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  1. I have about 20k through mine, 9mm, one of the first production batches. No marks like that.
  2. adamge

    CZ TS orange ?

    IPSC Standard minor.
  3. Never seen one like that. I have probably 15-20k rounds through my urban grey S2, finish is holding up well. I would say manufacturer defect, should be warranty.
  4. adamge

    Should I clean my TSO?

    It will feel much nicer when you rack it after a cleaning. That alone makes it worth while.
  5. Seeing two division results here, not sure if these are official: https://practiscore.com/results?query=rifle https://practiscore.com/results/new/88867 https://practiscore.com/results/new/88866
  6. Judging from the upward angle shots I saw in a video, I would estimate the longest shots at around 3000m.
  7. How many rounds do you shoot of AR15 / 556 in a year?
  8. I think Yondering has the best answer. Load longer, throat barrel if necessary to achieve it, and hope your magazine is long enough.
  9. Good post by the guy with the fancy dirtbike.
  10. I'm thinking you are too short on that load. I run my 147grn CamPro plated truncated at previously 1.095", and lately I've been running them at 1.130".
  11. I noticed something today, cleaning and getting ready for a match. Some of my factory mags would not lock slide back if I inserted them with no rounds on a closed chamber, and also would not drop free. Looking closely in there it looks like the slide stop nub was sitting beside the follower shelf rather than on top of it. I had never noticed this while shooting, they always lock back. So I think the recoil of the last shot, or maybe the path it takes while pushing on the last round, puts the follower in the right place to press on the stop, which is key for dropping free.
  12. I haven't tried a TT Diamond, though I am fairly certain it is just a TT Adjustable with the black coating and minimum weight adjustment allowed to go lower. Oh, and they jacked the price again. I actually have one in my car right now, couriering it to a local buddy, so I might get to try one soon. I would also mention that TT's tend to go on sale a few times a year on the manufacturer's website.
  13. I've had and used in this order: CMC single stage, TT adjustable, 24c, Calvin. CMC is decent, definitely a single stage, but not especially light or great on reset. [2 years] TT is a great two stage, breaks like glass, but reset is very faint. [2 years] 24c is a very nice single stage, strong reset, but didn't work with Seekins 60degree safety so it had to go. [2 months] Calvin is my current choice. Super light single stage and strong reset. [9 months]
  14. Definitely looking forward to seeing pics of inside of slide.
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