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  1. don't know where you get that info but very unlikely to happen in Classic division
  2. Bit of a gap between grip and magwell there on the RIA
  3. What are the little bubbles on the slide?
  4. My new to me 9mm Springfield RO I picked up this morning, couple of changes to it, Techwell SP and Dualtech grips and an ED Brown ext mag release and Wilson Combat checkered front strap.. Soon to drop out the ILS and mainspring housing and fit a Dawson IPSC magwell. At the moment it's a back up to my 9mm Nighthawk but once it's set up will be my minor Classic gun.
  5. What way are you going color wise Dan?
  6. Glad I didn't go then 90 shooters on 3 stages f###en ridiculous
  7. Ipsc Classic minor gun 9mm Nighthawk custom GRP with Techwell IPSC SP magwell and grips, Kensight novak adj low profile sights and fiber front sight
  8. whats the idea of the hole through the grip?
  9. STI 9mm Spartan Fitted with new slide for Kensight rear adj, VZ grips and Techwell SP model chopped to TGO style after a few mags getting stuck.
  10. Yeah difficult to get this version of the Loaded here. I believe this one was the last at the importer.
  11. Set up for IPSC Classic, VZ turbo grip screws with Techwell IPSC XT version magwell and Miltac diagonal grips.
  12. My Springfield Loaded .45 out of the box. (Factory image)
  13. did that T.A.S sight drop in or did the slide need some machining? Looking at some of those for my Springfield loaded
  14. Norinco .45 with STI T.A.S rear sight ( Kensight), VZ grips and Ed Brown Maxi-well
  15. How did they work? I'm interested myself
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