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  1. I may shoot it stock for a while. That is what I did with my current production pistol (Glock 34) and I was able to better grasp what I wanted to change. The other thing I am contemplating is should I try the SP01 or just sell it and get a Shadow 2? The only reason I got the SP01 was because I was in California at the time. Now that is no longer an issue I am tempted to just get a Shadow 2. I was considering a Tanfoglio Stock II but some people have told me that the Shadow 2 is a better option.
  2. I would probably stick to a factory barrel.
  3. Awesome. Also had a buddy that owns both to test it. He says some fitting but shouldn't be complex. He advises sending it to CZ Custom which I probably will do.
  4. Does anyone know if a Tac Sport barrel will fit in a standard CZ75 slide (minor fitting ok). The reason I ask is this barrel should extend past the slide enough to get proper threading on. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/barrels-complete-upper/cz-barrel-40-s-w-tactical-sports.html I know you can put a Tac Sport slide on a SP01 with some machining so I am curious if you can fit that barrel to a CZ75b slide in .40
  5. If I miss the catch its gone forever. It's not worth the possibility of the damage to the gun or more importantly damage to the individual.
  6. True. I shoot Production currently so I have been getting good at reloading lol
  7. hahahahahahhahaha Yea due to miscommunication between myself and the shop I worked at I ended up buying a used SP01 and a new SP01 but with a combined price of under $800 I decided to take them both lol. One I plan on keeping for Production and one I have been wanting to make into a Limited Major gun. For the Limited gun I was going to put on a Tac Sport .40 slide and a kitchen sink sized magwell and make it SAO. I guess I waited too long and now I can not seem to get a Tac Sport .40 slide but I do have a spare CZ75B in .40 so I can move that slide over, get a threaded barrel, a
  8. It would be similar to the new 2011 grip modules that are metal. Would be interesting but it would be so niche that I doubt who ever made them would turn a profit unless Zev made it and offered it. They should do it like the 320 and either infuse tungsten or add weight modules inside the grip.
  9. So I run HSGI pistol Taco pouches modified to work with a Safariland ELS belt. I shoot a lot of different handguns inside and outside of USPSA so the Taco pouches work great for the universal aspect but they are a little tall. HSGI now makes a kydex option in a "mini" format that is a little shorter which I am going to give a shot after Georgia State this weekend. I don't want to change anything before a major match. Not the time to try new things lol.
  10. Is there a build thread for this gun? I am very much interested in going this route to build a CZ SP01 Limited Major gun. I was originally going to slap a Tac Sport .40 slide on it and call it a day but like I previously mentioned they seemed to have disappeared.
  11. With the OZ9 I am just waiting to see if someone is dedicated enough to make a brass grip module lol
  12. RIP Uncle Mike. You have saved me from starvation at a ton of matches because I am a clown and skip breakfast before matches sometimes. You were an absolutely a staple in the SoCal USPSA community and will be missed.
  13. This is super cool! Is this a store bought item or something you have machined yourself? I would love to get my hands on one since I can not seem to find a Tac Sport slide in .40 to make my SP-01 into a limited gun.
  14. So the Gen 3 weighs more that the 4 & 5 due to the newer gens having smaller cavities inside to allow space for the interchangeable backstraps.
  15. So to follow up on this thread a buddy of mine who doesn't shoot USPSA wanted my 10 rounders and offered a one for one trade for black Wilson ETM magazines. Now to see if any more pop up for sale. I usually like having 10 mags in my possession (not all on my belt but in case I need to rotate one in). If anyone knows someone off loading any (I will make a separate post in the Classifieds about this) black 8 round Wilson ETM magazines please let me know! Also I saw someone selling some 8 round Wilson ETM for a compact 1911 and it looks like the only difference is in the basepad? Can
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