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  1. adamge

    Slide Serrations Hard on Hands?

    That's a bad sign. There's two better methods (right hand thumb without changing grip, left hand thumb as you put the left hand back on the gun) and they make you use the one that looks cool in movies. Keith Garcia, for instance, teaches students to use whatever is fastest and most reliable, and that is either of the two methods I mentioned.
  2. adamge

    Slide Serrations Hard on Hands?

    If you think your SP-01 causes pain, try doing that same class with a Shadow 2. It is much sharper, approaching dangerous.
  3. adamge

    DIY TSO Thumbrest FTW

    My complaint with that one would be, it is even more in the way than the factory one during a fast slide rack that uses the front serrations.
  4. adamge

    Maria Gushchina limited edition

    Three czechmates? Whoa.
  5. adamge

    Maybe my first problem with my TSO?????

    On the topic of cleaning "too much", I had a weird thing happen the last time I cleaned my TSO 9mm. I had been shooting it probably 1000 rounds since last clean, then did a quick and dirty clean at the range before shooting that day. Then I took the first shot, and I swear the cycle of the gun felt different. It's made me a bit hesitant to clean before a match, because I don't want that first shot to have an unusual cycle feel. I've heard of other people not cleaning before a match, but I think they justify it with paranoia that they aren't 100% sure the gun will function.
  6. adamge

    Maybe my first problem with my TSO?????

    I had this happen at my last match, too. I pressed the slide stop button and it went into battery and was able to fire the last round. But naturally I would like to avoid it in the future, so interested in this thread.
  7. adamge

    Magazine alternatives for the TS

    I'm not a huge fan of the TS 9mm magazines (factory 20 round tube with factory rubber base pad and follower). I find that with about 5-8 rounds in them they will rattle the bottom rounds, and at my last match I had one that stopped feeding, and when I took it apart I found the top rounds totally loose, and near the bottom two rounds had criss-crossed (one bullet-high, one bullet-low) and jammed in the tube. I never had those issues with the MecGar CZ 75 17 round mags.
  8. adamge

    Shadow 2 Optic Ready from factory

    I saw on in person and in action a couple days ago.
  9. adamge

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    This video points out that the plastic is probably a better choice overall.
  10. adamge

    Tactical Sport Orange Magazine Release

    I don't think it will make a huge difference, old558.
  11. adamge

    Faxon match, Faxon gunner, Odin, BA

    Consider the Stretch16? I have a lightly used one in an upper for sale here in Canuckland.
  12. adamge

    Changing from Tacops to Limited....

    One piece of advice that works for me(I also use a Razor 1-6x): Keep you zoom as low as possible. I leave my Razor at 1x for the entire match until there is a long and small (like 5MOA or smaller) target. And even if it is a smaller target, often I will run like 3x. I only go 6x if I know I have multiple sub 5MOA targets and I'll be in a very steady position. For things like plate racks at 75-125 yards I'll usually leave it on 1x or maybe go to 3x.
  13. I would suggest that the only pre-requisites are that you have accomplished a few things at other matches: - finished multiple matches (5+) without a DQ - have a plan as far as zoom/holdover/body position for 200yard rifle shots - are prepared for a 40 round shotgun stage
  14. adamge

    Czechmate.... WTF why not

    A Czechmate with LOK Bogies palm swell Shadow2 grips is a pretty big grip size, I doubt you'll find it too small.
  15. adamge

    CZ long reach SA triggers now available

    The cleaning you mention is a good opportunity to make use of a ultrasonic cleaner. Drop the whole lower in and re-oil after it dries.