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Found 4 results

  1. I picked up a Very gently used Ruger LCR-X 3". The front sight is white and fixed with a fully adjustable rear sight. I can shoot with both eyes open. I shot consistantly low. I did adjust the rear sight to raise it. But I still seemed low. I only shot 50 shots. I seemed to shoot the 158 grain bullets better than the lighter 125 grain bullets. My sight picture was centered and flat across the top like in the manual. I am wondering if I need the bottom of the white flush with the bottom of the rear sight. Thus elevating the gun. Ideally i I would like a 6:00 hold. I have read read that the trigger is unique and it is me doing it. I dry fired extendively before going to the range. So I thought I had the trigger figured out. The recoil is very mild and controllable to me. The nice grip is the reason I suspect. So has anyone else been down this road ?
  2. Got a new barrel for my 40 compact, a KKM 40-9 conversion barrel to shoot in IDPA CCP division. I shot groups with it at 25 yards to test function. While groups were OK( < 5" 10 shot groups) they were consistently centered about 5" to the right of the bullseye. I drifted the rear sight to the left about .07" with my sight pusher. My concern is that it makes the rear sight look pretty off center although it's still within the dovetail and doesn't protrude off the side of the slide or anything. I can just start to see the very slight edge of the striker block hole visible on the right side of the rear sight but it's definitely in no danger of popping out. Is this an acceptable situation? Could the slide to barrel fit with the new barrel just be that much different than the factory barrel? Function was fine in the first 50 rounds. http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae219/randomperson8008/IMG_20170219_070359.jpg http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae219/randomperson8008/IMG_20170219_070310.jpg
  3. A friend of mine picked up a Mossberg [see photo below] the other day and we went out shooting. Immediately when I picked it up, I noticed that there was no vent rib and that the bead sat directly on the barrel. When shooting, it was really hard to hit gently thrown clay pigeons. I wanted to pattern his shorgun on paper but we had none on hand. After shooting with him, I jumped online and looked at other pictures of Mossbergs with vent ribs and the bead sits exactly where it should be. What gives?!?! I would think that the POI would be WAY different between the two. [Also, I don't really believe that a tactical shotgun doesn't need to be aimed.] What is the consensus; has Mossberg lost their mind or am I nit picking?
  4. Just replaced some aftermarket tritium sights on my P-01 that were shooting about 2 inches low at 7-8 yards. I purchased and had a gunsmith install these (not sure about the weird links to CZC right now): 1) https://02b665f.netsolstores.com/CZ-Tactical-Rear-Sight.aspx (part #10100, Tactical Rear Sight Standard Dovetail, states on the 75 it will require the 6.5mm front sight, perhaps this assumes the full size 75 and not the compact?) 2) https://02b665f.netsolstores.com/CZ-Fiber-Optic-Front-Sight-6.5mm-0.100-with-1.0mm-FibreRod.aspx (part #10409, FO front sight 6.5mm-0.100 with 1.0mm fiber rod) After installing the new sights I'm still getting POI 2 inches low from POA at 7-8 yards. I'm guessing I got the wrong front sight? Any insight here? I assuming I should purchase a new front sight at the height to 6.0mm or even 5.5mm height. I prefer the POI just above the POA for the game we play. I searched the forum for a post I recall reading a few months ago on that concept, but I wasn't able to find it. Thanks in advance for humoring me...
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