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  1. I personally have dived face-first into a muddy creek bed with one loaded into my rifle, and it still ran for the rest of the weekend. After the mud started to dry and flake off on the inside, it got a little finicky about feeding when I loaded more than 50 rounds or so, but that cleared up when I broke it down and cleaned it. I've also seen people drop loaded D60s in the mud, pick them up, and have them run fine after just shaking them off a little bit. They're pretty reliable overall.
  2. Both are perfectly valid opinions, but I'll throw one out there that's somewhere between the two of them: I wouldn't really see much of a point on a .40 that's only going be used for USPSA Limited, but for a 9 mm that's going to be used in 3 gun, I am violently pro-rail. They're not super-common, but night matches happen often enough that I'm a fan of being able to mount a light. It's kind of pain right now, because I shoot a TSO for everything except those night matches, and I have to switch to something else. Especially since the night-time stuff tends to show up as a side event, I'd have to bring two sets of pistols, mags, holsters, etc. to a match, which is a pain. I'll gladly accept the janky aesthetics on a USPSA gun in exchange for that flexibility. Between that and the cheaper magazines, it doesn't quite bring enough to the table for me to dump my TSO for this, but it is enough that that I'd probably have bought one of these instead if they'd existed a couple of years ago.
  3. Nothing there that makes me want to dump any of my current guns in favor of this one, but it makes me really, really wish that this had been out there a few years ago when I was first getting started. The more I think about it, the more I hone in on the magazines, which I wouldn't originally have expected. Making the assumptions that this will be roughly on-par with a TSO in terms of quality (which I think is a pretty safe one), and that the magazines "based on" the P-09/P-10 pattern mags are in fact interchangeable, then a newer shooter has a clear path to pick up a relatively inexpensive polymer-framed CZ to ease into the game, then gradually upgrade to some high-end options like the CZC A01 and this thing while sharing the same magazines for basically everything.
  4. That works great, thanks again man! Looks like the ~14" that's pretty standard for the Benelli-like guns... Yeah, it's definitely going to be food for thought.
  5. It's not so much that there was anything wrong with the SWFA (I still think that they're underappreciated in general, and I still have that one to use as a spare), just that I made the mistake of looking through a buddy's Razor during a match and realized that it's a little bit better in most regards. The image is a little clearer and brighter, and there's a tad less distortion around the edges of the field of view on 1x. I also realized that the FFP capability - a big part of the reason why I'd gravitated towards the SWFA in the first place - isn't all that significant in 3 gun, and I've gradually come to prefer the less cluttered reticle on the Razor, especially on 1x. Even after I decided on upgrading, it's not like the difference was so extreme that I rushed out and bought a Razor immediately. I set aside my pennies and watched for good sale prices for a year or so before pulling the trigger on it.
  6. I can't answer question 1., since I've looked through a few Vipers, but never spent much time messing with the adjustment turrets. Sorry. But 2 out of 3 isn't that bad, right? 2. No, the adjustment turrets on the Razor 1-6 are pretty easy to move. Clicks are maybe a little bit mushier than a top-of-the-line, high-magnification optic with exposed turrets that are intended to be adjusted regularly, but they're distinct enough that you're not going to turn straight through them or anything. 3. Some people like the Strike Eagle, and I'm not trying to throw them under the bus or anything, but... in my opinion, yeah, it is. I have heard it referred to as the most expensive optic in 3 gun, because it just adds $200-$300 to the cost of the better optic that you'll eventually buy anyway. All of that is driven by the generally low optical quality of the glass. The Razor has some great glass, and the Viper isn't too far behind it... but the Strike Eagle is much worse than either of them. This is just me, but even if the turrets on every single Viper were so stiff that I needed a wrench to turn them, I'd probably still prefer it. Bad turrets are bad when you're zeroing... but bad glass is bad every time you look through it. I currently use a Razor, but started out with an SWFA 1-6x; based on that and some intermittent experience with a buddy's Strike Eagle, I'd say that the glass in your current 1-4x is much better. Even with the higher magnification, I'd call a Strike Eagle a downgrade.
  7. Thanks man, that'd be great! If you could drop a tape measure from the trigger shoe to the center of the butt pad, that should do it. Something like this: And yeah, I'm hearing some pretty good buzz about the 1301 Pro. I'm frankly not at a level where I would benefit from a shotgun upgrade; hopefully, by the time I get there and have some money saved up, the Pro version will have been out for long enough that there'll be some good info on it from folks that have run them in matches....
  8. Thanks for the input. The 1301 was vaguely on my radar for doing some additional research, and that's a good data point. I should probably clarify here that I'm not dead-set on the Breda or anything - I'm doing some long-term research to pull together the pros/cons of the popular options out there, and one of the factors to consider is ergonomics of the factory furniture and availability of aftermarket options. Everything about most of the common shotgun choices is documented pretty well, but for whatever reason, I can't for the life of me find that information about the buttstock for the Breda....
  9. Little bit of a necro-bump, but my Google-fu has failed me, and I figured someone here might know: While I'm in no particular hurry to replace my current shotgun, it is something that I'm probably going to do in the future, and I'm weighing my options so that I can start setting my pennies aside for when I do feel like making an upgrade. The catch is that I'm a short dude with tiny T-Rex arms, and the "compact" 13 1/8" LOP stocks that Benelli and Stoeger make fit me better than the full-size versions, so that's a consideration. What's the LOP on the B12i stock? Are there any replacement options for a compact version with a shorter LOP?
  10. I've heard nothing but good things about them. This probably goes without saying, but just case: I'd strongly recommend handling one in person before taking the leap (a lot of the big-box stores sell the stock RIA double-stack guns). The grip geometry a little different from a more "standard" 2011, and it won't work for everyone.
  11. GB Customs makes a bolt-on aluminum magwell for forged lowers that runs fine with Gen 3 P-Mags (including D60s), at least in my experience: https://www.gbcustomaccessories.com/apps/webstore/products/show/6604468
  12. As popular as the CZs and Tanfos have gotten for USPSA, they seem to have relatively little penetration into the 3 gun space. All the things that make them good pistols for USPSA still apply to 3 gun, and I think that the main downsides would be due to the fact that they're not super-common. Your holster options will be a little more limited, and it's less likely that you'll be able to bum mags or spare parts off of other shooters, but those aren't exactly critical issues.
  13. Sorry if this is addressed elsewhere, but I couldn't find any discussion on this topic within the past couple of years. I'm travelling to the Titusville/Merritt Island area for work pretty soon, and I'll probably be there for a week and half or so. My exact schedule while I'm there is still a little uncertain, but there's at least a chance that I'll have enough free time to try to work in some training, maybe even a match. Anyone happen to know of any decent ranges in the area? Being able to draw from a holster would be ideal, but I'd settle for any place that doesn't have "no rapid-fire" rules.... I'll be checking Practiscore, but any recommendations for matches (USPSA or multigun) would be welcome, also.
  14. The only issue with using the GLS holster with any variant of Tac Sport is that, at least for me, the mag release button always seems to get jostled a bit during the draw. It's JUST enough to unseat the mag. A little judicious dremel-ing can take care of that, though.
  15. I've used the Burris PEPR and the Aero mount, but the only mount that I think I've put through enough abuse to speak to long-term durability is the Warne X-Skel that I'm currently using. I'm in no way affiliated with them, but I do want to give credit where credit is due. This is the third year that I've been using the same mount and optic combination. I took my rifle out to the range to verify its zero before the first big match of this season, and it was dead on without any adjustments. That's pretty solid. What's even more solid is when I tripped on a root while running at a full sprint across a creek bed on the first day of the Vortex Shooters Source match this year and chucked my rifle a foot or so into a mud puddle on the far bank... then was still making first-round hits on 500 yard steel over the next couple of days without touching the optic or mount. The only issue from that whole debacle is that I wasn't able to give my rifle the thorough cleaning that it needed right afterwards, so the mounting screws have started to rust. I sent Warne customer service an email, and I had a new set of hardware in my mailbox in a couple of days.
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