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  1. I'd just go with the long, that's what he is using.
  2. He has the pro fit long. I aslo found this on their website.
  3. A friend of mine runs his pro in a gls
  4. The safariland for my G34 fits my RIA. I had to trim the sides down for the safety, but other than that it fits perfectly. I can grab a picture if you want.
  5. It auto loads like an A5
  6. I'm running RP9 mags with Arrendondo extensions and inserts that are getting 22 with no problems.
  7. The JM I have took some work to get running, and more money. A friend getting started in 3 gun ran it for 2 years and as long as you keep it clean it always ran. I have switched to a M3000 and he bought a M3K. The JM's are a LOT of maintenance! But I would have no problem running mine any day of the week.
  8. It does have an MOA follower. But I didn't check it for defects. I will let him know. He did tell me today that he did and entire practice session with 0 problems. I believe the angle of the video is giving people a bad view.
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