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  1. Timido

    holosun 510C is huge

    I have a 510 on my PCC Sarge. Welcome to check it out at next hammer down or at local match. Tim
  2. https://www.2uniquellc.com/product-page/ar15-m16-barrel-wrench-plate These tools are high quality. This is what I use and it is nice stuff
  3. Timido

    Lok Grips - Thin Bogies or Thin Full Checkered? Thoughts?

    I had thin and palm swell bogies. I like the thin ones. Totally a personal thing
  4. Timido

    CZ75 SP01 140mm mag basepads--which one?

    Correct. And like others have said you could use grams followers and springs to get an extra 2 rounds.
  5. Timido


    Houge 15 degree polymer. Crazy lightweight, cheap, and they fit me
  6. Timido

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    My 13.5" with the pinned brake still works great. I probably have 1k-2k rounds through it now. Had a couple magazine problems last week with the 57 round magazine but I just got a new MBX spring and it should be good to go.
  7. Timido

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    I ordered a taccom feed ramp to put in my upper in case I needed it. I don't. Feeds great.
  8. Timido

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    I've shot mine with the 13.5" taccom barrel. Probably have 700-800 rounds through it. No feed problems at all. The feed ring is very generous and polished. The little bit of length and the little bit of weight loss from the front really ballanced the gun. My pcc is now the same weight it was but I moved about 4 ounces to the rear of the gun with a couple ounce heavier Magpul stock. It really makes transitions a lot easier for me.
  9. Timido

    Left side mag release lower

    Coda Evolution had a nice Ambi lower https://codaevolution.com/collections/pcc/products/pcc-ar-9-lower-receiver-coda-9
  10. Timido

    9mm PCC under 5 lbs?

    This one is crazy light. Cheap plastic lower with taccom barrel. Different optic and some high dollar light parts it could be 2-3 ounces lighter. The PCC I shoot the most is close to 6lbs and just shoots better
  11. Timido

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    Odin lite 12.5" is the one on my pcc
  12. Timido

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    I don't think it will be any problems cleaning it. The holes are pretty straight forward. My .22 comps get leaded up pretty good I just chip the lead away from them.
  13. Timido

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    Nice. I clocked my taccom barrel straight up same way my 16" barrel was with the comp on it. I don't think 900 fps 147s are moving a comp anyway in my case
  14. Timido

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    I shot my pcc today with the Taccom barrel. Shoot some 147 reloads. 130pf and 145pf. Both were accurate enough for me at 25 yards I was practicing doubles at 10 yards hanging plates. 4-10" plates .17 splits. My 16" upper shoots great with just the small taccom comp. The way this 13.5" is set up with more weight in the rear I think it will be better for me to transition with. I probably shot 300 rounds of round nose with no failures