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  1. I have one installed in both an 85 Combat and a Shadow 2. Have not shot from a rest to really compare accuracy but barrel play at the muzzle is reduced to basically zero and I am more accurate with both guns than with my standard-bushing 75. Install was simple and straightforward although the 85 took a little extra elbow grease to get the stock bushing out, and the 85 barrel also now requires a little effort to remove from the slide (I have not done any fitting on the CGW bushing). for $60 I say its worth it. Also when I did the work on my Shadow 2 I had roughly 1000 ro
  2. The model I’m looking for has the same 4.5” bull barrel as the Stock II. The Limited Pro guns have a longer slide/non-bull barrel.
  3. I’m having trouble determining the SKU# of the 10mm model I’m looking for. I believe the gun is the same as model 600600 but has an adjustable rear sight like the Stock II. EAA customer service is offline for a few days I think, so just wondering if anyone has an answer in the meantime. Trying to find model # and whether or not this gun is still in production.
  4. Love the Hennings. Nice contour and very grippy.
  5. Nolf1344

    CZ TS 2

    Hoping the grip dimensions are the same as Shadow 2. Bronze model with regular slide stop would be my preference.
  6. I believe the frame is nitride coated, followed by the polycoat on top.
  7. Nolf1344

    CZ TS 2

    Just saw this on CZ UB’s instagram. New CZ TS model with “improved frame and slide geometry, improved ergonomics, and increased accuracy and service life” due to better fitment. Anyone heard anything about this and its US availability?
  8. Thanks for the replies, everyone. Finally found a retailer with some in stock.
  9. Hi everyone, new user here. Was wondering if anyone knew any places selling the double diamond STI 2011 grip? Most places are showing as out of stock, unavailable, back-ordered, or discontinued. The only place I found them in stock requires they must be purchased with a frame as well. Hoping someone may have an answer other than ebay/gunbroker/armslist. Thanks!
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