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  1. I’ve always just purchased small sheets of talon grip tape. No clue of the grit. It’s pretty fine but bites hard
  2. It works but what would be the point?
  3. What type of finish are you wanting?
  4. Nope but any small rifle primer would work. I just use the 450s to help lower the SD. That load in my ballistic advantage barrel will shoot a little bug hole all day
  5. 25 grains of varget CCI 450 primer Lake city brass
  6. They make an adapter for handguns. I made one to hold it and rest the gun behind it. Just for when my regular chrono goes out
  7. I agree with going Dan Wesson. Fit and finish is great, already has a decent trigger. Add a magwell and you’re ready for a match
  8. Dry fire reloads will keep it and anything you put on it cleaned off
  9. Or you could change up the classic scenario of two targets stacked with a no shoot sandwiched in the middle of them and hard cover ever thing but the head on the shoot targets
  10. I hate to hear about all your troubles, although it’s nice to know it all went your way. I believe you can arrange pick up of a package st your home or office from fedex. In the past I’ve just left it on the porch when I leave for work just like they do when they drop them off.
  11. I don’t know anything about trimming on a Dillion , however I do know that the Giraud trimmer is worth every cent. Trim, chamfer, and deburr all in one step . I did 800 6.5x47L cases the other night in about thirty minutes
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