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  1. I’m just one of those people who likes different stuff for the sake of novelty. Carry wise I truck around a government anyway. I had read a couple places that different variations tend to be less reliable but hadn’t been able to find anything on this one. Plus I can run the upper on a frame I already have so wouldn’t cost a complete fortune.
  2. Would putting an officer slide with a 4 inch bull barrel on a government frame work? Other than being incredibly ugly is there anything that prevents it functioning?
  3. As someone new to competitions I have to assume everyone gets instantly humbled like I did. The local guys have been super helpful in teaching the sport and giving useful tips. The only time it isn’t welcome is the guy who chases you around while you pick up your mags and tries to tell you everything you could have done better. To that guy I want your advice but give me 30 seconds to collect my mags and thoughts.
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