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  1. Big news from my practice session yesterday. My TSO 9mm finally broke its original slide stop. I estimate the round count at 25k, all 147grn reloads at about 130PF.
  2. Yeah I would say that is normal. CZ's are fairly tight, but not bank vault tight from factory.
  3. I run the aftermarket safety detent spring to get a stronger click and positive lock into position. From factory, mine and most TS and Shadows have very mushy safeties, which the aftermarket spring improves.
  4. I've used Voodoo 16.5" rifle ultralight and Stretch16 16" intermediate. Hoping my next barrel can be one of these: https://www.rainierarms.com/rainier-arms-ultramatch-mod2-223-wylde-intermediate-800-gas-block-tin-extension-16-polished-10960/ Trying to get one in Canada is tough, though. Sounds like US Feds are making exporting easier this year so maybe that will help.
  5. I think it is still worth practicing with thumb poke until you can modify the gun so you can sweep the shells in.
  6. It should become self-evident once you take apart the gun and watch the safety movement carefully. Do this at various stages of disassembly. - slide removed - sear cage removed - detent removed
  7. The Calvin Elite is pretty wicked as a single state trigger. No takeup, no overtravel, firm reset, very light, show has about 10 adjustments.
  8. Regarding fully pre-loading the on deck shooter. I think this will result in one fewer shooter being available to reset the stage. So the squad size or staffing need to be bumped up by one to compensate. But if that is accounted for, then yeah I could see it saving huge time in a match.
  9. adamge

    TSO without a magwell?

    I think Shadow 2 grips should work well.
  10. Given two competing statements, I trust the one from a person in MN over one from a person in CO.
  11. Looks good, I think it would feel good, but I don't think it would fit in the IPSC Standard box.
  12. adamge

    "High" safety for TSO/CM?

    Best upgrade to a TSO is the S2 medium shelf safety on left side of gun (for right handed shooter). The huge paddle safety is another option, but on a gun that is being "dumped" on the clock (i.e. 3gun), it comes off too easily and will get you in trouble. Second best upgrade is LOK palm swell grips. Third best upgrade is grip tape on front half of slide.
  13. My main dislike with my Shadow 2 is that the slider serrations are too sharp. I'm always worried about cutting open my fingers when using them aggressively, so I tend to be slow and deliberate. And slow is slow, as we know.
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