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  1. jrdoran

    Open Gun Pictures

    My new CK Arms Thunder Open in 9mm
  2. I installed the IDE on my mac. Worked pretty well and simple. I looked at some of the app code here https://github.com/SolemnScribe/arduino-shot-timer/blob/master/ShotTimer/ShotTimer.ino Looks like C code, but not a big deal. I'm not a huge ipad user, but given you might need to 'author' content, I'd want a full laptop. Also for SSH remote access and terminal access. Are you asking if there is a shot timer iphone app already ? Yes there are several;
  3. I’m a python developer and know Linux pretty good. How can I help??
  4. jrdoran

    Steel matches ?

    I tend to agree that a light gun is better for steel, but this debate seems to one of personal choice. I find lots of folks wanting heavier open guns even to use in steel matches. I personally would think a lighter gun is better in both steel and USPSA, but I have no actual data to back this up.
  5. jrdoran

    Mailing ammo to yourself for matches

    Southwest Airlines When checking ammunition, Customers are limited to 11 pounds gross weight (ammunition plus container) per person. I have seen the same statement from others ( except Alaska ); Is it per person or per checked bag ?
  6. jrdoran

    Watch timer SHOTMAXX-2

    Use my Shotmaxx 2 for live fire in our group of 5 on steel plate training and it works great. I like that I can recall prior strings. I also use it for dryfire. The accelerometer and microphone pickups allow you to use it even in a noisy range with people shooting in the very next bay. The unit is just as professional, accurate and more function than any of the traditional bricks. When training alone, it is great on your wrist instead of belt. Battery life is great. Have yet to run out during a session, and I just charge via usb in house or car. There are a bunch of youtube videos you can watch.
  7. jrdoran

    Shoes for competition

    Do the Solomon's keep out sand and grit ? Many of the ranges here have alot of fine sand that seems to work its way in constantly.
  8. jrdoran

    Draw speed

    I have the SHOTMAXX-2 watch timer and it will pickup the dryfire initial trigger pull. Using this you could set the par for the second target time and then get the time for the first target trigger pull.
  9. jrdoran

    Travel with PCC

    Average 9mm Luger round: Rounds per pound ~ 38.10rds. Weight per 100 rounds ~ 2.63lbs Approximately 400 rounds = 11 lbs; I haven't tested this whether it holds true for 115 vs 124 vs 147; By the way, this is per PERSON so others traveling with you even without guns can each bring 11lbs of ammunition in checked bags.
  10. jrdoran

    Shooting glasses over regular glasses?

    They look pretty good; Any discomfort from hearing protection as they seem a little thick on the sides that go over ears.
  11. Ended up buying casters at home depot that lock not only wheel, but also caster rotation. I'll post a pic later, but had to make a base for the wheels, but overall worked out OK; Also lengthening the reset arm so less force required helped alot;
  12. jrdoran

    New Guy from CT

    @JayTac556 I'm from the New Milford, CT ( Litchfield County ) area. @Youngeyes Small world. We're close by.
  13. jrdoran

    Aftermarket Super Grips for 2011

    Thanks Sarge; I'll PM you on the info for the painted grip; Does anyone know if the grips on extreme shooters are in fact modified ( aside from graphics ) or are they just identical to the STI grips just painted ?