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  1. https://www.redhilltactical.com They can probably hook you up
  2. usmc1094

    Glock 34 Trigger

    He has a video on YouTube showing how to get the frame ready for his trigger. He's a good guy, and he will make sure you're happy!
  3. usmc1094

    Glock 34 Trigger

    If give him a call, that doesn't sound right at all. Did you prep the frame, maybe its hanging up on something.
  4. It will turn it into an entirely new gun!
  5. I've worn a pair of 8inch side zip Merrells to work everyday for over a year and I've had 0 issues from them. I personally wouldn't wear them for shooting, but its not because they are a bad boot.
  6. Took me a minute to find it
  7. Would you say they run about the same in size as Salomons?
  8. I didn't know if the extra spring pressure and the heavy 9mm odin 9mm buffer was slamming the bolt forward and causing the ftf's. Just a thought, maybe I'm thinking about it the wrong way.
  9. Would the secondary buffer in the Zulu 2.0 stock have anything to do with my issues?
  10. I ran one at a match yesterday. I had nothing but ftf. With no feedramp it wouldn't feed round nose. I guess I'm going to take a Drexel and make my own ramp. I know its wasn't a mag problem because after 3 stages of messing with it I switched rifles and used the same mag and it was all good.
  11. Anyone know if they will be selling aftermarket parts (i.e. magwell) or will you have to buy it when you purchase the gun?
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