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    computers, muscle cars, shooting; I've shot some USPSA, but lately SCSA steel challenge is what I'm doing. I shoot OPN and RFPO; I also have a 65 GTO that keeps me busy.
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  1. Only a few days. Weather looks very warm with afternoon chance for thunderstorms.
  2. jrdoran

    Rimfire Rifle Build

    Thanks everyone.
  3. jrdoran

    Rimfire Rifle Build

    Anyone got pics with a Hogue stock ? Here in the people's republic of CT, we cannot have a pistol grip or thumb hole. I'm looking for steel challenge usage so lightweight is best. Currently have a Titan for benchrest shooting that I need to take off.
  4. I like the consistency of grip it enforces.
  5. Your right that you don't need to keep the ammo separate, but from some of the drama I've read ( particularly at NY airports ) often it is related to the ammo relative to the gun or mags. I just play it safe and put the ammo ( factory boxes ) into a plastic ammo box from walmart with a small lock. Putting the ammo in magazines just seems like asking for trouble even if locked in Pelican.
  6. To help bring some closure to any reading this thread, I reached out to Spirit airlines customer service and got this response;
  7. I've traveled from CT to FL and back via airlines several times (4x ) with multiple guns in a single locked hard case inside a larger regular suitcase w/o issue. Frankly, it was almost too easy. I also brought 9lbs of ammo per checked bag coming down ( including my 2 kids bags ) . Always keep ammo out of the locked gun hardcase; . This subtle constraint of 1 gun per case per customer is my question; I'll call spirit today and report back. *** Purchased my ticket last night; Ticket = $52 ; 1st bag = $30; 2nd bag = $40;
  8. jrdoran

    Traveling to Hawaii

    You could always have an FFL send your guns back home to FFL under the 5 day rule before your trip ends;
  9. I'm traveling via Spirit to a Steel match and want to bring 2 guns. Does anyone know if Spirit enforces the 1 firearm per gun case Per customer ? It is the 'per customer' part that I'm worried about. Happy to put my guns in separate locked plastic boxes and even in separate checked bags ( I'm checking 2 bags );
  10. I see some familiar names; Whose going ? I'm coming down from CT coupled with family visit. I'm shooting on Sunday;
  11. jrdoran

    New peak times spread sheet

    Ditto ! I'm also too impatient to wait for Wednesday morning recalc; FYI, I have this as a google spreadsheet and can send if anyone interested. Just email me jimdoran64@gmail.com
  12. jrdoran

    Steel Challenge 80/20 Practice Techniques?

    Truth; I'm an 'A' in RFPO and 'B' in OPN; I find that if I push hard all week with dryfire and aggressively set par times on banner training, I end up having sloppy results in a match and generally have more misses. I'm not suggesting I was doing the hyper mode or GM times, but going too fast and trying to 'make the beep' in dryfire training can definitely lead to a lack of accuracy on plate hits. I've now had this happen 3x after an aggressive week of dryfire. Good Advice to keep pars reasonable.
  13. jrdoran

    RFPO ammo??

    Anyone try the CCI .22 LR ammunition with polymer coated bullets. These CCI cartridges are loaded with 40-grain bullets traveling at a muzzle velocity of 1,235 fps. "The polymer coating of lead bullets creates a thin film of polymer on the outer surface of the bullet. It works as a lubricant and protective layer decreasing the friction between the bullet and bore and decreasing the fouling of the barrel. As mentioned above, It is also good for shooting with suppressors. According to 22plinkster, this polymer coated .22 LR ammunition decreases the fouling in the bore and in suppressors by roughly 30-40%, which means you’ll have to clean them less frequently."
  14. https://www.amazon.com/Socket-Screws-Thread-Machine-Quantity/dp/B01LYCIU46/ref=sr_1_6?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1538161024&sr=1-6&keywords=4-40+allen https://www.amazon.com/Associated-6939-4-40x1-Aluminum-Screws/dp/B014RXGFZ4/ref=sr_1_2?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1538160953&sr=1-2&keywords=4-40+allen Not sure if 1/4" is the right length; someone can confirm;
  15. jrdoran

    Practiscore for SC Practice?

    So I created the match / added classifier stages / and added a bogus shooter in RFPO division; Then entered 5 times for a stage ; review ; approve; I did not see ( iphone OS ) where it told me what percentage / class the numbers represented. Where can I see the percentage ?