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  1. Hello Todd, Please add me to the list 9mm, Standard sort, Fully Processed 1 Box, Thank you Max.
  2. +1 for Hiperfire, I have an Eclipse in my MPX Gen 2. +4,000 rounds no issues.
  3. Running a C-more 6 MOA, good to go with 100 yrds targets, Click switch is the best option to keep it in the same brightness
  4. I have the JP competition trigger no complains, just replaced a Timney trigger (that works and feel the same that JPC) with the Hiperfire Eclipse in my lwrci last weekend, the trigger feel in double tap was way better for me. Want to see how this change a 9mm pcc
  5. The lock time is way better than JP trigger.
  6. Looking to install a trigger Hiperfire Eclipse in my GMR15, but I am not sure if it's works due to JP SCS system. Has someone installed a HP in JP that could share how this works? Thanks
  7. +1 Hiperfire Eclipse with green springs < 2 lbs pull. I am using in MPX and no issues at all.
  8. Hello, Looking for this stock in google, but I can't find it. Any idea?
  9. All depends what is the main purpose. If you are looking for Steel Challenge, 5.5" barrel is the way to go. If you will use it for USPSA / IDPA, I do recommend 14.5" . You can also review JP site for ready rifles or order it in rifle builder section. I ordered mine to JP and get it in less of 2 months
  10. I use JP Short Stroke 5 steels - Syntech PCC ammo . soft recoil and fast red dot recovery.
  11. Any chance for discount code is appreciated Thank you Max
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