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  1. Rule moves a competitor to open if they fail equipment requirement. When an open competitor fails they shot for no score. I would suggest they be placed in PCC and scored minor. Since the division with least restrictions is PCC, why not have the penalty for failing equipment to be being placed into PCC instead of open?
  2. Eddie Garcia, EMG customs. Eddie builds fantastic guns the only downside is waiting.
  3. The rule book recommends at the Chrono stage "The Chronograph CRO should have a station next to him where the competitor, when called, can step up and when instructed, show a cleared firearm and then place it on the table per the CRO’s instructions." rule 5.2.1 states "competitors must carry their handguns unloaded in a gun case, gun bag or in a holster securely attached to a belt on their person" What is the point of showing clear before placing firearm on table? If the Chrono officer finds the firearm loaded in either case the result is the same. Competitor is DQed from match. The only benefit would be getting possibly swept after seeing unloaded firearm. Still same result DQ.
  4. I'm a CRO and I catch my last rd. When a competitors does that as long as they don't break any safety issues I don't care. Such as sweeping, muzzle more than 90 degrees. I've been a ro at nationals and CRO at multiple area matches. At the big matches I let the competitors do whatever they like until I have to stop them. At local I'll worn them if they're close, stop them when they cross line. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I can't see anything wrong with that myself. You would need open and iron divisions in rimfire also. All divisions can load magazines to whatever capacity they want. I mean 4 x 2 divisions. With each division having iron or open sights. 1. Main match (center fire pistol) 2. Revolver 3. Rimfire pistol 4. Rimfire rifle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. IMHO steel challenge should simplify the divisions. Open and iron sights... That's it, with a 5 rd string does it matter if you have 10 or 20 rds in your magazine. Main match, Revo, rimfire pistol and rimfire rifle.
  7. Are you relatively new to the sport? I help mentor new shooters at cactus combat match club in AZ. This is an exercise I tell new shooter to practice at home. Set up 2 tables(you can use 4chairs set up in pairs) 3ft apart and use an unload gun, keep it pointed at the wall in front and make figure 8s going in both direction around the tables. Remember to keep finger out of trigger guard and with practice you shouldn't break the 180 and comfortably move up range with gun over the shoulder and trailing. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Having dropped my fancy expensive race gun once at the safety area while holstering it. I now while holstering my gun always double check that it is in my holster before releasing my grip. I do this for every type of holster I'm using. (Open/single stack/3 gun) twice for every stage at make ready & if clear hammer down and holsterSent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I have 4, one in main range bag and the one each in my 38sc, 40, & 45 ammo bag. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I saw 2 rts2 crap out at the Area 2 match this weekend
  11. Yeah, my wife knows the names of my relatives better than I do. Been shooting the same local match for years and still can't remember all the names until I'm on the score board.
  12. Midwayusa has sale on cci pistol & rifle primers 125 5K
  13. This is what I tell new shooters to practice at home. Make figure 8's clockwise and counter clockwise around two tables with your practice gun not breaking 180 with what ever they choose to be the imaginary back berm. That way your moving left, right, forward and backwards.
  14. Only walked out of one movie, I generally check reviews before I spend my money. Movie had good reviews, but when I looked around the theater everybody was a sleep. Kiss of the Spider Woman
  15. Stage 7 was lake titicaca!!
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