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  1. Ok so you as everyone is calling it stock up! How many If anyone is shooting a match these days, the virus has all but shut down shooting matches. My local range is open, But as far as I know they are not holding any matches. I for one am not going crazy and buying all the components I can find, Because of people doing just that all online suppliers are having longer shipping times! As I need them and can find them I will buy bullets powder and primers But I cant kill a virus with a bullet and I cant wipe my ass with a bullet, So I will save my money buy toilet paper ,and food. Oh BTW I do have enough ammo, If someone comes after my toilet paper or to harm my family I can take care of business So to all the guys buying up all they can ,just to (stock up ) as they call it, I wish you all the best, And hopefully you don't have to put up with some of the long waits we saw from the last panic buying!
  2. JMO As long as we as reloaders keep our heads on straight, and don't start panic buying! We should be ok, But what I've seen with the toilet paper and just about everything else having to do with everyday life, I think the mass media is going to be the cause of it. PSA and other gun shops here in Columbia SC have already put limits on components , ammo and even firearms! PSA had a limit of 5 boxes per caliber of ammo, When I was in there everyone I saw had the limit, even seen guys paying , going to their vehicle then back in to buy more. Me and the wife went to wally world to buy our weekly groceries. And wow ! I guess we are going to have to learn to use leaves again! The panic is already in full swing, so I say lets not add to it buy spending our paychecks to buy all the components we can at this time maybe just what we need ( not just stockpiling)
  3. Is it legal to sell this type of ammo? The ammo in question is 30-06 API armor piercing blacktip ammo Made by Talon Corp ,I bought this ammo back in the 90s and I have sold mu M1 garand and don't have any other 30-06 rifle. SO is it legal for me to sell the ammo? Thanks Jeff
  4. Has anyone ,shot or owns a Rock Island XTM 22 in 22mag . I saw my first one at Academy sports, and Just from holding it and looking it over, I think it will be a great pistol, very smooth slide comes with 2 mags, each holding 14 rds. of 22mag, Need a little input from current owners, and info would be appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  5. Has anyone tried the 200 gr RNFP plated bullets from everglades. Thought about giving them a try, wondered if anyone had giving them a try? Thanks Jeff
  6. OK guys, Need a little help, Im looking at maybe doing a trade for a Magnum research 1911 G pistol. I have never owned / or shot of their 1911, Has anyone here owned or shot one of these? Would like to find out some pros and cons of it before I go for a trade. I do own 1911, Springfield, Para , and so forth, Just need a little info on the Magnum Research 1911! Thanks Jeff
  7. For 200gr SWC ,My go to bullet is the Missouri 200gr SWC ,both coated and uncoated over 5.4 grs unique ,Both are very accurate out of both my Springfield Stainless and Para Ordinance Elite. Cant remember OAL But never any trouble out of either gun with SWC. The Extreme and Rainier SWC are a different story! I also like the groove less SWC by Missouri. Either one I use is on the Brinell hardness scale at 18 .
  8. I use Missouri bullets ! I was asking about falcon, because I seen them online. In fact just ordered 1000 of Missouri IDP#1 200gr semi wadcutter I prefer the their uncoated bullets and they do have the blue lube. I've shot 1000s of these never a problem with leading ! Don't know if falcons blue lube is the same as Missouri But it doesn't cause a problem for me. Just saying . Thanks for the reply though Jeff
  9. WTF ! Didn't need a lecture! Just asked a simple question!
  10. Just wondering if anyone has tried these bullets from Falcon bullet company ? Thinking of giving them a try!
  11. Thanks Guys! I was pretty sure they would be fine, But just wanted to get a few opinions here!
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