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  1. Got my Vice holster yesterday. Feels great dry firing with it. Night and day nicer than the Bladetech shell I had. I can't wait to try it out in a match. With the lock on its not going anywhere. With the lock off it's slick as hell. Lafe is great to deal with with questions and I think it was worth the money and the 2 week wait.
  2. I have shooters connection belt. It works great . I have used crspeed and daa racers. Shooters Connection is great to deal with. They sponsor alot of matches and stages. They definitely support the sport and have great prices- fast shipping
  3. Saw GX Products holster at the range the other day. Pretty nice stuff. I ordered one with the lock. It should come in handy with some of the 2 gun side matches I do as well as USPSA .
  4. If you are military or police sign up for Oakley Si. I just got the Tombstone kit and it's amazing the difference a decent pair of glasses makes
  5. USPSA is hammer down start carry optics and production.
  6. I do the thumb roll. With enough dry fire and real life fire that double action shot is not even noticed. Only time it kind of messes with me is on a draw transfer it to weak side only type classifier. But I am usually a mess on those anyway
  7. X3 on the SLP2000 grease. I pretty much wipe the old grease off give the bolt a little scrub with a brush and solvent. Put new slp2000 grease on the bolt and a squirt of oil on the hammer pin and down in the sear
  8. I guess because it's technically a replacement part. I don't think a *thumb rest [generic]* would make someone that much faster. I have a 22/45 .22 that is basically an open gun but a .22 it has a *thumb rest [generic]* on it. The advantage in that case is it allows me to index the gun alot better. I thought about trying one on my CZ but with bladetech holster and my hanger that would be alot of changes for something that I don't really need
  9. Now I'm putting a *thumb rest [generic]* on my PCC.
  10. Oops fat fingered the quote button. They should just allow magwells and call it limited 10.
  11. I guess the grey area of the rule is that aftermarket replacement parts are being allowed. If replacement gas pedals are legal get one or not. I think it takes away from the production side of it myself.
  12. The production rules specifically say this modification is illegal.
  13. My old gen 1 blemished PSA lower works great. It's not broke so I am running it
  14. Timido

    CZ CO basepad

    Thanks for the info and pictures. I will have to try it out!
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