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  1. mwray

    1911 sear and hammer jigs?

    You can achieve a safe 1.5# pull with a 19lb MS with little to no stone work
  2. mwray

    1911 sear and hammer jigs?

    The Chuck Warner TR jig is my fav
  3. mwray

    9mm light loads

    Titegroup is filthy! Try some n320 behind 135’s for soft and clean
  4. mwray

    How much flattening is ok?

    When you start punching holes in the primer you have gone too far
  5. mwray

    Remington 1911 needs trigger work

    EGW all the way
  6. mwray

    Brass Catcher for practice?

    I was thinking earlier this evening that someone needs to make a brass catcher bag for open guns like they make for an AR.
  7. mwray

    entery level bolt gun

    That’s all a Bergara is
  8. mwray

    Gibbz Arms bolt modification

    That’s awesome!! Most of my friends I help with their junk hardly say thanks!
  9. It seems that PCC has already done enough damage to the sport, so why make it worse?
  10. I thought it was the same powder already.
  11. mwray

    Single stack mag pouch question

    Yes one mag per pouch , not all mags in like a dump pouch. Each mag needs its own hole to rest in
  12. mwray

    Starting Position "standing in box"

    I can’t state a rule on this because I’ve never thought about it. I do know that if you have a foot on the ground outside the fault line you are faulting and get a procedural for each shot fired. So I guess that rule works in reverse too? If the RM says it’s cool you have to live with it for that match. I think you did the correctly as you should, aslong as the shooter kept it civil. It should’ve been declared in the WSB if this was a wrong move.
  13. mwray

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    I started shooting SS about two years ago. It’s by far the most enjoyable and rewarding division I’ve shot yet.
  14. Yes very sad. Maybe someone in the center of the country will try to have one similar every year.