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  1. If your willing to take the chance, here you go! https://trifusiontactical.com/product/unis-ginex-small-pistol-primers/ Let us know how it goes!
  2. Thats the primers Im talking about ,and your right,something doesnt smell right!
  3. Whats the most anyone here is wiling to pay for Ginex small pistol primers? Ive found some, But want to hear what everyone is willing to pay! The primers I found can be had for 9 cents a round if bought 10000 at time! A little to rich for me
  4. ANy one using SHooters world powder,The precsion rifle powder for 223/556 ? And what charge are you using?
  5. Never mind , I just checked into the primers, a buddy of mind told me about them. They come in 5000 only, and after the price, plus shipping and hazmat, they will be around 97 to $100 a thousand. Beside they are like everyone else, OUT OF STOCK! Guess my buddy didnt check into them to deeply, beside, I couldnt get use to the fact that they are Russian made and My dollars will be going over seas! SO I will just ration what I have on hand
  6. The name of the primers are Fort Smith
  7. Has anyone tried primers from Fed armament ? I have a chance to pick some up, But have never seen them much less use any of them! Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Sarge, No I am not unhappy I got married, I wouldn't change a thing, But I do get tired of reading these threads , And I almost always see someone bragging how he found primers to put on top of the thousands he already has ! Of course I know that all competitors keep well stocked on primers ,But in times like this, if you score a couple thousand primers, you don't have to get on here and brag. If you find them good for you ! Like I said in my OP , If you or anyone else thinks IM just bitching because I don't have any SPP then everyone can kiss my ass!!! Not everyone can sit and check
  9. I hope I don't get locked out for this! I'm tired of every time I see a thread about the primer situation, And someone says that the problem is hoarding, Everyone starts about supply and demand, Yes supply and demand have a lot to do with it, Well hoarding also has a lot to do with it too ! when I'm reading the thread, and everyone is saying either supply demand or hoarding is the cause, I cant stand it when no one really wants to blame any of it on hoarding, I see guys that will always go for supply and demand, and say that everyone should have seen this coming and stocked up early, well
  10. DId a shearch and didnt find anyhting helpful! Has anyone got a load for a 165gr buillet in 9mm, what charge/powder are you using? This is an xtreme 165gr plated bullet ! Thanks Jeff
  11. Why not be a really nice guy and leave them for the next guy! Or be an assh##l and buy them all!
  12. I adree 100% ! And I do know economics. Just burns my ass , when I see prices like I saw on GB!
  13. No wonder ,we cant find primers, all the ass^^^^s on gunbroker have them and with those kind of prices they are selling them for, All I can say is they can shove them where the sun doesnt shine !!! OK, yes I know I should have jad enough foresight to see this coming and bought a few extra, But since Im not shooting any matches what I have will do me for awhile! It just gets me , how some people talk about buying in bulk, then you see things like the the gunbroker sharks selling primers for quaddruple what they are worth. And I would bet that some of those are some of the very same pe
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