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  1. Great suggestions Rob. That is the right direction I want to head. Bolt would be secondary to first moving the CG closer to the rear. Barrel is too heavy at the moment.
  2. About to purchase #19101 ( CT/NY compliant ) Need to make it a little lighter particularly off the front. I'm aware of the carbon fiber hand guard which will save 4oz; I'm not a gunsmith, but wondering, could the fluted barrel be turned down by a competent gunsmith to loose some weight w/o jeopardizing integrity ? More extreme would be the taccom aluminum shround approach after cutting barrel down to approx 5" and then 'somehow' attaching the AL sleeve. Overall weight of gun isn't bad, but it is too muzzle heavy IMO. A 1lb difference seems like what it needs. Lightening the stock at this point won't help much. ideas and experiences welcome....
  3. I'm not refering to the cheek rest; I'm asking about the foam hand guard. @TRUBL Can your foam hand guard be used on the ruger pcc to save even more? https://taccom3g.com/product/foam-handguard/
  4. @TRUBL Can your foam hand guard be used on the ruger pcc to save even more?
  5. thanks; coupled with moving the CG of the remaining weight of the total gun back closer to the shooter makes a big improvement;
  6. The ULW Handguard for Ruger PC Carbine looks great. Taccom says it weighs less than 4oz. net.net replacing the stock forearm with the carbon fiber reduces the weight by how much ? I don't have a stock forearm to weigh it.
  7. I'm in the midst of battling shooters elbow. I've been following @badchad recommendations for a few weeks but I haven't gotten relief yet. I think the problem is that I'm not pushing myself hard enough. Chad is suggesting going medium and then hard / hard to a point of repetition failure. I've be only going relatively easy and finishing all 15 reps. Kind of like 10lbs, then 20lbs on the curls / triceps. Wasn't looking to add yet another item to my daily task of 'things', but current situation is not sustainable. Pain during shooting and everyday activity. anyone else with long term progress updates ?
  8. Congrats on your recovery. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting back into it, especially in the FL heat.
  9. looks like 5.1 lbs for this model https://www.leadstararms.com/shop-firearms/9mm-pcc/
  10. No experience but read about this today; Looks cool too ! https://www.ssusa.org/articles/2019/7/14/new-pistol-caliber-carbines-from-psa-lead-star-arms/
  11. Thank you. I was lazy and should have just tried to view the SCSA results which I now did. Looks good. Understood on realtime scores.
  12. does the practiscore competitor app on my phone provide any functionality during a SCSA match ? I've not tried it, but during the SC matches, I don't ever see folks messing around with phones to view realtime scores, etc; Anyone ever try ?
  13. https://uspsa.org/viewer/pdf/SCSA_Rule_Book.pdf
  14. Some good reading on the topic here: Atlanta Arms 100gr SC load
  15. Striplin super lightweight mount on Ruger 10/22 with c-more and 8 MOA; https://striplincustom.com/collections/our-products/products/10-22-90-degree-c-more-mount +1 on Kidd single stage trigger +1 on Kidd ultra lightweight barrel https://www.kiddinnovativedesign.com/Ultra-Lightweight-Rifle_c_26.html +1 on Axiom stock;
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