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  1. The Stoeger is about the cheapest option that actually has some degree of aftermarket support. I don't know much about the Girsans, and it might be possible to overhaul one into a decent competition gun; but I'm not aware of any good turnkey solutions for that. I'd suspect that you'd be buying parts/upgrades from other guns and modifying them to fit. The Stoeger has some cross-compatibility with the M2, and there are several shops (most notably MOA Precision) making purpose-built competition parts for them. If you don't want to commit to the cost of the 1301, it's a better option than the Girs
  2. I think you might be thinking about the NRA World Shooting Championship? Pretty sure it was at Peacemaker and had a format similar to that. A quick google search doesn't reveal much information on it beyond "canceled for 2020 due to Covid", but I'm trying to remember what I saw about it the last time it happened. I want to say that it was a mish-mash of the typical "action shooting" sports (including SASS) with bullseye pistol, Olympic-style smallbore stuff, and trap/skeet. I'm kind of on the fence about whether including the "non-action" sports is better or worse. On the one hand,
  3. To echo what others have said, that is absolutely all that you need to go ahead and jump in! Other shooters will loan you anything that you need, up to and including guns, and that's a good way to get a good idea of what your preferences are in terms of upgrades as you go along. I'm going to make a couple of recommendations that will make that a bit easier - bear in mind that I'm by no means suggesting that you need to start buying things now, but just some generally "safe" options that will carry a minimal risk of wasting money as you go forward: This is a go
  4. No kids, but in addition to going through the "getting started" process myself, I've walked a few friends through it. I'm actually doing the exact opposite of what you're talking about at the moment - my dad has expressed an interest in getting into 3 gun, so I'm kind of walking him through picking out gear (it's nice that it's made birthday and Christmas shopping for him pretty simple the past few years...). I'll echo the general sentiment of "don't spend too much money until you know what you need." Do you mind if I ask what phase of this process that you're at? I ask because it
  5. I don't have any first-hand experience with the SLP - in fact, I think I've only even seen one in person once, at a multigun class at TPC like 3-4 years ago (and while I don't think the "well, this is what everyone's doing, so it must be right" train of thought is a valid decision-making process, the fact that I've seen a ton more Benellis/Stoegers/Versamaxes/Berettas than SLPs at the various matches and training courses I've gone to over the years probably means something, at least. Make of it what you will). But since I've become that guy that rants about Stoegers every time they come up, I
  6. I've actually spent a decent amount of time looking into the price/logistics of swapping between Comfortech stocks, and I've never been able to find a replacement stock for less than the $300-$400 range. At that price, I'd definitely put it at the bottom of the list for upgrades. I've never done a complete apples-to-apples test comparing an M2 with a Comfortech stock against one without, but I have done back-to-back shooting with a Comfortech-equipped M2 and another inertia-driven 12 gauge with a plain old polymer stock. Recoil seemed a tad more manageable with the M2, but it's very likely tha
  7. +1. Just be patient - I've bought I think three different complete CZ top ends off of the Classifieds on this forum; two of them were for exactly the sort of caliber conversion that you're asking about. No issues with either.
  8. First off, I think that this is a great idea, and I'd enthusiastically follow a youtube channel that did things like this. As someone who's considering jumping into the world of custom 2011s and has been frustrated by a relative lack of objective comparison information, it sounds awesome. There are a few in-depth videos out there - which are great - but most of them are one person assessing a single gun in a vacuum. The few head-to-head comparisons that exist are put together by custom shops to demonstrate why their product is better than someone else's, and even those aren't generally apples-
  9. Yeah, I was willing to chalk it up as a fluke the first time, but the second one is really weird. Makes no real sense, but... here we are. My replacement safety detents arrived today - I'll try swapping that in at some point over the weekend, and while I've got the pistol broken down, I'll try to take a few pictures. Might also detail-strip my backup gun to do some comparisons, we'll see.
  10. Had an odd issue happen a couple of times recently - hadn't seen it in person before, and didn't see anything in a quick forum search, so I figured I'd toss out a question to see if anyone had seen anything similar before. I was in the middle of a training drill on the range a few weeks ago when my TSO suddenly locked up - transitioned onto a target and pulled the trigger, and nothing happened. A cursory examination revealed that the right-hand safety lever had fallen off. Amazingly enough, I was able to find and recover it. It had been a very long time since I'd cleaned that gun,
  11. Steve133


    Pretty much. I'm not going to recap all of the generic ".40 vs. .45" arguments, but in the case of CZs in particular, magazine capacity is a deciding factor. CZ-97 mags only have a capacity of 10 rounds. That's kind of silly, given the size of the frame, but it was designed with an eye for import into the US while the AWB was in force, so it is what it is. A bone-stock TSO in .40 has a capacity of 16, and you can get that up to 19-20 with extensions and low-profile followers. Henning makes Tanfo magazine extensions that will fit a CZ-97 mag, but I think they only get you up to 12 rounds (thoug
  12. I'm sure you've figured this out in your research, but the receiver set is a difficult place to save weight. A lot of the "lightweight" options (the main ones I've looked at are the F1 and Lead Star skeletonized receivers, but there are probably others) start with a big, chunky billet; even after cutting away a bunch of material, you still wind up with something that's heavier than a standard forged set. V7 has been mentioned, and their receivers are actually a little lighter than mil-spec; 2A Armament also makes a lightweight receiver set that's actually lightweight. However, in b
  13. Not much you can do to reduce the circumference of the grip, but a stock with a shorter length of pull will probably help with that issue as well. If you don't want to fool with cutting/sanding the factory stock, you can get the shorter stock that Stoeger includes on their "compact" models for ~$60.
  14. Another recommendation for the DSPerman springs. I was prompted to look into stronger detent springs when I picked up a stage DQ in a 3 gun match due to the safety on my pistol disengaging after I put it in a dump bucket - after installing one of the DSPerman springs, there was a noticeable difference in how securely the safety stays in either position. I've had good luck using in them in an SP01, TSO, and a Czechmate. I tend to buy 5-10 of them every time I need one, just in case Scott retires or something....
  15. If budget is your primary concern, I think that one of the various flavors of the Stoeger M3k will be the best bet - from what I've been able to tell, they're about the cheapest option that will run well. Granted, that might be some personal bias talking, since I've got some personal experience with them; I think I might have a rosier view of the price/performance ratio than some people might, but I also think it's pretty safe to state that objectively speaking, they're about the cheapest that you can go without getting into some major performance issues. I've also heard some very
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