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  1. WD40 makes a great odor free degreaser, and it's cheap.
  2. I cast my own. I found my M&P seemed to like .357 for best accuracy. My stock 2 likes .3565.
  3. I have one I use in my S2. I can run standard velocity 40 grain ( I have lots). Federals ignite nice, Aquilla not so much needs a HEAVY hammer spring. Lots of fun. Mine runs nice. Make sure it's lubed good and moves smooth.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean here. Can you please explain. Thanks
  5. I started shooting an M&P in CO when it was still not an approved division. I switched to a Stock ll and for me that was a huge improvement. There is a lot more options for grips with a steel gun. I must have gone through six different kinds of grips before the ones I am currently using. You can certainly use any number of handguns to start in CO. Good luck.
  6. I have a couple new STI (Staccato) 10 round 9mm mags with the big dimple on the side. They hold 10 rounds and have little to no give making them not very easy to reload. Has anyone found an easy solution to fix this. It looks like the first round loaded hits the dimple. I need a follower, that fits and loads the first round to the right. The next step would be to grind away a little of the dimple.
  7. Thanks for being honest. It solves the mystery. Anytime you have a jam, get distracted or have any sort of problem you need to stop and get back on track slowly. As you see, reloading is serious business. Glad you came out of it without injury. Sometimes the hardest learned lessons stick with us the longest. Good luck to you in the future.
  8. Can't go wrong with a tricked out Stock ll
  9. I'm shooting a Gold Custom V8 in 38 super. I'm in a ban state and only load 10 rounds. I don't have any problems with mixed supers. With the round limit I might not see a problem.
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