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Found 11 results

  1. I have a Versamax Tactical with monotube, worked over by RCI X-Rail. Their take on the carrier is that you can run the factor one, as that will feed best. I have yet to be bitten, but others that have shot my gun left a trail from their bleeding thumb. I've also run Taran Tactical Benelli M2 carrier in a previous Versamax I've owned. That one was rather short, and had some feeding issues that (I now know) may have been fixed with the RCI dogleg spring and Wolff +25% extra power recoil spring. Just curious what you've tried and are are currently running and why.
  2. I'm looking at getting some Carlson's Chokes for my Versamax, and I'm just curious about going with Improved Mod over Mod. I have not patterned anything, and typically shoot 7.5 Wal Mart Winchesters or Federals. What might be your preference? Improved Cylinder + Light Mod + Mod or Improved Cylinder + Light Mod + Improved Mod
  3. Hey Guys, I've got a Versamax that was 3-gun modified by a smith, he allegedly called Remington and they said two springs control the stiffness of the lifter gate. They said he could remove one of the two, without any negative effects, unless I was trying to cycle 3 1/2" turkey loads or something. It's probably 800-1000 rounds old (mostly bird), and has suddenly developed an issue cycling slugs. The old shell ejects, the bolt cycles, but instead of feeding the new slug into the chamber, it leaves it sitting on the lifter gate, and goes to battery on empty. If I manually cycle it, it will pick it up right away. Probably... 1 out of every 7 or 8 has this issue. I have not tried any buck, and it has not had any trouble with bird. It's the same with two different kinds of Federal slugs, I haven't tried anything else. My question is, do you reckon that it has something to do with the weight of the slug and it missing that second spring (how much more can a slug possibly weigh?)? I can probably just put the spring back easily enough, if I can find it. I'm only guessing it's the lifter gate, please set me straight if I'm just talking out ma butt. If it sounds like something more complicated, it's going to have to go to a pro (I'm "that guy" who can insta-break a gun just by looking at it.). So tell me what you think, I'd be much obliged! :-) :-) :-) Lorna
  4. Hey guys.. looking for someone to lift my welder and open up my loading port in southern cali. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks!
  5. I had Crums weld a lifter for my Versamax and I have had some malfunctions ever since. The shell seems to push to the extractor slot side and gets hung up. I talked to Jeff and he said to bevel the extractor slot side of the chamber mouth. I did this and it has helped, the shotgun doesn't have near the number of jams as before but it still has a shell that hangs up going into the chamber sometimes. I have beveled the chamber as much as I dare. I don't want to got to far and have shells bulge out to the point that the extractor won't hold them any more, and I don't want to run expensive shells with a heavier base. I don't want this to be a dig at crums I know they do good work. I just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas on how to fix it. It never malfunctioned with the stock lifter. Thanks
  6. On display at the NRA show. I see a rear sight dove-tailed into the rib! I hope to be shooting one at the Pro-Am in August.
  7. So I am finding that I need a taller comb on the stock of my Versamax than the lager of the two provided to get a proper cheek weld. Does anyone know if one is made? Or some aftermarket Comb that may fit the Versamax?
  8. I have a versamax tactical with the welded lifter from c-rums. It has worked flawlessly for about 150 rounds. This week I took a competition multigun class with Mike Seeklaner and Erik Lund and had 4 shot shells and 2 slugs out of 200 round get caught on the extractor cut in the barrel. Its possible it was bad shellsm but I see on here were people "break the edge" or "radius the sharp edge. Does anybody have any pictures of what one looks like after the modification? I could not find pictures in any of the threads and I dont want to make it worse or ruin the barrel. Thanks
  9. Yesterday a friend and I welded the stock lifter in my VersaMax. This gun is brand new and hasn't been shot, but I have hand cycled about 50 cartridges through it prior to welding the lifter. The weld job filled in the fork but does not extend past the stock lifter. I noticed a paper thin shaving at the 11 to 1 o'clock position of the cycled shells after putting the welded lifter back. My concern is that if I add more length to the lifter, shells would get even more cut up and possibly not cycle. Are there any fixes to this? Is this a valid concern or something unwarranted?
  10. Has anyone tried TTI parts on your Versamax? If so, which parts work and which don't? Most curious about the charging handle, the bolt release and oversized safety. I know the bolt release works after talking to Taran on the phone...but even he was curious to know if the safety works. So, if you have experience with these accessories in your Versamax, let me know. If they work, I'll probably go with them...if not, maybe some Nordic or Briley parts. Greg P.S. I'm totally grateful for this gun/shooting advice "database" called BE. Your help has been totally helpful.
  11. Has anyone figured either of these things out? I'm for sure going to need to mount a sling for a match this summer, and probably a light. I'm looking for the LEAST Macgyver way to do it. I saw Urikagold sent his in to Crucible Armament and had a couple of sweet sling options mounted, but is there anything else? Also, what about the light? A rail would probably be my first choice, but mounting that on my new sexy Versatube....uhh... I would have messaged Mark directly, but thought others might have good ideas too. I look forward to all of your creative answers. I know you guys will come up with something. Thanks in advance! G
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