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  1. The only issue with using the GLS holster with any variant of Tac Sport is that, at least for me, the mag release button always seems to get jostled a bit during the draw. It's JUST enough to unseat the mag. A little judicious dremel-ing can take care of that, though.
  2. I've used the Burris PEPR and the Aero mount, but the only mount that I think I've put through enough abuse to speak to long-term durability is the Warne X-Skel that I'm currently using. I'm in no way affiliated with them, but I do want to give credit where credit is due. This is the third year that I've been using the same mount and optic combination. I took my rifle out to the range to verify its zero before the first big match of this season, and it was dead on without any adjustments. That's pretty solid. What's even more solid is when I tripped on a root while running at a full sprint across a creek bed on the first day of the Vortex Shooters Source match this year and chucked my rifle a foot or so into a mud puddle on the far bank... then was still making first-round hits on 500 yard steel over the next couple of days without touching the optic or mount. The only issue from that whole debacle is that I wasn't able to give my rifle the thorough cleaning that it needed right afterwards, so the mounting screws have started to rust. I sent Warne customer service an email, and I had a new set of hardware in my mailbox in a couple of days.
  3. I had not, actually. Thanks, I'll add that to the list for consideration.
  4. Thanks for the input! That certainly seems to be the consensus....
  5. Thanks for the input. I've actually got an Ergo Deluxe on a PCC. I'm in exactly the same boat as Monkey - seems like it's a tad more vertical than the standard A2 angle, but not as aggressive as the BCM. Between that and the fact that it's just a tad on the chunky side (I've got small-to-medium sized hands), it's not quite perfect... but it might wind up being the best option after I try some other stuff.
  6. So, I know that we beat the "guise, which grip should I get!?!?!" question into the ground pretty regularly, but I have a more specific spin on that question that I don't think has been asked, at least not with this degree of specificity. Like most of us, I've cycled through a few different iterations of... well, most everything on my rifle, and that includes grips. I've most recently gone back and forth between a BCM Gunfighter Mod 1 and the LaRue A-PEG. I really like the angle of the BCM, but really like the palmswell profile and texture of the A-PEG, and now that I've cemented those preferences, it's difficult to be completely satisfied with either one. There are a host of other "reduced angle" grips out there, and I'm probably going to try one of them on my next build, but before I commit to buying and trying out 50 different grips, I figured I'd check to see if anyone had any experience with them. Of these, which has the best "hand-filling" cross-section and texture? In other words, which is the closest to feeling like the A-PEG with a reduced angle? Or is there another option that I'm missing completely? Magpul K2+ Ergo Swift Grip Hogue "Vertical" AR Grip Tangodown BG-18 Daniel Defense
  7. Thanks, the direct comparison between options is really useful. I'll definitely keep an eye peeled for good deals on them. But having said that.... I think I am actually leaning towards the Athlon at this point, if only because the price from that vendor linked above is crazy-good (I think that model might have been discontinued or something?). It seems like the option that's the closest in look/feel to the Razor that I typically use in matches, which is reinforced by your feedback data on it....
  8. The last time I checked, Red Hill Tactical was about the only place to go for an active retention holster specifically made for the TSO. The Safariland GLS models will also mostly work, but will require some judicious Dremel-ing to fit without hitting the mag release on a draw. Neither will accommodate the thumb rest, though RHT can build you a holster without active retention that will fit the thumb rest. I'm still working on it, but I've almost figured out how to hack up a Safariland holster to work with a frame-mounted optic, so you might be able to make that work with the thumb rest as well if you put some work into it. To the best of my knowledge, there are no "off-brand" options for mags like the Mec-Gars that work so well in the standard CZ-75 guns. They're going to run $50 a pop pretty much wherever - about the only way to find a discount is to catch them in stock at Midway or Brownells (which is more difficult than it sounds like) while they're doing a site-wide discount promo. Greg Cote, LLC is another good source - they're pretty much never discounted there, but almost always in stock.
  9. Thanks for all of the input. My use case isn't exactly the same as yours, so I won't have all of the same priorities, but the information that you've supplied is very useful. I am doing my homework and researching each option, but the head-to-head direct comparisons are a little difficult to find, so first-hand knowledge of more than one of the possibilities is great to hear about.
  10. That's useful information. One more question: since the reticle was the deciding factor for you, is it safe to assume that you didn't see any major difference between them in terms of general optical quality (clarity, brightness, etc.)? I'm especially interested in the performance at 1x, since it'll be staying there a decent amount of the time. Were any of them substantially more or less distorted on the low end?
  11. Yeah, that all makes sense. Like I said, I don't plan on using one of these in a match or anything, just training with a rimfire upper on a bunch of stuff inside of 100 yards. I could honestly run everything at 1x and be fine. You said you used all 3 of the ones I listed - which is your favorite? Why? Are there things about any of them that stand out as being especially good or bad?
  12. Oh, that's a really good suggestion. I've heard pretty good things about Athlon optics from PRS guys who use them on their rimfire trainers. I'll have to add that to the list for consideration, thanks.
  13. I keep ALMOST buying one of these, but lack of aftermarket support keeps frightening me off. They come up in discussion surprisingly frequently. Seems like someone could build a fairly successful niche market modifying all the CZ and Tanfo parts that are kind of sort of similar but not quite identical to fit....
  14. There are TON of variables that go into answering that question. Are you using irons, a red dot, or a magnified optic? If a magnified optic, which one, and does it have a reticle with any kind of holdover markings (BDC, mils, MOA, etc.)?
  15. So, I think I might actually have stumbled across a use case for all of those cheap optics that everyone (including myself) always tells newer shooters not to buy. I've got a .22 upper that I use for a decent amount of rifle training. It started out as a way to practice quickly building positions - my local range has a rimfire-only line with a bunch of pretty small NRA smallbore steel targets out to 100 yards or so, so I threw an old fixed 3x optic that I had lying around on the .22 upper, threw the .22 upper on my match rifle lower, and had a pretty good way to train on quickly getting into a position and breaking the first shot at a small-ish target. Recently, I've run into some issues trying to schedule range time around work, and now about the only practice time that I can get involves time frames when all the rifle lines at my local range are closed except for a rimfire-only bay with a bunch of steel targets. Applying similar principles to the positional drills that I'd been working on, I figured that I could train some offhand rifle drills that similarly didn't involve any elements of recoil control or multiple shots - first round on target from low-ready or port arms, transitioning from one target to another and breaking a single shot, position entry/exit, that kind of thing. When I built the .22 upper, I went out of my way to make sure that it was as close as possible to my match upper in terms of weight, dimensions, ergonomics, balance, etc., so it "feels" pretty similar, other than the obvious lack of recoil. The 3x optic wasn't really much use for that, so I started swapping back and forth between that and a cheap red dot that I also had lying around. Here's the issue with that: since there's not really an eyebox to consider with a red dot, I caught myself getting a little bit lazy, and when I swapped back to the match upper with a 1-6 on it, I noticed that when I brought the rifle up out of a starting position, I tended to land with head alignment that wasn't quite good enough for a magnified optic on 1x, but was fine in a red dot. So, I think the solution is an upgrade... but frankly it doesn't make sense to do too much of an upgrade. I've found a cheap-ish mount that matches the height of the mount I have on my match rifle now. With that taken care of, I think basically any LVPO would be close enough to provide decent training value. Being something that will experience virtually no recoil, will not be chucked into any dump barrels or banged around during a course of fire, and will only be used between 10 and MAYBE 100 yards, the cheap 1-4x that everyone has to get talked out of buying when they start shooting would probably actually work in this application. Poor optical quality and a narrow eyebox don't concern me that much, and might actually be a benefit, since it would make training conditions more difficult than match conditions. As an admitted glass snob, I actually don't have much experience with the entry-level optics. Anyone have any suggestions? I normally run a Vortex Razor 1-6 with the JM-1 reticle, and while I obviously don't need anything identical, something vaguely close would be nice - a general crosshair-ish reticle (so, I've ruled out, for example, the Primary Arms rimfire 1-6, since the horseshoe/chevron reticle is probably a tad faster/easier to use on large targets than just the dot I'd be using on the Razor); an illuminated center dot and BDC (or BDC-like) hash marks would be bonus features. Since this is a trainer optic that will only ever be used for plinking in controlled range environments, I'd like to keep cost down - $200 or less, ideally. I'm currently going back and forth between the Vortex Crossfire 1-4x, the Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x, and the Atibal Striiker 1-4x. Anyone have any experience with any of those, or any other suggestions for "lower-tier" optics that aren't complete garbage?
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