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  1. We need one of these for the Ruger PCC !
  2. Is this different than the classification calculator capability on SCSA website ? https://scsa.org/calculator
  3. I have confirmed myself that the modstock ( which is gorgeous and super cool ) is 2oz lighter than the ruger synthetic ( ugly ) stock;
  4. I shoot weekly in NY and CT. I took an original ruger black synthetic stock and enlarged the barrel channel to fit my kidd ULW barrel. Total gun with c-more is 3.8lbs. The stock is just over a pound I think, I could look up the scale pic I have somewhere. It is lighter than hogue and legal in 50 states. I went down the same road and I concluded my synthetic stock or hogue;
  5. This is useful as well https://scsa.org/top20
  6. I like the improvements. https://scsa.org Good Summary: https://scsa.org/whatschanged My favorite is built in classification calculator in member resources. Shows you exactly what you need to get to next classification in terms of aggregate time improvement. this too https://scsa.org/top20
  7. Eric, this is not an AR platform. Here in CT, we can only own an AR platform if pre- 1994. Let's not have a dick measuring contest on which states are free and which aren't. I'm sold on the Ruger PCC at this point.
  8. The stock barrel with stock handguard weighs about 2.5lbs; Not a ton of meat on the bones and the handguard weighs 8oz and can be removed replaced with carbon fiber or pipe insulation. So barrel with attachment mechanism is about 2lbs; Educate me on why melonite is challenging. I'm not at all familiar with it. I think the removable tungsten weight is another interesting option, but I don't have enough experience to play around here. If one were shooting very light loads, could the weight be reduced ? replace tungsten with a steel weight ?
  9. what about lightening the bolt ? I typically run 107pf steel challenge loads. They will cycle the stock ruger ( I've tested ) but how would I pursue lightening the bolt ?
  10. Great suggestions Rob. That is the right direction I want to head. Bolt would be secondary to first moving the CG closer to the rear. Barrel is too heavy at the moment.
  11. About to purchase #19101 ( CT/NY compliant ) Need to make it a little lighter particularly off the front. I'm aware of the carbon fiber hand guard which will save 4oz; I'm not a gunsmith, but wondering, could the fluted barrel be turned down by a competent gunsmith to loose some weight w/o jeopardizing integrity ? More extreme would be the taccom aluminum shround approach after cutting barrel down to approx 5" and then 'somehow' attaching the AL sleeve. Overall weight of gun isn't bad, but it is too muzzle heavy IMO. A 1lb difference seems like what it needs. Lightening the stock at this point won't help much. ideas and experiences welcome....
  12. I'm not refering to the cheek rest; I'm asking about the foam hand guard. @TRUBL Can your foam hand guard be used on the ruger pcc to save even more? https://taccom3g.com/product/foam-handguard/
  13. @TRUBL Can your foam hand guard be used on the ruger pcc to save even more?
  14. thanks; coupled with moving the CG of the remaining weight of the total gun back closer to the shooter makes a big improvement;
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