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  1. Timido


    Local weekly steel shoots started doing PCC also. 6 Reloads on the timer. The Magwell works GREAT> I will get lots of reloading practice now for USPSA and classifiers . www.fridaynightsteel.com for those near Cincinnati
  2. Timido


    I sent him a message on the weekend and had a printed magwell a couple days later. The printed one is solid and works great
  3. Timido

    Which mag pouch for PCC?

    I ran a match on Sunday I ran the whole match with a Glock big stick in the pouch horizontal. I didn't notice the magazine at all. I think it is definitely the way to carry a big 41-57 round magazine. I carried two 140mm magazines prior to the 41rnd one. I like reloading with the big Glock mag over the short 140rnd magazines.
  4. Timido

    Which mag pouch for PCC?

    That one is the 5.5" Coda pouch. How long is the SMG magazine?
  5. Timido

    Which mag pouch for PCC?

    I got my Coda Evolution mag pouch today. It definitely holds 41-57 round mags alot better than my Cr Speed pouches. I am going to run with it this weekend
  6. Timido

    Which mag pouch for PCC?

    I just ordered a Coda 5.5" for a 41-47 Glock. I am under the impression that they work bullets up or down. They also work with colt mags . I got to check some out at the local matches and they look like they work great. I want a pouch for PCC that I can run straight across my belt that is different than my pistol pouches (CR Speed).
  7. Timido

    Stupid Firing Pins!!

    I have been using Spinta bolts for a couple years now. I have used the original style firing pin and the new style both with great luck. They are a great company to deal with.
  8. My Faxon/ Kaw Valley is .625 at the smallest There is a good diagram or the steps of the barrel https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Kaw-Valley-Precision-16-9MM-4150-QPQ-AR-15-Barrel-p/kvp-9mm-bbl-16.htm
  9. Timido

    Shoes for competition

    Brooks Cascadia. Solomon was too narrow for me
  10. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Taylor-Freelance-9mm-Glock-41-1-Wolff-Spring-P4401.aspx I got mine from Shooters connection. They are out of stock right now but here is a wolf part number
  11. Timido

    Sport Pistol Observations

    I ordered some sport pistol and saw this for everyone looking into it $2 rebate. http://www.alliantpowder.com/whats_new/promotions.aspx
  12. Timido

    Sport Pistol Observations

    Anyone use this powder in a Pcc? Sounds like a cheaper alternative to n320
  13. Timido

    Reloading supplies in Cincinnati

    I just got another 4lb jug of n320 and have a little bit of tight group left. I will keep my eyes open for some to try. Thanks
  14. Timido

    Reloading supplies in Cincinnati

    Does anyone Cincinnati area stock Sport Pistol or Shooters World Clean Shot?