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  1. Did you really get 40oz? That's heavy. Awesome you were able to make it happen.
  2. That looks good. Thanks for the info. I am looking to reduce some weight for my open glock build. No optic cut but slide milling.
  3. I want to try this. Have been wanting to for a while. Need to figure out how to do it with a magwell.
  4. Looking to have my G34 slide milled. Saw ZIA has half the price (services on sale right now) than most place. It is a Texas company. Never heard of them, just seeing if anyone has used them.
  5. I'll give him a shout, see what he can do
  6. That would be great!!
  7. Going the Weber tactical route. Thanks
  8. Yes please, that would be helpful
  9. Hello all, I am in need of a good kydex holster for my Tac Ultra 9mm, used for 3gun. Level 1 retention is fine. Blade-Tech make any? I'm either not searching right or I'm not smart enough to figure out what I need. Thanks
  10. How can I upload pictures? Says all my files are to large. I am not able to crop them and make them any smaller.
  11. Picked up a used 2011, in 40. Has a STI short frame and an aftermarket slide. The slide is unmilled, but has sights. I found a few places that will mill out the slide for $250 to $300. Everthing else works great and no issues. Do I send it out and get it done or save my money, try to sell and use all the money to put toward a STI or something similar?
  12. Pickin

    CZ TSO Holster

    I have a RHT. I like a non race holster, but that's just me. I bought the 3 gun version as I shoot USPSA and 3 gun. I love it!!!! Have it set up with the BOSS hanger.
  13. I sent out an email to the online store asking if it needed to be fit and they said no. But you're right. Investing that much, I could buy a whole new gun.
  14. The barrel, and guide rod come in the assembly. The 40 is ready to go minus magazines. All in all it will be an investment of about 500 bucks
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