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  1. Coastalshooter

    CJ Maven

    Is CJ using Stock parts and cleaning them up, or is he using his own parts? CGW? Thanks
  2. I was a bit early for the Veterans Day sale, but got both barrels anyway! Tiff has been great and very helpful
  3. Race Shop, its a scaled down version of the Race Ready. You can choose the options you want in place of getting all of them.
  4. Making the leap from SS to Limited Major. I am super amped to get it and trying to wait patiently
  5. New MD here as well. Mine is a monthly indoor match, 4 stages, in SC. I do most of it myself, but have been shooting horribly in my own match, NO focus
  6. 8 in one stage for me....sad part, I designed the stage! I am new to running a match, not quite up to the task of MD/Shooter yet
  7. I'm at about 8k right now, she could prob use a bath
  8. Late to the game...LOK palm swell on right side and normal on left...best combo
  9. I am going to do an all classifier indoor match on 9/30, prob 4-5 classifiers on a Monday night in CHS
  10. I have 6 if them, but have taken them off and no longer use them. They allow over insertion and jam up the pistol after semi aggressive reload.
  11. Thanks All, after much head-scratching and following what a couple of you said, I checked and I have the old screw location after all. Grips ordered!
  12. Hey Y'all, Jeff from Charleston, SC. Been shooting since young, but just starting to get interested in competitions. Picked up a Tanfo Stock 2 and have been dialing it in to my liking, also ordered a SP01 Shadow from CGW to round out my comp pistols. My first match will be in a couple weeks and they only thing I want to accomplish is getting it under my belt without embarrassing myself too much!!
  13. Any one have a lead on Grips for a Stock 2 with the 2018 Grip screw location? I had no luck with Henning or LOK. I am looking for moderately aggressive, but thinner than stock. Thanks in Advance!
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