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  1. Yes, they're heavy. EZLOAD belt with curved Kydex panel and good quality Velcro tape held up just fine. Another point I should mention is the short travel length of the shell retention makes it difficult to use different shell length. It's doable but will take good amount of time to adjust the position.
  2. My VR80 has a DPP 7.5 MOA and a Holosun 407CO v2 on a 45.
  3. I got an used one from eBay a month ago. The dot is huge. Much bigger than the Cmore railway 6MOA. The dot appears to be orange-ish rather than red. I have it on my VR80. I haven't tried it at the range yet but I reckon it will be good. Another choice you can look at is Holoson HS407CO X2. It has 8MOA circle.
  4. I have a polymer body with std switch on my VR80 (MK-12 to be exact). One thing I don't like about the switch is the brightness adjustment. It slowly get brighter during the first 3/4 of the way then goes from like 50% to 100% with tiny degree of turn towards the end. Not sure about click switch. After using it for a few months in shotgun IPSC training, I wish I had gone with a more sturdy design one (in fact I have a DPP on the way) so I don't have to be so cautious about anything "banging" the railway and break it. Gotta say that glass quality of the railway is hard to beat. Supe
  5. It doesn't seem to hurt me.....yet. or maybe I haven't shot it enough.
  6. Newbie here. What's the benefit of removing the bolt stop?
  7. Is it commercial-spec or Mil-spec?
  8. Hi all, amateur IPSC shooter here. I own a Remington Versamax Competition Tactical for about half a year now. It's my first competition shotgun but I had some experience shooting sporting clay for a couple of years with my O/U shotgun. I've have had fairly good result with my VMCT. I won 2 local L2 IPSC matches. However, I screwed up the slug stage in the very first match as I kept missing the clay target until I ran out of slugs on my belt so I had to stop. Later I discovered that my VMCT shoots slug 3" high and 3" right at about 20 yards. I also let other shooters that I shoot wi
  9. I tried a Vector Optics on my VMCT when I got my VMCT for the first time. No elevation issue. How about the raised comb insert? Will it help? P.S. I no longer use rail and optics on my VMCT as I shoot in Standard Division IPSC.
  10. Thanks for sharing! I own Versa Max Comp Tac. And yet I like the 940 a lot. Could be my 2nd Shotgun for IPSC. lol.
  11. 940 really got my attention when they launched it. The 940 really got my attention when they launched it. Can't help to doubt a few things. - What's the choke threading system? They just say that it's Briley extended choke. - Mag extension options? It would be nice to have 12 rounds mag tube.
  12. Yes, I tried full tube as my SX3 can hold which is 8 rounds. No double feed.
  13. I have a factory follower of Versamax Comp Tact which looks very much like the Nordic low drag one except the color. I will try it with my Super X3 and report back. Update: Here it is. Gold one is the factory VMCT follower that I took out. Does fit and seems to function ok. Haven't tried it on the range tho.
  14. Thanks for the input. By the way, which chest harness you ordered?
  15. I'm just getting into Shotgun IPSC. Shooters in my local range use and recommend shotshell carrier from King Competition but I find it expensive. Probably too expensive for a beginner. Then I came across the Taccom Project Gemini. The main difference is that Taccom Gemini does not have magnets and it's a lot cheaper than King Competition. I figured it's been released relatively recently as there's no youtube VDO about it. Here's the link to Taccom Project Gemini. https://taccom3g.com/product/project-gemini-16up-shotgun-caddy/ Would you recommend the Taccom Gem
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