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  1. What’s the difference with this stuff? https://www.sgammo.com/product/federal-ammo-sale/500-round-case-9mm-luger-124-grain-total-synthetic-jacket-federal-syntech-
  2. What optic and how are you getting it milled? Ie., keeping the rear sight? Mine is pretty sweet. Just need to lighten up the trigger a bit so probably a little lighter striker spring. Is is anyone doing gen 5 19 reduced guide rods?
  3. Got the 45 back. Haven’t shot it yet. May get to after work today just to sight in and mess with for a few mins. Def need to lighten up the trigger a bit though. Maybe just a minus connector and 5lb striker spring and call it good.
  4. Thank you guys I appreciate the help.
  5. Honeybooboo

    Best magazines?

    Dumb question but new to CZs. I picked up an SP01 tactical and 75 Omega. (And probabaly a Shadow 2 soon) What are the best magazines? CZ factory? I see the mec-gar ones everywhere. I like the 18 round mags that came with the SP01 tactical but wouldn’t mind getting 16 round mags and putting TTI base pads on them. I saw nickel plated mags on the BS pro shop. What’s up with those?
  6. My G45 is getting milled right now with an RMR 07. Should have it any day. May try it out in a match and report back.
  7. I don’t like optics ready guns. So I’d go regular p10c or m&p and have it milled.
  8. Ouch. I like the 2.0s. Thought about getting an Apex barrel but don’t have a smith around here I trust to fot it. And CORES? Meh, I get my slides milled. I have a Glock 45 slide getting an RMR on it right now. Thought about doing a 2.0 as well.
  9. Honeybooboo

    P320 X5 Thread

    Is there a new or updated X5 coming out or something? I heard some talk about that.
  10. Isn’t there an actual standard 5” PPQ too without any slide cuts?
  11. I have a g45 that I’ve been shooting. I put some factory Glock night sights on it because I figured I would just use it as a carry gun. The more I shoot it the more I like it though. Thinking about getting it milled for an RMR.
  12. I tried to buy a p10f a couple days ago but the dealer only had one and it was sloppy. The slide was so loose it rattled just looking at it. The mags did not drop free. They had to be pulled out with the weak hand. I plan on on buying one and seeing how they shoot but I’ll have to wait until I find a good example.
  13. So pro model is targeted for 3 gun I’m assuming?
  14. I’ve been waiting to see what this new X5 is all about as well. But it this new PPQ Q5 steel frame and Zev pistol are really interesting as well. But it this is just another example of how sig frustrates me. They are always updating things and coming out with new versions without much info. Parts never interchange, etc and it’s just a pain.
  15. Awesome. I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a steel framed striker gun. I mean I get why, limited market, but thought it would be awesome. Hopefully this his will help control the flippy nature of the polymer Q5. Could be huge. Can’t wait to handle one.
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