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  1. They sent it out via practiscore registration email a few days ago.
  2. adamge

    Shadow 2 Safeties

    Yes, exactly correct, the extra strength safety spring makes the safety more positive and clicky.
  3. Regarding the wear life of the tread, and when they should be replaced, my buddy told me something about dirtbike motocross tires. He said when the square-shaped lugs on the tire have their edges rounded to the point you can see they aren't sharp, racers will throw the tires out and put new ones one. The lug is still like 99% there, but that 1% edge wear is enough to ruin the traction and justify new tires.
  4. adamge

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Looking at those photos, and judging the thumb shelf location relative to the three screw holes, it looks like none are farther forward than the stock rest.
  5. adamge

    Best lighweight bcg

    I've discovered the hard way that the JP aluminum BCG has a headspace that is on the short side of the spec.
  6. adamge

    Best lighweight bcg

    Anderson lw bcg is $110 right now: https://www.righttobear.com/Anderson-Lightweight-Complete-M16-Carrier-Group-p/b2-k630-n01.htm
  7. adamge

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    If someone finds a thumbrest that is a drop-in replacement for the TSO factory thumb rest, and puts the rest farther forward on the gun, please tag me. I find the factory one too close to the back of the gun for my long thumbs.
  8. adamge

    S2 Safety Question

    Take off slide. Watch what the safety does to the sear when engaged. If parts are properly installed and manufactured, they should be no way for the sear to rotate while the safety is engaged.
  9. adamge

    Auto loading M2

    I look at the 3gun AR market and see lots of freshly manufactured parts that are created with 3gun in mind. It's drastically different there.
  10. Hey all. Looking for some advice. I was watching a Taran & Keith video yesterday and noticed how far their loading ports extend into the mag tube on the bottom. But they don't run VMs, so I want to check with those that have done this before. Is it OK to open up the loading port into the mag tube this much? In the screenshot, you can see that the whole rim-base is visible. Here's where I am at now (the one with the orange followed is latest):
  11. adamge

    Auto loading M2

    Great to see someone actually trying to make a good 3gun shotgun. I am stunned that we still have such poor starting points for our shotguns.
  12. Matt K has a video on that issue as well:
  13. adamge

    Kahles K16i 1-6x 3GR

    Good thread guys, I learned a bunch.
  14. adamge

    New Atlas Open 2011

    Awesome, will I have an opportunity to see it at IPSC Nationals this year? Assuming the RCMP gets it done in time.
  15. adamge

    Cz for 3 gun

    Right on CZC front page in big letters: IMPORTANT NOTICE: CURRENTLY WE DO NOT PROCESS OR SHIP ORDERS FROM OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES I will look into Springer, it seems like they might be an option.