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    computers, muscle cars, shooting; I've shot some USPSA, but lately SCSA steel challenge is what I'm doing. I shoot OPN and RFPO; I also have a 65 GTO that keeps me busy.
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  1. @chrsb How are the EEP-100 working out ? Have you had a chance to use them ?
  2. Is there much difference other than appearance coating between the eclipse vs competition offerings from Hiperfire ? https://www.hiperfire.com/triggers/hipertouch-family/
  3. Recently I had to remove my TG9 trigger. I started to get burst fires with multiple ammo PF loads ( soft / medium / factory ). I like the trigger ( despite overall weight ) over the stock, but it consistently started to give bursts of 2-4 shots. I probably have 7000 rounds through it.
  4. Practiscore Log is probably what you want. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/practiscore-log/id1485673674?ls=1 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.javatx.practiscore.practice_log
  5. I get very quick response from jamie@volquartsen.com in customer service;
  6. I find the stock VQ trigger too far rearward. I am changing to a tandemkross victory flat face ( Have this in my sw22 victory ) . Here is an overlay of the profiles. Yes the 2 holes at the top are lined up.
  7. I really like the routine that Thomas laid out. I do pretty much the same. Eventually consistently is more important than just a hero stage or 2 throughout a match. @Stixpassed along the pyramid style of training which I also like to have a more quantitative approach, especially when starting a new division or gun setup. The Pendulum is a classic stage that this seems to help. It identifies where you are loosing time and accuracy weaknesses. While originally designed for dryfire, it is applicable to live fire, just a bit of swapping on par time setup in the timer. Example: Accelerator Draw to plate one .75 par time Accelerator Transition one 1.03 par time Accelerator Transition two 1.48 par time Accelerator Transition three 1.93 par time Accelerator Transition four ( stop plate ) 2.38 par time Each transition is an individual drill. For pyramid training, you need to be able to see where your weaknesses are and work to fix them. I do 5 repetitions for each drill. So in Accelerator draw I do 5 repetitions to just the first plate. Then in Accelerator Transition 1 I do 5 repetitions to plate one and plate two, Accelerator Transition 2 I do 5 repetitions to plates 1,2 & 3. until I go through the entire stage. So in essence, you are doing 25 total repetitions for each stage. I only practice one to two stages a day. Over the course of the week, you are still practicing each stage.
  8. Yes, cut it off with a hacksaw and filed smooth. On my 9mm PCC it works great. New and improved c-more mounting on Scorpion. Much better balance, dot acquisition and even just plain 'looks'. I'll touch up the black paint on the on the rail mount a bit. I also did not leave the c-more riser / spacer in there.
  9. Notice the front c-more mounting hole on the mamba-x is aligned with front of trigger vs how the c-more mounts on the scorpion. This confirmed I wasn't crazy or more OCD than usual;
  10. Strategically I think I will prefer the weight and takedown of a mamba / Mark IV, but I am going to use this scorpion for a few months. I did shoot an SC match w/my sw22 victory yesterday and knocked .55 off my peak times so I'm second guessing my directions galore. I'm a c-more slide ride zealot and use 6 of them. I'm not changing at this point. My plan is to shorten the rail adapter mount allowing me to substantially move the dot rearward. The length of the mount with (3) mounting locations is overkill. I sort of did something similar on my PCC but for different reasons and a long and uninteresting story. With the mount cut in half, I would expect the c-more glass to be approximately over the trigger. I'm open to other ideas. No doubt I was hunting for the dot on the scorpion with it so far forward.
  11. Exactly. Yes; Evil hand shooter I use a small amount of tape on the left side to anchor my trigger finger outside of the guard, and I added some on the right which is visible.
  12. For those shooting the scorpion with a c-more slide ride + rail mount, I've noticed that optic ends up quite far forward. This seems not ideal for quick acquisition such as in SC. Anyone else notice that the c-more is quite far foward ?
  13. I also think we should be looking broader than just the WSSC and look at it stage by stage and throughout the year. PKs are really a stage level measurement. Agree w/Eugene that many of the shooters current class definition could be ancient history and not 2021 actual class achievements. I continue to suspect if you took the top 5% of the scores of GM, and used those as the basis, PK would in fact drop for all low ready classes.
  14. My guess is anything with low ready start + CO will have reduced Peak times. Gotta keep working harder Jamie and don't forget the lucky rug !
  15. @jt1207 Thank you. Pic appreciated. Shooting buddies tell me to use a rubber mallet to assemble / disassemble frame & upper w/o the shim to achieve tight fit. Just not comfy w/that yet.
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