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  1. Maybe a little under gassed? Or the gas block misaligned?
  2. I didn't see it posted anywhere 2021 IWI 3 Man 3 Gun in Topton, PA June 26, rain day and/or prize table is the 27th.
  3. Thats the odin works zulu
  4. https://aimsurplus.com/aimsurplus-ar-m16-223-5-56-tin3-bolt-carrier-group/ They have an all tin coated bolt that is out of stock. They seem to get stock in every few weeks.
  5. It's good they put a code out for everyone. The email gave me 40% off
  6. From the email I was sent it was for military an law enforcement people that have previously registered with them. You have to follow the link in the email. I could be wrong, but thats the way I took it. If you do register as military or law enforcement with them they offer a 30% discount everyday.
  7. http://hayescustomguns.com/vr80-els-mag-attachment-for-19rd-magazines/
  8. The mag conversion will leave you wanting more ammo. You'll be limited to 30 rounds when everyone else is running 57 round big sticks. A friend went that way just to get into PCC and he is now building a dedicated PCC rifle.
  9. I've got three 19rd mags, and a magwell on the way from advanced tactical. Just a heads up....if you email them a copy of your military or law enforcement credentials they will add a automatic discount to your account. $60 mags turned into $45 mags!
  10. New to the club. I can't wait to get it out to the range!
  11. https://www.redhilltactical.com They can probably hook you up
  12. usmc1094

    Glock 34 Trigger

    He has a video on YouTube showing how to get the frame ready for his trigger. He's a good guy, and he will make sure you're happy!
  13. usmc1094

    Glock 34 Trigger

    If give him a call, that doesn't sound right at all. Did you prep the frame, maybe its hanging up on something.
  14. It will turn it into an entirely new gun!
  15. I've worn a pair of 8inch side zip Merrells to work everyday for over a year and I've had 0 issues from them. I personally wouldn't wear them for shooting, but its not because they are a bad boot.
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