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  1. When the classifier WSB calls for weak shoulder is the shooter required to use weak hand trigger finger or can he use weak shoulder with strong hand trigger finger?
  2. dubltap

    SAR B6

    Will the CZ 75 extended magazine release and/or a CZ replacement trigger fit this gun? SAR B6 all steel FS 9mm
  3. Prior to receiving my USPSA CRO certification last fall I was a USPSA certified RO & Multi-Gun RO. After receiving my CRO credentials I, somehow, am no longer listed as a Multi-Gun RO on my USPSA profile page. What happened to my Multi-Gun RO status? Also, what is required to be a 3gun Nation RO?
  4. anybody know which 3gun rules they are going to use at Sparta this year? particularly interested in requirements for "Heavy Metal" rifle. thank you,
  5. dubltap


    Would a .357 cal. that makes or exceeds the major power factor floor acceptable for ESR? Thank you,
  6. without a doubt, I would be double plugged my concern would be about follow up shots...with a good muzzle brake (miculek, coolie, etc.) has your experience been that you can get on target quickly, the second time around? also, the weight of the gun (8.95lbs) do you feel you can manuever the rifle from target to target, ie. 3gun?
  7. Thinking about buying a DPMS RFLR-REC 16" barrel in .308 Any negative experiences on excessive muzzle blast????
  8. At the Indiana Sectional Match, this past weekend, the RO instructed me to "make ready", which was "gun loaded and holstered, hands hanging naturally at sides". After doing so the, "are you ready/standby" command was given, at this time, the fingers of my gun hand were directly below my holster/muzzle. After I had shot the stage, without incident, and my squad was walking to the next stage an RO, who observed my "gun hand fingers" directly under my holstered gun informed me that this was a DQ infraction per rule 10.5.5 and I changed my hand position for the rest of the match but, later that day, I reviewed the rule that was cited to me and in my opinion the last sentence of rule says (paraphrasing) you can not sweep yourself with a holstered gun. Anyone else have this happen to them? What do you think?
  9. How often does IDPA HQ post qualifier results?
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