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    computers, muscle cars, shooting; I've shot some USPSA, but lately SCSA steel challenge is what I'm doing. I shoot OPN and RFPO; I also have a 65 GTO that keeps me busy.
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  1. jrdoran

    NY compliant 10/22 stock?

    Many in NY run the Magpul x-22 stock. https://www.magpul.com/products/hunter-x-22-stock-ruger-10-22
  2. +1 agree no idea I was doing it. Along with stage video, some snap caps should help to resolve shoving it forward and down.
  3. Been shooting SCSA for 1 year. RFPO and OPN. I've had at least 4 people come up to me ( at different unrelated matches ) and tell me that when shooting the OPN gun, as the string progresses, I lean over and lunge and outstretched arms more and more with each target. Most pronounced in a fast stage like smoke and hope, but apparently I do it alot in most. I'm an A shooter in RFPO and B in OPN. I do it less in RFPO, but probably still there. OPN must border on the ridiculous and it is a no wonder my back is hurting at the end of a match. OPN times are also not improving despite alot of dryfire and matches. I recognize I want body to be like a tank turret and rotate my upper body from target to target, but not sure how to break what seems to be a bad habit. Idea, pointers ? strap a stick to my arse ? Current plan is to video myself and presumably I'll be so embarrassed by what I see that it forces change.
  4. thanks, will contact them;
  5. jrdoran

    Off season

    Holy Crap. Are you super man ? That is a heck of a daily routine.
  6. jrdoran

    SHOTMAXX-2 Timer Range Review

    I had the same question. Basically they seem to get confused and end up cycling back into the prior strings. Goes to the lack of tech savy; I don't see myself ever wanting this, but thought there might be a 'hotkey' sequence to clear it out;
  7. jrdoran

    SHOTMAXX-2 Timer Range Review

    Someone who is technically challenged asked me that they were wondering if they can clear all the strings stored before starting each day. I searched the online manual but found no way to clear out history. Any ideas ?
  8. jrdoran

    SHOTMAXX-2 Timer Range Review

    Mine still works 100% ; no issues and battery lasts quite long. I use it for practice several times a week for dryfire and also at the using the accelerometer at the indoor range. I like having it on my wrist for repeated strings and the microphone will even pick up dryfire first shot on my STI.
  9. Never been , but traveling to Albuquerque in Feb /2019. I've checked practiscore and SCSA website looking for steel challenge SCSA matches, but nothing clear and many of the website hits contain outdated calendars. Anyone got references on clubs or matches for SCSA in the Albuquerque area ?
  10. Only a few days. Weather looks very warm with afternoon chance for thunderstorms.
  11. jrdoran

    Rimfire Rifle Build

    Thanks everyone.
  12. jrdoran

    Rimfire Rifle Build

    Anyone got pics with a Hogue stock ? Here in the people's republic of CT, we cannot have a pistol grip or thumb hole. I'm looking for steel challenge usage so lightweight is best. Currently have a Titan for benchrest shooting that I need to take off.
  13. I like the consistency of grip it enforces.
  14. Your right that you don't need to keep the ammo separate, but from some of the drama I've read ( particularly at NY airports ) often it is related to the ammo relative to the gun or mags. I just play it safe and put the ammo ( factory boxes ) into a plastic ammo box from walmart with a small lock. Putting the ammo in magazines just seems like asking for trouble even if locked in Pelican.
  15. To help bring some closure to any reading this thread, I reached out to Spirit airlines customer service and got this response;