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  1. It's much better than I thought. I thought there would be some plan in the rails that would cause some concern, but there's no movement. Aside from the frame sticking out, the shadow 2 slide is also about the same width as the TSO frame.
  2. Here's the picture of the frankenbuild. My concern is that the blast from the muzzle may hit the frame.
  3. I'll post a picture of this abomination later, but would there be any issues with a Shadow 2 slide and a Tac sport 9mm frame? I know it looks stupid with the extended dust cover past the slide and barrel, and it does stick out a little in the back too. The hammer at rest seems to be the same which is what matters. Hand racking with a dummy round and slide lock all seem to function fine. The particular Shadow 2 upper that I have is milled for an optic so it would be fun to try it with the TSO SA and heavy frame.
  4. I was hoping for the smaller levers and the extended slide release to be able to release the slide with my shooting hand instead of my support hand. But they are very pricey and will probably be cheaper once available here. The barrel issue is a curious one. I posted several times in the Beretta forum and some of us are trying to figure it out. One person said the casing was so stuck in there that he had to yank it out by hand.
  5. I posted this on the Beretta forum as well, but been having issues with FTE on my 92xP. 1500 rounds, and happened twice within 150 rounds of each failure, somewhere after the 1k mark. Took this snapshot off my aimcam from today's USPSA match where you can see the next round getting stuck on the empty casing still stuck in the chamber. A few others noted they had similar issues with FTE, which is uncommon for a 92.
  6. I've been spending a lot of time with my 92xP and have fairly similar feedback to many owners who are using the pistol for matches. My Elite II seems to fit my hand much better, and that gun is not an ergonomic dream either. That being said, with enough practice, any ergo issue can be overcome, but it would be nice to have a gun fit out of the box. I am hoping Beretta USA offers the "special parts" soon. The EU site's extended slide release combined with a thinner safety lever will help alleviate the issue of not being able to reach the slide release. I kind of wish they put VP9 cocking "wings" in the back of the slide where the safeties used to be. The shape of the Beretta 92 slide is just about as bad as the Shadow 2 for overhand gripping since it tapers significantly towards the top. I do love the recoil management and the trigger, but part of me wonders if a SP01 or S2 was the better way to go.
  7. Called RHT and they said they just added the 92xP to the list. No other kydex places that I emailed seem to offer it. My pick would be Garrett for the leather lined Kydex but they said they can't do it. Apparently the one on Beretta's site is not good.
  8. Not having the best luck with my gun-- Had light primer strikes on three rounds of PMC factory ammunition. One of the rounds, I put back into the gun and it still failed to fire with a second attempt. These all fired just fine in my Beretta Elite II (with a lowered 13 lb hammer spring) and a factory Sig P210. Will probably just send the gun back to Salient this time.
  9. Thanks for your thoughts. I also really like mine a lot and it was a heck of a surprise considering there are so many established makers. Do you have the Strike One or the Type B? If it is the type B, would you mind posting what the inside of the mag release system looks like?
  10. Oh, that's you! I saw your video and sent you a message on Instagram, what a coincidence. I'm glad to hear that your mag release has been pretty reliable after tweaking it. The thing that bugged me the most was when my mag fell out during shooting, I couldn't get the mag to come out by pulling on it, so it was hard to tell when the release bar needs an adjustment. I am concerned that over time again with numerous reloads, if it will bend the release bar again and fail. Archon told me that they had revised the magazine release on the Type B, but no diagrams or additional info was available. I was thinking if it could be retrofitted into the Strike One, that would be a final solution.
  11. The magazine release in my opinion is not a good design. After around 1000 rounds and 3 months later, my magazine release failed on my Strike one and the magazine would fall out during firing. I was told the Type B uses a new magazine release but am waiting to see it. I was able to adjust my magazine release leaf spring but it is overly complicated and seems like something that can and will fail again.
  12. My Salient Strike One was really getting up there in my favorites, but unfortunately it became unusable in a steel comp this time. Sometimes after a shot, the mag would fall out, happened several times in a row and basically ruined a bunch of stages. The magazine release system is way more complicated than it should be, with an oddly shaped leaf spring and an ambi-button that failed. The range officer gave it a test fire and the mag fell out every 8-9 or so rounds. I'd say I am around the 1500 round count on my Strike right now. Apparently this is a common issue among the few strike one owners out there. Rain 6 had posted a video addressing the fix for it using pliers to bend the leaf spring and pointed to that the gun includes a guide on how to adjust it. Seems silly that they should have went with a really simple reliable system instead of one that is prone to failure. Not sure if the Type B has the same system but it looks to be the case. I just finished bending mine back into shape tonight so we'll see how many rounds it goes for before needing an adjustment. The manual says an adjustment is probably required every several thousand rounds or so.
  13. As much as I was advised not to pick up an Arsenal Strike One since there would be limited support and parts accessibility, I wound up purchasing an ("overpriced") Salient version. And the end result is that I love it. I would not say that it is a hugely noticeable difference over a lightly modified Glock 34, but I do feel that it performs just a bit better for it to count. The Type B from Archon just got released and I am wondering what the feedback is. Competitively, the Salient Strike One would classify as Limited in USPSA, which is a huge disadvantage in that division. In the production division, it would really be a great pick.
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