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  1. I shoot OPN, RFPO, & RFRO in SC. I am fastest with RFRO by a small margin over RFPO. I'm curious why the peak times for RFRO ( rifle ) are higher / slower than the times for RFPO ( pistol ). We're not talking about alot of difference, but I would have thought it was the opposite with Rifle having lower / faster peak times. Also the young guns 14-26yo girls / boys tend to start with RFRO and they are amazingly fast. thoughts ? Peak Stage Times Division SC-101 SC-102 SC-103 SC-104 SC-105 SC-106 SC-107 SC-108 CO Carry Optics 13.0 10.0 10.0 14.0 11.0 13.0 13.0 10.0 ISR Iron Sight Revolver 13.5 12.0 10.5 15.0 13.0 14.0 14.0 11.0 LTD Limited 12.5 9.5 9.5 13.5 10.5 12.5 12.5 9.5 OPN Open 11.5 9.5 8.5 12.5 10.5 11.5 11.5 8.5 OSR Optical Sight Revolver 12.0 10.5 10.0 14.0 13.5 13.5 12.5 10.5 PCCI PCC Iron 11.5 9.0 8.5 12.5 10.0 11.5 11.0 9.0 PCCO PCC Optics 10.5 8.0 7.0 11.5 9.0 10.0 10.0 8.0 PROD Production 13.0 10.0 10.0 14.0 11.5 13.0 13.0 10.0 RFPI Rimfire Pistol Iron 10.5 9.0 8.0 13.0 9.5 11.5 11.0 8.5 RFPO Rimfire Pistol Open 9.0 7.5 7.0 11.5 8.5 9.5 10.0 7.5 RFRI Rimfire Rifle Iron 11.0 8.5 8.0 12.5 9.5 11.0 10.5 8.5 RFRO Rimfire Rifle Open 10.5 7.5 7.0 11.5 9.0 9.5 9.5 7.5 SS Single Stack 13.5 10.5 10.5 14.5 11.5 13.5 13.5 10.5
  2. my .02 Getting a slide racker isn't the answer, it is treating the symptom. If one has to use a racker while running time in steel challenge, then you already have thrown the stage. This is true for CF or RF. I don't have any answers to help you with the Buckmark cycling ( I use a sw22 victory ) but getting the gun to run reliably is the right answer. Sure a racker will make things more comfortable especially for the boy between mag changes, make ready, show clear.
  3. Flight went great and I packaged 2 firearms in the same locked container and in the same larger unmarked suitcase. I didn't tell them and there was no issue nor did they ask. I also had 15lbs of ammo each ( total 30 ) in 2 separate bags. Only thing I noticed was I had 3 boxes of CCI patriot pack .22LR in unopened original bulk cardboard boxes. The ammo was apparently opened and retaped with tape from the inspection. I should have known they don't like bulk ammo in boxes. It wasn't an issue, I just noticed that all 3 boxes were opened and resealed. My 9mm individually boxed ammo was fine.
  4. direct link http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/nra/ssusa_201904/index.php#/20
  5. I shoot both and don't have any issues in sw22 victory or my 10/22. The patriot pack is probably the most common ammo I see these days amongst steel challenge and steel plate shooters. I've shot clean sub-sonic and high velocity without issue. I do still find the cci standard velocity just a tad bit tighter groups.
  6. Yes, I went with the Cheeley Cmore Horizontal Setback Scope Mount and it was a game changer at eliminating stovepipe issues. I also dropped the recoil spring to 7lbs via a standard wolf spring. I literally run almost any ammo in the gun regularly. My normal load is atlanta arms 100gr at about 105 power factor.
  7. Yes, I have shot both the sub-sonic and the high velocity. In my SW22 victory with volquartsen carbon fiber barrel the regular standard velocity non-coated lead were the most accurate at 50 feet, but the coated were reasonable groups. The high velocity ( red ) shoot just fine in my 10/22 with less 'mess' What I like most about the coated is in the colder weather they don't gum up the magazines or feed ramps given they have no wax. They are a slightly different bullet shape BY THE WAY than the previous red/white/blue coated offering. They are also packaged individually like typical mini mags. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/cci-clean-22-lr-hv-ammo-40-grain-red-polymer-coated-944cc-p-109069.aspx https://www.targetsportsusa.com/cci-clean-22-long-rifle-subsonic-ammo-40-grain-poly-coated-blue-lrn-934cc-p-109092.aspx
  8. https://www.cci-ammunition.com/whatsnew/newproducts.aspx The future of rimfire is here. CCI Clean-22™ uses an exclusive polymer bullet coating to greatly reduce copper and lead fouling in the barrel—without leaving a residue. It also cuts lead buildup in suppressors 60 to 80 percent. Both the Sub-Sonic and High Velocity loads feature a 40-grain round nose lead bullet with geometry that's been optimized for accuracy. With dependable CCI priming and consistent propellant, Clean-22 provides flawless cycling through semi-automatics and all 22 LR firearms. FEATURES & BENEFITS • Polymer bullet coating greatly reduces lead fouling in the barrel without leaving residue • Cuts lead buildup in suppressors 60 to 80 percent • 40-grain lead round nose bullets—red for High Velocity, blue for Sub-Sonic • Optimized bullet geometry for improved accuracy • Reliable function in semi-automatic firearms • Great option both casual and competitive shooters
  9. I use CCI standard velocity for RFPO; Might move to the new 'clean' coated standard velocity.
  10. Good Question. I'm on the fence about this set which includes the new 3.0 frame which is supposed to have thinner temples for better hearing protection and comfort. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1093486133759/oakley-si-ballistic-m-frame-30-shooting-glasses
  11. TomV and I shoot together. We've been doing some 25 yard accuracy / grouping tests ( off a bench rest ) with the Atlanta Arms 100gr and it appears that it isn't great. We really like the soft shooting characteristics, but when compared to other handloads or even box stock CCI Blazer, grouping consistency is less than desired. This was verified in both STI DVC Steel and Limcat steelcat guns on 2 separate occasions , multiple magazines, and with completely different Atlanta ammo boxes. We're steel challenge shooters, so at closer distances it won't be as drastic, but still something that bothers me. At 25 yards, it wasn't uncommon to have 4 rounds out of 10 not even get on paper with an 8" target. Very difficult to get a tight grouping. We were able to repeat this many times. In contrast, we were able to get 2-3" groupings with other ammo. Not concerned it if had a different POA than other ammo, but the lack of consistency in groupings is what we noticed. Any theories why there would be less consistency with this ammo ?
  12. Many in NY run the Magpul x-22 stock. https://www.magpul.com/products/hunter-x-22-stock-ruger-10-22
  13. +1 agree no idea I was doing it. Along with stage video, some snap caps should help to resolve shoving it forward and down.
  14. Been shooting SCSA for 1 year. RFPO and OPN. I've had at least 4 people come up to me ( at different unrelated matches ) and tell me that when shooting the OPN gun, as the string progresses, I lean over and lunge and outstretched arms more and more with each target. Most pronounced in a fast stage like smoke and hope, but apparently I do it alot in most. I'm an A shooter in RFPO and B in OPN. I do it less in RFPO, but probably still there. OPN must border on the ridiculous and it is a no wonder my back is hurting at the end of a match. OPN times are also not improving despite alot of dryfire and matches. I recognize I want body to be like a tank turret and rotate my upper body from target to target, but not sure how to break what seems to be a bad habit. Idea, pointers ? strap a stick to my arse ? Current plan is to video myself and presumably I'll be so embarrassed by what I see that it forces change.
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