tungsten guide rod and add weight in grip. They also make heavy base pads. Good luck
  7. When I use straight oil on my Tanfo's it seems to disappear from the rails. I don't know where it goes but they appear dry. When I add a little grease, Lucas red and tacky, Magnalube or Lubriplate, they seem to stay wet. I use Mobil 0-20 or any other gun lube I have around.
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