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  1. Shootersworld Ultimate pistol if you can find it, it is working great for me in my Gen 3 20sf. Iove it
  2. I will chrono again, But at 25yrds I am inside a 2 inch circle from a rest and free hand I can take that circle clean off the paper! As soon as I can I will post some pics. I have found though that the Ultimate pistol is not temp sensitive. I my ammo sits in the house on the bench in air conditioning and I can go right out and shoot it, or let it set and warm up, And I can tell only a slight difference in numbers. Like I said I will chrono again and post some pics when I have time, working 60 hours a week plays hell on range time!
  3. Finally Worked up some loads for 45 using the pound of Shooters' world Ultimate pistol ! And I love it ! My load is 4.7 grs under a 200gr SWC CCI large pistol primers mixed brass Pistol Springfield loaded stainless , factory recoil spring Average FPS 830 SDs - 22 to 26 SDs arent the best but the load is a very soft shooting, And Im putting shots in a spot on paper the size of a silver dollar, at 25 yds., from a rest very close to that off hand. The powder measures very well in the Dillon powder measure, the only thing about it is, have to be careful, lot of room to double charge if your not careful . I just hope the availability get better, I've only got the one pounder. I would say that shooters world powder is a good one !
  4. I shoot exreme plated bullets, 9mm,10mm, and some 45 , Every order I have placed with extreme have not had a problem with ,Just ordered 1000 200gr flat point bullets for 10mm , last week ,had the order in hand in 4 days
  5. I have found loads of SPP at online stores, BUT ,The places I have found spp are all in Canada, and none of them will ship to the USA! Every place I have found primers, in Canada, has a good supply and reasonable prices, none of the the $200 prices seen here in the US. I would like to know ,why can I find ample primers in Canada Fed, CCI, and Winchester. And all the Manufactures are saying no primers till nest year, or all our primers are going to ammo production? Wish I knew someone who lived or was going to Canada ,maybe I could swing getting a few 1000 !
  6. I use N330 with all gr bullets !
  7. Everyone uses VV320, and I have myself! But for me VV330 s the only way to go for 9MM! I started out with AANo5 for GSSF, I was introduced to VV powder during that time, did my research and being that VV330 is about the same burn rate as AA5, and was cleaner burning It was a no, brainier ! VV 330 was he way to go, even though I have switched from Rem 147 match bullets, to Extrene 147 RN, I constantly get 127 to 130 PF out of my VV330 loads, with low SD s!
  8. So whats the update on the ginex primers, did the deal go off without a hitch or did it fall though?
  9. If your willing to take the chance, here you go! https://trifusiontactical.com/product/unis-ginex-small-pistol-primers/ Let us know how it goes!
  10. Thats the primers Im talking about ,and your right,something doesnt smell right!
  11. Whats the most anyone here is wiling to pay for Ginex small pistol primers? Ive found some, But want to hear what everyone is willing to pay! The primers I found can be had for 9 cents a round if bought 10000 at time! A little to rich for me
  12. ANy one using SHooters world powder,The precsion rifle powder for 223/556 ? And what charge are you using?
  13. Never mind , I just checked into the primers, a buddy of mind told me about them. They come in 5000 only, and after the price, plus shipping and hazmat, they will be around 97 to $100 a thousand. Beside they are like everyone else, OUT OF STOCK! Guess my buddy didnt check into them to deeply, beside, I couldnt get use to the fact that they are Russian made and My dollars will be going over seas! SO I will just ration what I have on hand
  14. The name of the primers are Fort Smith
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