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  1. Great suggestion and to your point I purchased a .223 JP CTR-02 - excited for it to arrive!
  2. Thank you HRider - sounds like you have been through all or many of the top trigger contenders - can a JP trigger be installed outside of JP and still achieve the same result?
  3. Sounds like Hyperfire and CMC are getting high praise - thank you
  4. I prefer single stage, very light and crisp - I am used to a K-80 shotgun trigger, Atlas custom 2011 trigger, and top of the line Trigger Tech in my bolt action - open to suggestions pros and cons on flat vs curved shoe
  5. All - seeking 3-Gun Rifle Trigger recommendations- Hyperfire, JP Roller, Geissele etc... thank you
  6. I can see your points about appealing esthetics does not translate to performance the JP BCG/Bolts do appear extremely well designed and built for reliability and longevity
  7. I can see your points about appealing esthetics does not translate to performance
  8. All thank you - great info and clearly JP is top notch!
  9. Please comment on assembling your own vs JP - for example are you able to achieve the same fit finish tolerances etc by assembling you own?
  10. How about the importance of cheek weld - is a wider stock advantageous or adds unneeded weight?
  11. All - seeking guidance on top 3 gun rifle stock selections - pros cons things to consider
  12. All - for those with experience with F-1 and JP, who makes the better rifle for 3-Gun competition? Thank you
  13. Great suggestion - thank you! I will give it a try at 200 yd zero
  14. Great video - informative and gave me a perspective I did not have can anyone comment on the Venom defense muzzle breaks thank you
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