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  1. adamge

    DQ event

    I don't know the answer there. I was on a squad that didn't contain either the shooter in question or MD, I didn't even hear about this until well after match had finished and everyone had left range.
  2. adamge

    DQ event

    Sorry my bad, I wrote it up wrong. Shooter just checked his dot, didn't do a sight picture. I'll update original post.
  3. adamge

    DQ event

    My other questions: -What rules apply to this scenario of RO telling shooter to put hands on head while hot, someone going downrange, then going back into normal set of procedures/commands?
  4. adamge

    DQ event

    I'll try to set the stage. Might miss some pertinent info. -Level 1 local IPSC match (some here call it a Level 2 but imo it doesn't qualify for L2). -Shooter does his load and make ready on command from RO, has handgun holstered as per WSB. -Someone notices a target is not taped. -RO instructs shooter to put hands on head, which he does. -RO instructs someone to go tape target, which he does. -Right after taper clears range, shooter unholsters pistol (no command from RO at this point) and takes a [Edit: checks his dot while with gun in hand], holsters again and gets in ready position. -RO does the regular are you ready, standby, beep. -Shooter shoots stage, they score it like normal. -At some time during scoring or just after shooter hits approve on Practiscore tablet (I'm not sure which, I didn't get info on this): someone points out to RO that shooter unholstered without command before starting the stage, RO decides to DQ shooter. Can anyone weigh in? I think it's fair to say the RO should have noticed the DQ action by the shooter right when it happened rather than after the stage is complete. But given that he didn't in this case, is an after-the-fact DQ the right call?
  5. Seems like: CZ TS 9mm mag 20round factory <-- starting point Add CZC 140mm base pads --> 23 rounds Add CZC spring and follower --> 23 rounds and follower escapes feed lips So my question is, why does anyone use the CZC spring and follower?
  6. That same 140 PF with a 147grn bullet will spin it in 1 or more fewer shots I would bet.
  7. To me it looks like the alignment is off enough that it would restrict gas. As you say, reassemble and try again.
  8. Topic says it all. Is there any actual geometry difference between a CZ TS mag in 9x19 vs 40S&W? If someone has both can I ask that they compare? I have only the 9x19 ones.
  9. Why sell the $1300 model when you can stick a few extra in-house parts on it and charge $2000?
  10. Have probably 18k through my S2. Never had the rear sight move on its own.
  11. What is this MOA you speak of?
  12. Or buy a Czechmate. They come with the parts to convert to a iron sight gun, a sight tracker in fact..
  13. adamge

    CZC TS Base Pad Help

    I'm also a hack home gunsmith. I would imagine the easy move here is to file some material off the magazine's "wings" as you call them.
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