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  1. I hate that when you pick an optic to use the major consideration is the warranty part of it.
  2. Had an old timer used to use "shut it" , "shoot it" and "put it away" He wondered why the CRO's and RM's used to speak to him after the match about it!!!!
  3. 'slide forward' was used but I don't believe it was ever an ófficial' range command in IPSC
  4. There is a version of the Shield that has a battery tray it also has the alloy body BUT as you say the screen scratches too easily mine is not much good now as I (unknowingly how easy they are to scratch) used my shirt to give it a wipe at a match and its no good to use now. If you are careful how you clean it I would certainly recommend the Shield RMS and keep an eye out as I did see reports they were going to glass screen instead of the polymer/plastic
  5. terrydoc

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Why do you guys say the older version R1 wont fit the Legion / cut? Are the screw holes different?
  6. how the hell do you get this stuff????
  7. terrydoc

    P320 RX

    huge difference when you shoot it?
  8. terrydoc

    P320 RX

    Just referring to the grit job
  9. terrydoc

    P320 RX

    good open gun dan
  10. terrydoc

    P320 X5 Thread

    Hasn't been happy with the X5 chamber on the 2 He has had, He's one of those guy's that it doesn't really matter what gun He picks up he shoots them well.
  11. Most matches in my area are set up by open Div guys so no change here, what did and still does happen is it unfairly affected the Classic major guys here in australia as we are limited to 10 round maximum and only IPSC is approved the match designers have forgotten about the 8 round major and a few major shooters have jumped out.
  12. Are you possibly being confused by the RO telling you to not "hammer down / holster" before the command rather than the whole sequence? Some shooters rush through and holster before the RO has given that command and then get their nose out of joint when the RO gets them to repeat the action.
  13. https://www.sigsauer.com/press-releases/sig-sauer-announces-p320-pro-cut-slide-assembly-available-exclusively-at-sig-sauer-web-store/?fbclid=IwAR3AiTaM92tTYocOdcHzoftR7rxn6QlGtDaDKWcHhCjFaVCFzh4fZWXshkw
  14. Current EDC Kershaw Natrix
  15. asics gel fuji trabuco 7 g tx, just picked up a pair of these, hopefully go ok feel good on the feet.
  16. Thanks I thought that might have been it, I was looking at getting that done also as I couldn't find a R1 here in Australia and can't get the Springer plates (or anything else from them). But I ended up finding a near new R1 so have gone with that.
  17. terrydoc

    P320 RX

    I shoot IPSC Production Optic and done exactly the same thing (straight trigger and X frame).
  18. what did they do to the slide for the DPP?
  19. Is there not a Glock non captured guide rod and spring? Just had a look at Glock website must have confused with the dual spring
  20. From a gun store here in Australia
  21. we get a lot of these in Australia although its 9 from any position down here as its IPSC. W also get a lot of unloaded start 9 round short courses, and loaded 11 round.
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