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  1. A quick look on the website shows that the R2 is available with both 17 round and 10 round mags. I can’t find anything about it online. Typical Sig fashion. Constantly changing things without telling anyone what the changes are.
  2. ^^^ Nice. I earned a hat from KD4 for his pistol qual at 25 yards this weekend with a Gen 5 17. It’s very accurate.
  3. My Gen 5 17 is extremely accurate. 25 yards with irons on a B8 are no problem. Factory American Eagle 115g groups well. Took a couple front sights to get the height right but that’s part of it.
  4. All my Glocks with lower recoil springs are like this.
  5. Well damn, out of stock. I had an email notification set up and never got an email. my dealer still has one though. I bought a p320c from them last week. It’s my first p320. Always thought they were goofy as hell but I shot it and it shoots great. So I’m 100% getting the X5 now. I was waiting for the 5 days to clear so I don’t have to get multi-gunned but should be able to get it tomorrow or Friday. With my luck it’ll be gone though.
  6. My dealer had 2 for months. I guess they are newer ones because they didn’t have the LCI holes in the barrels. ive been considering one for a while but eh. I shoot glocks. Want either an x5 legion or shadow 2 to play with. anyway, last time I was at the shop they still had 1 of them. My other shop gets them from time to time and they usually sit for a while.
  7. Anyone have or seen one of these? Pretty sweet looking. https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/komp9-9x19mm-competition-rifle-kalashnikov-usa/
  8. I’ll take the word of Jonny Glock and just about every other Glock expert.
  9. If you are chasing a better trigger then take a Dremel and Flitz to the regular spring cups. Leave them assembled in the striker and you can polish the cups and striker spring. change the Glock channel liner with a white Lone Wolf one. They are much smoother. Or, you can polish a Glock channel liner with flitz and a bore mop.
  10. I need a scope and I’m torn between the Razor Gen IIE and Kahles k16i. the razor 1-10 looks cool but don’t think they are really available right now and I won’t be shooting distances where it’s really beneficial. I like the simple reticle of the Razor Gen II so I’m leaning that way.
  11. Yea it’s a pretty good gun shop. They have the Q5 SFs and tons of nighthawks. anyway, haven’t gotten anything yet but probably going there tomorrow as I’ll be in the area.
  12. true. I figured it was. Gun Scrubber gives me piece of mind knowing it’s a “gun” product. there’s that Powder Blast stuff too that I think is harsher then gun scrubber. Lucas makes a gun cleaner too. Not sure if that’s just brake cleaner too.
  13. What are the differences between the Shadow 2 and S2 Orange? Just the bushing and grips? I thought maybe the orange had a trigger job and was basically an S2 Accushadow but am I wrong about that?
  14. The A01 is like 2100. The shadow 2 Orange is 2k. Grip size seemed similar.
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