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  1. I have played with most variations of the 320, shot most in matches, but this one is something special. Trigger is not quite amazing, reset is a little long for my taste, but crisp at 3lbs out of the box. Grip fits me very well, feels like a slightly narrower p229. I suspect this will be pretty damn popular.
  2. I have same mag set up(springer pads and CZC follower and 10 coil spring), Max OAL with coated round nose is 1.130, any longer gives me FTF issues
  3. When I moved from SS to Limited, I jumped naturally to a 2011. I have been shooting it for almost a year, and I am just not jiving with the gun. It does not run as consistently as my SS did. My splits are slower and the gun feels sluggish on transition.
  4. Monthly indoor match... do you thing using nothing but minis for the entree match too much?
  5. Any one have issues with it binding? The grip safety seems to catch about halfway depressed and won't dress completely. I don't see any burrs hanging it up?? I am going to pin it to resolve, but seems weird to me
  6. I have a 7lb in my Wilson with ETM mags, no issues. 130ish PF 1.10 OAL 147 BB round nose When running 8lb, I would occasionally not go to slide lock
  7. SP01 shadow feels much better to me than the S2
  8. Coastalshooter

    2011 to TSO

    Looked for a reasonably current thread discussing this but could find anything relevant Thinking of switching from 2011 to TSO, started in production with SP01 Shadow, then moved to SS minor. I just can't become one with the 2011. Anyone do this and regret the choice?
  9. Coastalshooter

    CJ Maven

    Is CJ using Stock parts and cleaning them up, or is he using his own parts? CGW? Thanks
  10. I was a bit early for the Veterans Day sale, but got both barrels anyway! Tiff has been great and very helpful
  11. Race Shop, its a scaled down version of the Race Ready. You can choose the options you want in place of getting all of them.
  12. Making the leap from SS to Limited Major. I am super amped to get it and trying to wait patiently
  13. New MD here as well. Mine is a monthly indoor match, 4 stages, in SC. I do most of it myself, but have been shooting horribly in my own match, NO focus
  14. 8 in one stage for me....sad part, I designed the stage! I am new to running a match, not quite up to the task of MD/Shooter yet
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