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  1. Anyone know if the A3G carbon handguard and Taccom ULW Comp play nice together?
  2. I received my trigger group back from MOA with the lightning load lifter installed. I was a little concerned as I was not sure if it would change the way the M3K functions. I'm happy to say it runs exactly as before, with the obvious exception of the auto load feature. I'll be running my M3K tomorrow in a match, if things go well, I'll never have to use it. But knowing life it's bound to save me time on the clock at some point. Time to practice some more quad loading.
  3. I went with the Taccom stage saver on my M3K, little tall off the handguard but it works better than what I had before (matchsaver bolted to OEM guard).
  4. I got the MOA heavy bolt system installed in my M3K. Prior to the install it wouldn't run any of the Fiocchi 3gun slugs or buck. It will now run the Fiocchi JM 3gun slugs, with no issue. Am still having issues with the Fiocchi JM 3gun buck shot. Curious what is the lightest buck shot you guys have come across that will reliably cycle in the M3K?
  5. I just went through this decision a few weeks ago. I ended going with the Tacsol kit. Only downside is the cost of magazines. Runs amazing.
  6. Looks like the Briley handguard for the Stoeger will be out soon. Put my name down on one. Briley Stoeger M Lok Handguard
  7. Well I got a Tacsol mag to test out. Took a good bit of fitting but it goes in smooth and drops out. I had to take a good bit of material off the slide stop but it functions as it should. Ran through 400rnds at the range today to get her sighted in. I had a a handful of failure to feeds with the Aguila, but the CCI mini mags (1235fps) felt the best and ran flawless. Best group of 10 @ 25 yards attached. Now I just need more mags, and to figure out the finish...
  8. Shot a steel challenge match yesterday. Was able to get some rounds through my 2211 build afterwards. Tacsol magazine is still in route, but fiddled a bit more with the Advantage Arms polymer mag. I took schaet's advice and cut the spring 1/2" at a time checking with dummy rounds. With a total overall length of 4.5" I got acceptable results on the bench to warrant a test fire. Anything below that and there is not enough tension behind the last round. 2 1/4" is too much and left play between the last round and follower. The feed lips on the LH side also hav
  9. I got my 2211 roughly together on a dedicated frame. I picked up two advantage arms mags but 90% of the time the round is fed into the top of the barrel. I'll try trimming the spring down a bit to see if that helps. So far I would not recommend these advantage mags, ordered some tacsol mags to try out.
  10. Thank you all for the input. I will be putting this together as a dedicated .22 build. Is there anything I can do to set myself up for success? I've read elsewhere to run a 21# main spring aside from that not much more. Does anyone have experience with other wide body mags? Trying to find an inexpensive option to the billet mags they offer.
  11. Hoping to lean on the groups experience here. I have a Tactical Solutions 2211 conversion on the way, after doing a little more research I'm starting to doubt my decision on going with the tacsol setup vs the Marvel Precision Unit 1. How do the two stack up in action pistol competitions? I understand the accuracy is not as good with the tacsol, but i'm more concerned in how reliable the setup runs.
  12. Huge Thanks to MOA. Had them do a few things to my M3K, amazing work, great customer service.
  13. Is there a good method to follow on tuning all three together?
  14. Does anyone have pictures/dimensions of where they installed set screws in the trigger and trigger housing to make it adjustable?
  15. I bought some cheek risers with mine. The one that ships with the stock feels the best for me, anything taller and I'm looking down at the barrel.
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