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  1. Thanks for all the info guys. will check it out!
  2. Going for a vacation in Easton PA , visiting wife's family! Anyone know of any good ranges to shoot at in the area? I will be in and around the Easton, Kutztown area! Any info would be appreciated! Thanks Jeff
  3. Thanks Sarge, I will do that ! 9X45 The bullet diameter Im using is .355 and its in all makes of brass I use ,but the worst is speer !
  4. Sarge, Thanks for the reply! I have always set my dies in the way you describe, and every time I reload, I have always used the edge of my bench to check for any setback! I don't reload as much as I did when I was shooting several matches a year, But the problem has just shown up in the past few months. I have noticed that speer brass seems to give more of a problem with setback than other brass! So for the past 2 months I have been culling those out in a separate bucket. Now that I know the problem is the Dillon die, I will use my lee, and use the speer ! Sarge, One question, I'm using my older Lee sizing die ,But it is not long enough to get it locking collar on it to lock it down securely . Does the Lee U die have a longer body than the regular Lee sizing die? Thanks Jeff
  5. I've had my 550 since 2001 I have loaded thousands of rounds on it, using the Dillon factory 9mm die set! Had no problems, in all those years, until about 3 weeks ago, Out of 200 rounds, about half were not usable, I could take the round ,push it against the table top and the bullet would sink into the case. I have never had this problem before! I took out the sizing die first ,inspected it, cleaned it and readjusted it . And proceeded to go through the other dies one at a time and readjusted each one, still had rounds that could be pushed deeper in the case! I pulled the bullets, and check crimp, crimp was ok, just removing the bell on the case. So then I sized a few cases, took them out, after only sizing and found that neck tension was not what it should be. (bad brass)? Took some new unisized brass and sized them only, same thing , neck tension was not good in about half the cases Well I gave Dillon a call, explained what the problem was ,and that I had inspected, cleaned and readjusted all the dies. I told him that everything I tried I couldn't get consistent neck tension, and that I have never had this problem. He had me hold for a couple minutes and when he got back to me, He told me that the Dillon sizing die is only good for about 100,000 rounds then its wore out.. I asked him will carbide wear out , he said in the Dillon die it will. It hard for me to believe that , But I'm having the trouble with the Dillon die ! BTW I put my lee carbide sizer in the 550 and in 200 rounds loaded, not one was rejected for setback. Can anyone tell me if they have had this problem and what may be the cause
  6. Its happy reloading now, Just score 4 lbs. of N330. I know it higher than any other powder I use, But its been while since I've had the good stuff!
  7. If your really worried about under charging or and over charge, try N330, I think it is the best powder for 9mm. It works very well with 9mm ! My go to load, 3.5grs , under a extreme 147gr bullet, Use to be the Rem 147gr match FP till they got so expensive. worked very well for me!
  8. It is the same! N330 is my exclusive 9mm powder! Go for it and be happy! N330 was designed as "THE" 9mm powder I first started using it in 2000 and have used it ever since. MY go to load is 3.5grs under a 147gr bullet. If I could still afford it, I would still be using the Remington match 147gr fp. You will be happy with the performance you get out of N330. Good luck and happy shooting! Jeff
  9. Thanks guys, Just the information, I wanted. Im using N340 in 9mm, 40 and 45. Just looking for a good powder to get out a little cheaper on powder cost and Sport P , seems like the way to go. Getting ready to order a 4 #er from Grafs!
  10. Dose anyone here have any experience using the new Alliant sport pistol powder in 9mm or other calibers? Read up on it on their website, seems to be a good powder, Just wondering if anyone has used it yet!
  11. I've been reading , all the post on 9mm vs 45acp bowling pin loads. And I've got to say both are right ! It been a few years since I've shot pins, But I have to say my favorite for bowling pins would be 45acp ! My load was 200gr Speer GDHP over 7.2 grs N340, I cant remember the FPS off the top of my head , I think it was around 1050 to 1100(don't quote me on that) don't have access to my load records right now. But my way of thinking is, yes 9mm loads with a 147gr bullet will take pins off the table especially a 12" wide table when the pins are set center, front to back! But the pin matches I shot in the pins were used over and over, so after awhile the pins would get to looking like they had warts, and would get very heavy. But a good heavy 45 bullet could still take them off while a 9mm heavy bullet , may leave the pin spinning on the table ,especially if it was heavy with many bullets. I did use my G34 to shoot 9pin, and did do a great job of taking the pins down, but they were always new pins for the 9pin table! Oh and BTW the table used in the pin matches I shot were (if I remember correctly ) 4x8 steel with a shelf 2 pins on shelf, 3 pins on the table . and distance, again from memory, was 15ft. If there is anyone on the forum that remembers the pin match at Topton PA, ran by Randy Hollowbush , then you know what I'm talking about. So , 9mm or 45ACP, both will do great for knocking pins off the table. Now as far as 45 holding its own against 9mm for pin shoots ,I wont comment on that, since I haven't shot a pin match in sometime !although my best time for clearing 3 tables is 2.76 seconds(that was the best out of the 3) all 3 were under 3 seconds
  12. im getting more binding then leaking! it seems that the No 5 is gumming up the powder bar. I use unique in the measure .(no tape ) don't have a problem .just seems the flatten ball powder like accurate gives me the most problem !
  13. Not sure ,if this hss been discussed. The powder measure on my 550 tends to leak,bind everytime i use accurate #5 powder. I can take it apart and clean it ,but soon after about 200 rds ,it starts binding again ! Has anyone had this problem ? And found a fix for it ? I have did a search here and not found anything relsted to my problem. Thanks for any info !
  14. I shoot 155 gr all the time in my G20 ! (10mm) 6.5 grs N340
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