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  1. Had the same issue with my SF. Two fixes. You can grind a little meat off the U shape of the mag release, close to the end where the nub is that catches the mag. This will allow the mag catch to protrude deeper into the opening, giving it more area to catch the mag. Before I did this, I pried a little bit of the top of the metal on the hole where the mag catch goes. One gets the metal closer to the mag catch, the other bring the mag catch closer to mag.
  2. Will the XL grip take an STI 126 mag with Dawson base pad. I'm in a ban state and use STI 10 round mags with Dawson Tool-less base pads. They fit my ICE magwell nice. How will this fit the new grip and magwell. Thanks
  3. Yea, no brainer if you're right there.
  4. Structural epoxy. Use the set screw with loctite. Then apply epoxy between the slide and the mount. Even when the set screw loosens up, like mine did at an area match, the epoxy holds the mount. Heat frees up the epoxy for easy removal.
  5. As stated above, getting a holster to fit will be difficult
  6. I only use Energizers in my dots. I have problems with Duracell.
  7. Looks like my Witness Steel in blue.
  8. 1 Around 14lb 2 Maybe 3 Wolff 8lb std length
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