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  1. Those are 17rnd metgars. Mine are 21 rounds stock follower with stock replacement springs. I have some Grams springs have not tried them yet.
  2. Yes on the +4 Taran Tactical base pads. I got them from https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com
  3. Very happy with Coda magazine pouches. Reasonable price and it works great
  4. I've been shooting this one for a couple years now. I took the weight out and it ran fine. I will shoot it this week with the .100 shorter weight
  5. Shot mine yesterday with the HD buffer and .308 riffle and carbine spring. With the spacer it failed to reset the trigger only after the first shot . Couple different magazines. Even a couple 21 round mags down loaded to 10 rounds. Very odd behavior. I took the spacer out and it worked as normal. I had about .6 of spacer in before so maybe I will try milling the .1 off the stainless spacer
  6. I just got a new HD one and the front weight to try. I still have one of the original style ones. I have not have problems with it but am retiring it to the back up gun for the HD
  7. I have a 510 on my PCC Sarge. Welcome to check it out at next hammer down or at local match. Tim
  8. https://www.2uniquellc.com/product-page/ar15-m16-barrel-wrench-plate These tools are high quality. This is what I use and it is nice stuff
  9. I had thin and palm swell bogies. I like the thin ones. Totally a personal thing
  10. Correct. And like others have said you could use grams followers and springs to get an extra 2 rounds.
  11. Timido


    Houge 15 degree polymer. Crazy lightweight, cheap, and they fit me
  12. My 13.5" with the pinned brake still works great. I probably have 1k-2k rounds through it now. Had a couple magazine problems last week with the 57 round magazine but I just got a new MBX spring and it should be good to go.
  13. I ordered a taccom feed ramp to put in my upper in case I needed it. I don't. Feeds great.
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