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  1. +1 for Forester micrometer seating for and Redding - I use both on 6.5 creedmoor
  2. Mec 9000 with the automate electric drive motor
  3. Thank you the ammo top I reload and have started working up load to improve accuracy
  4. Thank you all - I am leaning towards an M2 but there sure does appear to be some great options at significantly lower prices
  5. Thank you frankge your post makes sense - I was going to ask about reclaimed as i load that for practice - you gave me additional insight
  6. Great info on the ballistic calculator - I shot a 3 gun match at Ben Avery today - learning more all the time - I had my first experience with a spinning at rifle range - it was challenging- any spinner tips?
  7. I tend to hear a Loud spring noise in the stock - any ideas on why and what my options are to eliminate the spoon on a cheese grater sound?
  8. Thanks for the tips I did install an SSA-E trigger big improvement in the feel
  9. Curious why you prefer 1 1/8 oz vs 1 oz at 1280 FPS?
  10. All - I am considering purchasing an M2 for the purpose of 3GUN and seeking advise on trigger springs - Taran tactical, 3Gun special addition no spring change - others? recommendations for springs in general? thank you
  11. All - Recently I started shooting 3 gun and I am seeking input on reloading - I am a long time clay shooter and load light 7/8 oz 1 oz loads for a high end over/under on a MEC 9000 automate load recommendations/techniques for 3GUN? Thank you
  12. I located an Appleseed course near my town in Arizona - thank you for the recommendation
  13. All - this is very helpful - as mentioned I have only shot 2 matches ever - please explain more regarding breathing techniques
  14. Great tips - I did recently zero at 50 yds after my last match I don’t own a chronograph - May have to look into that i upgraded my trigger but it seems like maybe trigger control could be part of the issue?
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