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  1. Sounds like mine. Winchester small pistol doesn't hardly make it to the ramp. I ran one sleeve of CCI small pistol and 97-100 worked fine.
  2. I mark mine across the primer for different loads and to know that it is mine if I pick it up. I shoot 9 so I am not so worried if I get it back or not
  3. I mark all of my Brass Red with a sharpie. I put them in a hundo case gauge. Run my fingers over the primers to check them and then run a fat trip sharpie across them all and flip them into a case. I have other colors for other loads
  4. 9.6 put me 169 9.8 was 176 You were right on. I will probably play with some at 9.6 and 9.7 Thanks for all the help
  5. Thanks. I think I have a riser somewhere for the 510 maybe I can make a pattern out of . The blast shield is currently out of stock
  6. So the only thing you have locating the sight to the stock mount are the screws? Do the Blocks on the bottom of the 510 locate it to the original mount along with the screws?
  7. Glad I asked then. Mine is stock barrel stock comp. Thank you for the load information. I did find this also.
  8. So is 9.0g a good starting point for 124 jhp PD czechmate I'm going to load it to 1.15 if not what would you suggest. Thanks
  9. I think I do but I think that I must push the back of it at times and lever it on. I put my Shadow sp-01 safety back on with the stronger spring and no problems
  10. Mine is the first gen one on milled slide with SRO. Fits good stays on pretty tuff stuff
  11. I have not ever used them before. I ordered a couple to try out.
  12. That fat safety didn't get along with me. I constantly flipped it up.
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