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  1. How can I upload pictures? Says all my files are to large. I am not able to crop them and make them any smaller.
  2. Picked up a used 2011, in 40. Has a STI short frame and an aftermarket slide. The slide is unmilled, but has sights. I found a few places that will mill out the slide for $250 to $300. Everthing else works great and no issues. Do I send it out and get it done or save my money, try to sell and use all the money to put toward a STI or something similar?
  3. Pickin

    CZ TSO Holster

    I have a RHT. I like a non race holster, but that's just me. I bought the 3 gun version as I shoot USPSA and 3 gun. I love it!!!! Have it set up with the BOSS hanger.
  4. I sent out an email to the online store asking if it needed to be fit and they said no. But you're right. Investing that much, I could buy a whole new gun.
  5. The barrel, and guide rod come in the assembly. The 40 is ready to go minus magazines. All in all it will be an investment of about 500 bucks
  6. I don't mind 5th, I know with better foot work and being more explosive point to point, will help. And more A zone hits.
  7. Hello, Been shooting USPSA for about a year to year and a half now on and off when I could get days off to go shoot. Now that I work Monday to Friday, I am able to make TONS more matches. I just recently got my USPSA membership. I currently have 2 classifiers in Limited Minor. I am shooting a CZ TSO in 9mm, which is what I also use for Multigun. I end up mid pack overall and right around top 5 for Limited with my current set up. I am thinking about buying the CZ TS complete slide in 40 so I am able to compete with Major PF. By going to Major PF, do I lose my classifiers (still in Limited)? Would it be worth it to buy the slide?
  8. I love my CZ, yes it puts me in minor PF, but I need to slow down and just shoot better. Selling the STI.
  9. I do not go to dry. If I do then I have either done something wrong or took wayyyyyy to many make up shots or missed.
  10. As of right now this is what I'm doing. Bought an extra tool head. I am decapping and swaging using swage it. Then a quick trip through the tumbler. I resize and sort sizes. I reload as normal with another tool head with station 1 empty. I want to get set up like what STICK has done, will save a full step.
  11. As the season is coming to an end and cold is setting, I want to start stocking up. I will be using 180 grain on top of Sport Pistol. If I chrono with a colder temp, what will happen when the next season starts and temps warm up? Do I need to wait? See if I can use an indoor range? I just started in Major power factor this season an been using factory ammo. I know factory is over power factor and like the STI I just bought. Continue to use factory loads until temps warm up?
  12. I want to have the safety pinned, but I want to do it the right way and not file down the safety. Adam over at AGW has a great video on how to do it. I also appreciate good quality machining. I'd rather pay and know that it's a good quality part.
  13. Rebuilding my STI, that I picked up off a buddy. I am glad that I did, as everything was worn out. I want to replace the SS grip safety for two reasons; 1. black to match the rest of the gun, 2. it was filed down so it will not engage the leaf spring. I found an Ed Brown memory groove for $39, and one from STI for $70. What is the difference if any? From what I have read it looks like I would be paying for the STI name, other than that they are all the same? Am I correct? Thank you
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