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  1. Our local Sportsmans Warehouse got in batch of primers, 200 per person limit. Made a few trips over a couple days. Hit it once and 9mm was on a rack behind the counter, 100 round limit $18.99 per box of 50. Picked up a couple boxes for a fellow shooter with low supplies.
  2. Is your ammo in a major power factor? Not sure the S2 in it's stock configuration is meant to take major ammo. A barrel switch should be easy. I can tell you I ran 9mm in my S2 with 38 super mags with no problem.
  3. Guys I worked with, one drag raced a twin turbo mustang, another was a tournament bass fisherman. The money they threw at their hobby was amazing. I always point that out to the wife.
  4. Get a 10 pack direct from Wolff, lots cheaper.
  5. replace extractor spring with Xpower
  6. Get a 22 rifle bore brush. It fits in the extractor channel nicely and cleans easier and faster.
  7. I bought this one pound bag of pine resin to try for about $15. It's little crystals. It works great in the cold but does get a little sticky when it's hot out. https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Living-1LB-Powdered-Beeswax/dp/B0747TRC9L/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=pine+resin&qid=1615551886&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-9
  8. Depends on the ammo. I've had to put the original hammer spring in for Aquilla.
  9. They'll drive you nuts after a while, only in the way.
  10. you could always pop the primers out, clean the brass and reuse them if you must clean the brass. I would just resize without the decap pin and reload.
  11. Part of the fun, isn't it? I have a book for rifle and one for pistol, they both have lots of entries.
  12. Plastic/aluminum guide rod
  13. You must make sure the MBF is at a good angle, this helps gravity keep the bullets in the collator plate nice and tight. There is an adjustable plate on the front side of MBF (there is a screw underneath that makes the plate adjust). You need to set that plate so when the bullets are nose up, the base of the bullet rides along this plate. Set this adjustable plate so at the very beginning of the bullet path (red arrow), the nose up bullets ride on the plate and the nose down bullets fall off the plate. The nose down bullets will ride along the angled tooth thing and get pushed nose up on the a
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