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  1. I used factory c-more on czechmate for the first year or so. I was quick to want to change it at first but it works great as it comes. About a year later I put a SRO on czcustom mount and I like it but it is not night and day better than the old school CMore. I don't know why that large tall sight just works on the old school cmore
  2. April 20th. Robin said the orders coming to the states were taking alot longer than they normally would. He said customs was a big hold up right now.
  3. Nice, I guess mine is Floating in customs or an airport still.
  4. Timido

    929 Brass

    I've just never used Federal primers. I never loaded for revolver either. Only loaded 9mm minor and major with CCI, Win, and S&B.
  5. Timido

    929 Brass

    I talked to George this afternoon. Great guy had lots of good advise . I have a couple of his moon clips on the way
  6. Timido

    929 Brass

    I have a couple boxes of Berry's 147g .356 bullets. Thanks all for your help
  7. Any good head stamp brass you would recommend for 929. I have about 10 TK moon clips .035 After my speed hammer and trigger work. The gun runs my Winchester primer 147 reloads pretty good. I just want to stick with one brass brand that plays well with federal and Winchester primers Dillon 650 without swage. I've never run Federal primers for fear of blowing up the universe in the 650
  8. As far as fitting the New comp to the Czechmate. What measurement should the gap be between the comp and the slide. What kind of tooling is needed to correct this on titanium if it is needed. Thanks
  9. I got a tracking number and its on the way. I think mine was $215 shipped to me with a there pack of take down pins. I've read Robin is good to deal with. So far he was great with questions and sent it out the next day. Soon we will see
  10. Saw this a Titanium Czechmate comp. I ordered one to give it a try. https://seboweapons.com/en/domu/490-titanium-compensator-for-cz-czechmate.html
  11. I tried ording grams springs through their web site. Never heard anything Back. Buy them from Shooters. If they don't have the 13 coil with the follower you can buy a 11 coil with follower one and an extra 13 coil spring. Same follower
  12. Timido

    Shadow 2 holsters

    Gx products holster with the lock is awesome
  13. I could see paying like a $2 per classified add or $10 a year to view the forums
  14. I will see if the rebound spring is pushing my finger forward. Good advice
  15. I will start doing more dry and live fire then. I am more used to auto loaders . I've been shooting Carry Optics PCC and now Open. The trigger is night and day better than stock and I am trying to out run .
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