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  1. mwray

    Chinese soloman shoes

    I thought all salomons were from China
  2. mwray

    How many stages is your local?

    Usually six stages in Alabama
  3. mwray

    Footwear options for 2018

    Okay so I tried the hellcats and I will no longer be buying salomons.
  4. mwray

    local club says I can't shoot Appendix.

    Why did the RO let you shoot 3 stages before he decided it wasn’t okay with him? What was different?
  5. mwray

    Self stopping

    It was the best solution I seen at the time. Once I ran a guy that was completely deaf. He brought his wife to translate ALS and he asked for the timer to be lifted off his shoulder as I hit the beep. Oddly enough he wanted me to slap his shoulder if I needed to stop him. The people that shoot this sport never cease to amaze me
  6. mwray

    Self stopping

    What if the shooter is practically deaf before adding hearing protection and asked to be tapped on the shoulder simultaneously with the beep. Is that considered to be a legal action?
  7. mwray

    Self stopping

    Oh the rules must always be enforced, but the approach of applying them on the shooter is the tricky part. Seems to work best getting them to admit to guilt with an audience.
  8. mwray

    Self stopping

    Usually if I reach the 4 second mark and the shooter still doesn’t have their crap together I will stop everything and start over slowly
  9. mwray

    Self stopping

    Sarge. Well how is it fair to everyone else that the slacker on their squad creates problems and headaches for all of them all day? That’s kinda like supporting these fools that want to burn down their city even though they are too lazy to work. And then want the rest of the hard working citizens to fix the town back like it was. I get that nothing in life is fair. Isn’t it nice tho when you are honest and straight forward with LEO’s and they use common sense to help you in your situation? Or do you prefer them to be a dick and enforce every possible violation they think of on you?
  10. mwray

    Self stopping

    Maybe it makes me a bad RO and I should turn in my cards. All officials for everything are more successful and sought after if they are honest fair and use common sense as much as possible
  11. mwray

    Self stopping

    I kinda see where you’re coming from. If the shooter hasn’t fired a shot or broke his feet why not let them start over for whatever reason. Now if the guy has been a no pasting douche all day then go full hardass on him.
  12. Yeah me neither. It’s easier to just ask them what division when they step up to the line
  13. If they use words like “ I refuse” the gentle approach has sailed
  14. The grease ring means nothing. Has nothing to do with the scoring hit of the shot fired. The zip tie is a very useful tool that helps safe time safely
  15. mwray

    Footwear options for 2018

    How does the Boombah sizes run compared to Salomon?