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  1. Send it over to Hayes Custom and have them work thier magic. I did it for my 9mm. Night and day difference. They have a few packages you can choose from. Best money I've spent.
  2. currently running a Bul Armory SAS II Air in 40. I do not like thier new competition extractor. Can any aftermarket part be used, or do I need a Bul Armory one?
  3. Hello All, Does anyone currently make a holster to for the Bul Armory SAS II, with Bul thumb rest? RHT did for a bit, but no longer. I can modify my STI to make it work, however it is janky.
  4. I wish I had the money to try them all out see what I like. I'm going to try my buddies vibra prime this weekend, he doesn't like it. Doesn't work well with his Hornday setup. Sounds like everything is good. Few issues here and there, but that's with every product on the market.
  5. Hello All, Looking at picking up one or the other. I load 9, 40 and 223 with respective CCI primers. I do batches of 400 to 800 at a time. Would it be wise to pick up a collator? If so, which one? I'm not a brand snob I just want one that works well.
  6. I use cfe223 under a hornady 55gr fmj w/cannaluire. Do I need to worry about a minimum FPS or just what groups better with less standard deviation. Do I need to check grouping at 100y or 50y?
  7. I had slide work and cerakote done at Freedom Gunworks. Great turn around time and great work. I highly recommend them. Customer service was good too, let me know how everything was coming along.
  8. Hello All, I know the SPS is an Edge clone with a few differences. My thoughts. Let me know what you think. Pick up a new mainspring housing that doesn't have the tail. Sand to fit other areas for a Dawson Ice magwell. Yes no?
  9. Hello All, I need help. I am a right handed shooter, but I like my rounds facing rear. Yes, I know I'm odd. Is there a company that will make a rounds facing rear mag pouch for my 2011? Can I get a pouch, for a left handed shooter with rounds facing forward? Thank you
  10. @Joe4d @zzt What company are you using for both 180 and 155 grain bullets? I like that idea vs using a Major Power for multi gun.
  11. Hello All, I shoot USPSA and multi gun. I do not favor one or the other. I would like to use my STI (40 S&W) for both sports. My thought is one gun for both and I will get a little bit better. As of right now I will finish out my USPSA season with 205 grain Syntech. I would like to use 200 grain when I start to reload. Would it be wise to use that heavy of a bullet for both sports or should I drop it down to 165 or 180? I want to be consistent across both sports. Thanks
  12. I've watched those. He goes into detail about both. Looking to see if anyone has first hand experience with both platforms.
  13. Not 100% of the time. The work that Hayes does will work.
  14. If you'll take mine in trade and cash. Haha
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