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  1. Rule moves a competitor to open if they fail equipment requirement. When an open competitor fails they shot for no score. I would suggest they be placed in PCC and scored minor. Since the division with least restrictions is PCC, why not have the penalty for failing equipment to be being placed into PCC instead of open?
  2. Eddie Garcia, EMG customs. Eddie builds fantastic guns the only downside is waiting.
  3. The rule book recommends at the Chrono stage "The Chronograph CRO should have a station next to him where the competitor, when called, can step up and when instructed, show a cleared firearm and then place it on the table per the CRO’s instructions." rule 5.2.1 states "competitors must carry their handguns unloaded in a gun case, gun bag or in a holster securely attached to a belt on their person" What is the point of showing clear before placing firearm on table? If the Chrono officer finds the firearm loaded in either case the result is the same. Competitor is DQed from match. The only
  4. Screw on rear sight came off at a star, lol talk about point shooting. I didnt quit, but took 20 rounds on what I usually do in 5 or 6.
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