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  1. I didn't think about gunbroker for some reason. Though the shipping and tax eats some of the discount.
  2. You may need to show me a link. All the pistols on their website start at 2200 or more. Edit: May have been unclear on my part, but my budget for this was more in the 1500-2000 range, not the other 4500 number - I'd only spend that if I was a serious competitor.
  3. Eh, yeah. I thought I was pretty up front about that. I get bored and shop. Good advice. Just filling time here.
  4. I assumed LB was grossly more expensive than my budget.
  5. Oh man, I ignored that one because it was from May! I like shopping and tinkering. I can do it while killing time at work. I am under no misunderstandings that a 20,000$ gun will somehow make me a better shooter than a 300$ gun. I just like messing with them. I also don't have as much time to practice as I'd like sadly. We just moved, and getting to a range has proven very hard.
  6. Went through and checked, did you mean this post? It's closed, unfortunately!
  7. Absolutely, my questions are all over the page - I sat down and figured out that I have great guns for literally every division, so buying any type of gun would be pointless, other than SS or Revolver So I settled on a SS just if I want to buy something. I do not reload. I considered it, but probably don't have the time or space to get into it right now (and gunpowder + a 5 year old is a bad plan).
  8. I just meant from a price perspective - DW or SigMax?
  9. What about when compared to something like a Dan Wesson for 1500-1600?
  10. I'd really like to avoid smithing, honestly. I haven't had great luck with it locally, and I'm still cranky. I'd prefer to just buy-and-go.
  11. With other divisions people say it's worth shooting 40 for major. Is the 45/9 difference worth considering in single stack? Doesn't look like Atlas is making single stacks any more. None in the buy now or order now group, and the custom section only lists open/limited. Heck, I don't think the Trojan is made anymore either, is it?
  12. Looking through my list of junk, I've got a gun for almost any division except single stack. I've also been looking for any excuse to buy a new gun, so I thought I'd settle on SS division as a 'fill in a need' even if I doubt I'll ever get around to shooting SS. So what should I grab (I'll fill out the tons of mags, pouches, and non-race holster later)? I could spend 1000$ and be quite happy. I could spend 1500 or 2000 and be a little cranky, but probably manage. I'm just assuming I should go with .45 AARP since, well, single stack. No reason to mess with .40 SW. Normally I'm a 9 fan, but unless I misread the rules, that's a no? I'm not overly worried about major/minor PF scoring since I figure I'll suck either way. I see Dawson has a Staccato C for around 1500, but I'm assuming it's out of the category for too short a barrel (listed as 3.9 inches). Edit: Sorry, forgot: I'd like to avoid buying a cheap pistol and dropping 2k in smithing fees. I'm not against turning a screwdriver to swap out drop in components, but I don't want to tune or pay for tune, including driving in new sights right now.
  13. Do those come in something aside from stainless? I haven't seen them.
  14. I think so. I have a nice CZ, and would like to add in a 1911 or 2011 for some division. I'm told single stack is dead locally, so prod/limited?
  15. I just worked a ton of OT and got a refund from some other stuff. All told it's poking around 4500 left in the 'gun fun' bucket. And really I'd only like to spend a portion of that anyway. I don't think I can afford a true 'custom' 1911, and I know for sure it would be a wasted value on me. If I wanted to spend 1500 or so, what would I look for? It'll be a fun, range, maybe try USPSA single stack or something (unless someone has a double stack suggestion I guess). Dan Wessons get good reviews, but the lower entry level vigil has an aluminum frame, and I'm not sure about that. Meanwhile the higher tier guns seem to start around 2000$ I'm open to single/double stacks, and 45 or 9. I know the Springfields get good reviews, I was just curious about buying a better gun instead. Edit: I found Dawson Precision has STI Edges for 2k. So let's use 2k as a better base line?
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