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  1. So I finished. An amazing amount of lead buildup was in the barrel. I ended up using a drill on the socket extension. There was always a slurry of oil in the barrel. In the end, I could see the bottom of the barrel where the shroud mates and it was clean. At no time did the socket touch the crown. It was a messy affair w/oil and black sheet spilling out of barrel and out of socket when I'd remove to check. I wore gloves given all the lead. I'm hoping that if I do this 1x/month it will be easier next time. I wouldn't change a thing on the size dimensions of the 1/2" socket
  2. So, I'm not finished, but I can tell you the socket went in fine ( not too tight ) but clearly hit debris about 3" from the muzzle inside the shroud. I am using a generous amount of CLP oil also; After 10 min of turning / pulling out and cleaning by hand, I'm still 2" from the muzzle. It is working perfectly at removing crud ( lead , carbon ) from the .22 shroud. Far more than I expected, but I do shoot non coated CCI SV.
  3. Outstanding Job. Good for you for putting in the effort and strength it takes to shoot. Good inspiration for us all.
  4. I can confirm that my .22 shrouded barrel has some lead buildup at the exit of the barrel into the shroud ( can see with flashlight ) . I used an older 1/2" craftsman socket which fits nicely into the wiland barrel to make a cutter. Took 60 seconds to make; I'll use it by hand this evening and report back. I do shoot bare lead CCI standard velocity in .22; My 9mm which only shoots JHP and plated has no buildup that I can see ( carbin around inside yes ) but no buildup;
  5. So I've heard conflicting points of view on if 2021 SC Peak times will change ? While there has been several new world records recently set, they only represent a small percentage of the overall shooters is one PoV; Another is that due to COVID, this year should carry forward given the fewer number of matches held. On the other hand, GM should represent the elite of the sport, and those in that category have certainly lowered the times. What do you think ?
  6. I'm trying to close in on GM before the inevitable peak time revisions in 2021. I don't have access to a range that has stages already setup. I do have dryfire banners. Speed Option is one stage that seems consistently across my divisions to be one that I can improve. I have the flat open space in my yard to setup stages. I am contemplating a trip to home depot to retrieve wood & pvc to make a full size stage to dryfire practice for the next 2 weeks. I am focused on PCCO and RFRO neither of which has recoil considerations. I believe @stick might have
  7. https://practiscore.com/results/html/4b2ee83e-969c-4644-99be-dfefa4ef0ba0?page=matchCombined https://practiscore.com/results/html/4b2ee83e-969c-4644-99be-dfefa4ef0ba0
  8. I've used https://www.personalabs.com for 4 of my last blood tests to check lead levels. They send the request into quest or whatever lab you want to use. Same exact facility my doctor was sending me. Why pay the doctor to get a lab request and then interpret the results which quest does a great job at showing the results. You can also find coupons online usually. Just my .02 Just looked, here is a 20% off GOODSHOP20
  9. My experience is much like Steve's. Via practiscore the number of guns are limited in the squad. Most of the people who shoot 2 guns are experienced and help move things along. While there are lots of reasons a squad can be slow, what is frustrating is when our squad is moving along and then 'blocked' on the next stage by a squad that has 1 painter or inefficient in shooter swaps.
  10. I'll measure mine, but I wanted it <2.5lbs and after 3x VQ got it right. I just don't remember the exact pull weight. Out of the box it was closer to +3lb I run light ammo but have had zero issues.
  11. Ready to go bang ! Still 1lb too heavy.
  12. I'll weigh it and post a pic when I get home. Keep in mind the VQ TG9 trigger is double the weight of the stock ruger trigger housing ( 3.6oz vs 7oz ) as it is made from Aluminum. I also run a rather heavy c-more slide ride. -The barrel was shrounded by wilandusa and is very light given 5" of original barrel is all that remains. The housing inside the receiver to mate the removable barrel is what I'd luv to get rid of as it is heavy. - The chassis is from infinitech. I had the ruger receiver and chassis glass beaded to make it silver instead of black - Th
  13. I use mine in steel challenge and it is great. super reliable. It runs every ammo and I'm currently down around 70pf for steel. Happy with the TG9 trigger after VQ got it right ( 3 tries ) and the best mod was cutting the barrel at 5 inches and shrouding out to 16 inches to take a ton of weight off.
  14. I would take this a step further to say that the trend is accelerating towards rifles faster than even the trend to RF. Here is the upcoming NJ state steel championship ( alot of good shooters ) Notice how many RFRx / PCCx https://www.obsteelchallenge.com/nj-state-2020-squad-assignment
  15. Steve, I'm not doubting that people are making the choice at the local level. The big trend in SCSA however has been in play however long before 2020. You shoot good enough that CF and RF your at the top of the list regardless.
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