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  1. OK guys, Need a little help, Im looking at maybe doing a trade for a Magnum research 1911 G pistol. I have never owned / or shot of their 1911, Has anyone here owned or shot one of these? Would like to find out some pros and cons of it before I go for a trade. I do own 1911, Springfield, Para , and so forth, Just need a little info on the Magnum Research 1911! Thanks Jeff
  2. For 200gr SWC ,My go to bullet is the Missouri 200gr SWC ,both coated and uncoated over 5.4 grs unique ,Both are very accurate out of both my Springfield Stainless and Para Ordinance Elite. Cant remember OAL But never any trouble out of either gun with SWC. The Extreme and Rainier SWC are a different story! I also like the groove less SWC by Missouri. Either one I use is on the Brinell hardness scale at 18 .
  3. I use Missouri bullets ! I was asking about falcon, because I seen them online. In fact just ordered 1000 of Missouri IDP#1 200gr semi wadcutter I prefer the their uncoated bullets and they do have the blue lube. I've shot 1000s of these never a problem with leading ! Don't know if falcons blue lube is the same as Missouri But it doesn't cause a problem for me. Just saying . Thanks for the reply though Jeff
  4. WTF ! Didn't need a lecture! Just asked a simple question!
  5. Just wondering if anyone has tried these bullets from Falcon bullet company ? Thinking of giving them a try!
  6. Thanks Guys! I was pretty sure they would be fine, But just wanted to get a few opinions here!
  7. Just wanted to chime in. I went to PA for vacation. Don't know if anyone here remembers the pin shoot in Topton PA, I shot it twice before they shut down! But I got a chance to go by Randy Hollowbush gun shop, Got to talk with Randy a bit about the good days of pin shooting, He told me that the New Pin shoot in Michigan , is like the ones he use to oversee but some rules are the same but different format and some new rules Hopefully , If the stars are right for me next year, I can be there at the Pin Shoot in Michigan !
  8. Got a question concerning some .356 bullets I have , They were originally for 38 super, But now that I do not have the super anymore, I'm wanting to use them in 9mm ! My question is, Will I have any worries with the diameter being .356, When 9mm is .355? I'm 95% sure, That I know the answer, But wanted to ask here and see what pros and cons there were to using this bullet in 9mm. BTW the load will be for a G17, suppressed and will be loaded to subsonic levels. also these bullets are FMJ and not plated 130gr! Thanks for all and any info Jeff
  9. Now I can take my pin gun out of mothballs ! I been looking for a good pin match. 'Can anyone tell me of any local pin matches here in SC or NC? Would like to find something local for warm ups for the big one!
  10. Thanks for all the info guys. will check it out!
  11. Going for a vacation in Easton PA , visiting wife's family! Anyone know of any good ranges to shoot at in the area? I will be in and around the Easton, Kutztown area! Any info would be appreciated! Thanks Jeff
  12. Thanks Sarge, I will do that ! 9X45 The bullet diameter Im using is .355 and its in all makes of brass I use ,but the worst is speer !
  13. Sarge, Thanks for the reply! I have always set my dies in the way you describe, and every time I reload, I have always used the edge of my bench to check for any setback! I don't reload as much as I did when I was shooting several matches a year, But the problem has just shown up in the past few months. I have noticed that speer brass seems to give more of a problem with setback than other brass! So for the past 2 months I have been culling those out in a separate bucket. Now that I know the problem is the Dillon die, I will use my lee, and use the speer ! Sarge, One question, I'm using my older Lee sizing die ,But it is not long enough to get it locking collar on it to lock it down securely . Does the Lee U die have a longer body than the regular Lee sizing die? Thanks Jeff
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