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  1. Along the lines of this thread, I've got a forged PSA lower that doesn't play nicely with most (all?) aftermarket PCC mag releases, but the stock mag release is pretty stubborn, so an extended model that gives me a little more leverage would be nice. I can drill/tap the factory button if it comes to it, but a drop-in solution would be slightly better, given my time constraints.... A few days back, I stumbled across a picture of an Angstadt Arms PCC lower with their extended mag release on it - their website only specifies compatibility with their lowers, but just eyeballing the pictures, it sure LOOKS like the mag release dimensions on said lowers are pretty similar to those on the older PSA forged models. Anyone have an Angstadt Arms lower that they wouldn't mind taking some quick measurements on?
  2. Steve133

    Lok Grips - Thin Bogies or Thin Full Checkered? Thoughts?

    +1 for the Bogies - they're the most aggressive grip pattern that I've found so far from any manufacturer. No direct experience with the Lok checkered grips, but I'm assuming that they're not too far off from the texture on the VZ checkered grips that I've used in the past; if that assumption is correct, the Bogies are substantially grippier.
  3. Steve133

    Beretta CX Storm 9

    Don't see it in competition circles too much... but I will say that it's far and away the best choice if you want to frak up some toasters.
  4. In terms of objective quality, I think the only way you're going to see a substantial difference between a TSO and a 2011 is if you're talking about a full-up custom build. So, if you're talking an out-of-the-box TSO against an out-of-the-box Edge, it's going to boil down mostly to personal preference. Why do I think that? This video explains at least of some of it. It isn't exactly the comparison that OP is making for a few different reasons, but I think it's germane enough to the general "CZ vs. 2011" debate to include here. Initial disclaimers: Yes, this is produced by the staff of a custom shop comparing one of their in-house guns to something else. I've met/talked to the Hayes Custom guys on a few different occasions, and they're honest, stand-up guys, but I'd imagine that there's still some level of bias, even if it is completely unconscious. The "2011" in this comparison isn't an actual STI model, but a tricked-out RIA doublestack. So, factor both "STI vs. RIA" and "stock vs. custom" into your interpretation of the results as appropriate (in my limited direct experience, I'd say a stock STI is much nicer than a stock RIA, but that a thoroughly-customized RIA is probably a shade nicer than a stock STI). They're talking about 9 mm for use in 3-gun, not .40 for USPSA, so some of the notes on recoil control, etc. won't be directly applicable to the immediate question at hand. With that out of the way: https://youtu.be/LP0eCLXuq0o To summarize: a slicked-up RIA is considered slightly nicer than a TSO (to the tune of half a point on an arbitrary 10-point scale) by the people who make said slicked-up RIA, mainly because it shoots a bit flatter. With a stock STI Edge, I'd imagine that the results would come out in a wash. No fancy slide cuts means that the 2011 probably isn't going to shoot any flatter than the CZ (and in that case, the advantage might move to the CZ); but the ergonomics are going to be a little bit better on an STI than an RIA, so the advantage that the CZ has in that department will be smaller. It would all come down to personal preference. I shot a Tactical Sport in USPSA Limited for a couple of years, and considered moving to a 2011 to be like all the cool kids when I got some extra cash on-hand. After looking into it more, I wound up just buying a TSO to have as a backup, since there were marginal (if any) actual quality differences, and I wouldn't have to start from square one on holsters, magazines, etc.
  5. Steve133

    Drum Magazines for 3 Gun

    To echo what everyone else has said... it depends. Pretty sure that UML doesn't have any restrictions on magazines in Tac Ops, and I don't think (though I'm less sure) that 3GN does either, but some outlaw matches will bump you to open for running a drum mag. I've personally never seen a match that would straight-up disqualify you for using one. Don't know about the beta mag, but I picked up a D60 when I found a decent price on one, and I've been surprised by how much use I've gotten out of it. Honestly, I haven't run into too many stages where the capacity was completely necessary, but it is really handy for rifle stages that involve rooftops or other weird positions where a 30- or 40-round stick mag would be awkward, but you want more than 20 rounds....
  6. Starting to dip my toes into Open, and I've been kind of curious about this as well. On the subject of dot sizes: up until now, I've only really used red dots on rifles, so I've been using 1-2 MOA dots on everything. I have astigmatism, so I've just kind of always dealt with those starbursting on the higher brightness settings. I recently grabbed a 4 MOA dot that was on sale to run on a PCC, and it seemed like it was much less prone to that kind of distortion. Is that, like... a thing? Am I just making that up, or has anyone else noticed that as well? Because if this is a real thing, then yeah, I'm on the 4/6/8 MOA dot train 4 lyfe.
  7. Steve133

    3 Gun Kydex Holster

    It's entirely possible that there are other options out there that I've missed, but based on the relatively small amount of research I've done, I agree with OPENB - I think that the Nerd Urn is the only off-the-shelf model I've seen. I'm personally hesitant about holsters without active retention for 3 gun, but I know that their non-Open 3 gun holster is backed up by a pretty decent guarantee - if you DQ because a pistol comes out of the holster, they'll refund your match fee. The product page for the Urn doesn't explicitly state that that same guarantee applies to that model - but if it does, it might be worth looking into.
  8. Steve133

    18" or 16"?

    The difference in velocity is going to be basically negligible between the two lengths. 16" will be a tad lighter and easier to maneuver; 18" lets you run a rifle-length gas system, which generally lets you get a slightly softer recoil impulse. Depends on which of those you value more. Personally, I tend to prefer an 18" barrel with rifle-length gas. I've never found it to be too unwieldy, and the weight isn't too big of a concern if you don't have a heavy profile. But far better shooters than me have plenty of success with a 16" or 14.5" (or even shorter).
  9. Steve133

    The Right Gun

    To echo what everyone else has said, with your 3 criteria (steel frame, .40 caliber, ~20 round magazine capacity), I don't think you're going to find a complete setup for $800 or less, but the RIA double-stack is probably the closest you're going to get. I've looked into the 9 mm RIA doublestacks for 3 gun, and I know that there are some cheaper magazine options for those (like the Remington-marked ones for their rebranded Paras, or the Mec-Gar models - though I think sometimes you have to monkey around with the baseplates a bit to get them to play nice with magwells....) - maybe there would be similar options in .40 as well? For what it's worth, while I think that there are better options than the RIAs overall, from what I've read on them, they're uniquely well-suited for testing the waters. They're a little rough out of the box, but they work well enough for just seeing how much you want to stick with shooting. And if you do decide that you want to stick things out for the long-haul, there are some shops out there (I'm in Texas, so Hayes Custom Guns comes to mind, but there are probably others) that do really good things with them. So, drop $700-ish on the base gun now, shoot it stock for a bit to make sure that this whole USPSA thing is worth spending more money on, then spend about that much on custom work, and you get a pretty solid performer. There are lots of options in the price/quality range of the final product (probably a few that are slightly cheaper or slightly better), but very few that let you amortize the cost over time like that....
  10. Steve133

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Don't know what to tell you, dude. Like I said, that's only as far as I can tell. I don't own a Shadow 2, so it's not like I can just pop the magazine release out and compare it to a sample of one. I do know that the TS and TSO can interchange more parts with the Shadow 2 than with a lot of the other CZ variants, so I was thinking that the magazine release might have been included in that, but in retrospect it's probably not likely, since I think the main issue with mag releases was the width of the magazine instead of the width of the frame.... Just trying to help. I'll leave you to it.
  11. Steve133

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    I actually tried to post some earlier, but I got bitten by the attachment size limit and didn't want to bother trying to host the image somewhere else I could link it from. I can actually try to put forth some modicum of effort once I get home, though. As for the magazine release, as far I can tell, it's just the standard Shadow 2 unit. You can buy them direct from CZ-USA's web store or from CZ Custom off the top of my head - probably few other places as well. Ditto for the aluminum trigger shoe.
  12. Steve133

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    It's definitely the fine checkering (i.e., cut, not cast) and the reduced grip profile. Not as sure about the trigger guard - side-by-side with my classic-flavor Tac Sport, the two trigger guards look basically identical.
  13. Steve133

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Just picked up a new TSO in .40 from the most recent batch that's starting to trickle in. Haven't gotten to shoot it yet due to inconveniently-timed range closures, but a few observations from just looking it over and dry-firing: I was fully expecting to run into some of the minor issues that people have noted throughout this thread, and was pleasantly surprised that at least some incremental upgrades are apparently being made. Mine seems to have come with a Shadow 2 magazine release (with the enlarged button - anodized in orange, natch) and safety (extended left-side lever and flat right-side lever). The trigger shoe is also aluminum instead of the previous plastic version. We'll see if this remains true after some range time, but I think I actually like the feel of this trigger shoe over the flat CZC aftermarket model installed in my older Tactical Sport. Unfortunately, the fitting of the mag well is still... well, kind of garbage, but you can't have everything.... Take it with a grain of salt, since the thing could explode the first time I shoot it. But, from a design and component-selection standpoint, it's nice to see that CZ is putting in the effort to make some slight improvements. Sorry if those upgrades were things that everyone knew about, but I was surprised, and figured I'd share....
  14. I started to copy/paste everything into a list so that I could parse it better, and then figured I might as well actually post the results in case anyone else finds that useful. Not adding or removing any events, just consolidating/reformatting the posts that others have already made. Apologies for any typos or transcription errors, please feel free to correct them: January February March 16-17: Missouri 3 Gun Championship, Versailles, MO 21-23: TPC Empire 3 Gun Match, Hurricane, UT 22-24: Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun, Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, Mesa, AZ (Registration on PractiScore during October 1st-20th, 2018) April 13-14: Johnson 3-Gun 2-Rifle Match #1, NRA Whittington Center May 18-19: Johnson 3-Gun He-Man Edition, NRA Whittington Center June July August 2-4: Wyoming Magpul Governor's Match, Cheyenne Wyoming 24-25: Johnson 3-Gun RM3G Edition, NRA Whittington Center September 7-8: Johnson 3-Gun - 2-Rifle Match #2, NRA Whittington Center October 17-19: Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun, Rockcastle Shooting Center, November December
  15. Steve133

    Anti Fog for Glasses?

    The latter. I used to mix it with water (i.e., the bottle I carried around with me was a water/shampoo mix), but it didn't work quite as well, and I just kept adjusting the amount of water downward until I just said "heck with it" and went with all shampoo. I'll squeeze a drop or two onto each side of each lens, then spread it around with a cloth or paper towel or whatever, let it dry for a bit, then hit with the cloth/paper towel again to buff cloudiness out. There might be other solutions out there that work better, but the baby shampoo works well enough that I haven't bothered to spend the extra money.