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  1. I would rather re-tighten my choke and mag tube every time I pick up the VM (which I do, or did before they killed 3gun in Canada), than put anti-seize on all my chokes. That stuff is like Covid, it spreads everywhere. And I would need an N95 choke storage system to attempt to contain it.
  2. adamge

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    Does a regular 2011 have more stroke than a regular TSO?
  3. Rather like this puppy.
  4. Quoted for my future reference. I'll try to remember to try that.
  5. Can we get a pic from the side? For those of us not familiar with this product, we can't get any sense of the shape of the thing.
  6. I had an order from Sebo come in today. Regular post, cheap way on Sebo's web store. It took just over 5 weeks to be delivered. It was in a bubble mailer, and I paid no customs/taxes. The post dropped it in my mailbox.
  7. The problem that always haunts me with TS 9mm mags is a) rattling rounds and b) two rounds in mag crossover each other, so one goes nose-high, one goes nose-low, totally jamming the mag.
  8. Big news from my practice session yesterday. My TSO 9mm finally broke its original slide stop. I estimate the round count at 25k, all 147grn reloads at about 130PF.
  9. Yeah I would say that is normal. CZ's are fairly tight, but not bank vault tight from factory.
  10. I run the aftermarket safety detent spring to get a stronger click and positive lock into position. From factory, mine and most TS and Shadows have very mushy safeties, which the aftermarket spring improves.
  11. I've used Voodoo 16.5" rifle ultralight and Stretch16 16" intermediate. Hoping my next barrel can be one of these: https://www.rainierarms.com/rainier-arms-ultramatch-mod2-223-wylde-intermediate-800-gas-block-tin-extension-16-polished-10960/ Trying to get one in Canada is tough, though. Sounds like US Feds are making exporting easier this year so maybe that will help.
  12. I think it is still worth practicing with thumb poke until you can modify the gun so you can sweep the shells in.
  13. It should become self-evident once you take apart the gun and watch the safety movement carefully. Do this at various stages of disassembly. - slide removed - sear cage removed - detent removed
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