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  1. X2 GX Holsters are awesome .lock works great secure when you want it. Nothing in the way of your draw when its off
  2. I had a Disconnector that needed some fitting definitely call with CGW they have great customer service. They emailed me picture where to take material off. It took like two swipes over a stone. It did not take much at all to fit the part.
  3. I might try to make the drive South to a winter match or two. Driving from Cincinnati south any good options? Alabama Georgia Tennessee ish. Looking for ideas to break up the winter a little bit. Thanks
  4. Coda Evolution discount code TDUNCAN10  

  5. I have a CR Speed and Shooters Connection. Shooters Connection belt is my choice. I've never had a DAA belt
  6. I bought a slide from czc custom and had it milled. Took some time to get the machine work done. I am very happy with their work. I have delt with Cajun and CZ custom and they are both great company's.
  7. Got my Vice holster yesterday. Feels great dry firing with it. Night and day nicer than the Bladetech shell I had. I can't wait to try it out in a match. With the lock on its not going anywhere. With the lock off it's slick as hell. Lafe is great to deal with with questions and I think it was worth the money and the 2 week wait.
  8. I have shooters connection belt. It works great . I have used crspeed and daa racers. Shooters Connection is great to deal with. They sponsor alot of matches and stages. They definitely support the sport and have great prices- fast shipping
  9. Saw GX Products holster at the range the other day. Pretty nice stuff. I ordered one with the lock. It should come in handy with some of the 2 gun side matches I do as well as USPSA .
  10. If you are military or police sign up for Oakley Si. I just got the Tombstone kit and it's amazing the difference a decent pair of glasses makes
  11. USPSA is hammer down start carry optics and production.
  12. I do the thumb roll. With enough dry fire and real life fire that double action shot is not even noticed. Only time it kind of messes with me is on a draw transfer it to weak side only type classifier. But I am usually a mess on those anyway
  13. X3 on the SLP2000 grease. I pretty much wipe the old grease off give the bolt a little scrub with a brush and solvent. Put new slp2000 grease on the bolt and a squirt of oil on the hammer pin and down in the sear
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