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Found 12 results

  1. I bought a Hellcat OSP with FO front sight and would like to change it to a night sight. Two questions: who make the sights for SA and where can I buy them? If they cannot be bought, what would be a good replacement for the from sight?
  2. After a long time of shooting/carrying 9mm Glocks, had a strong desire to try a 9mm 1911 style pistol! Never did get away from my love of the .45acp/1911, so after much research, I went to Bud's last weekend and picked up my Springfield EMP4.Grabbed some of my match 147g GSSF loads, a few 135g coated practice loads, and purchased a couple of boxes of the Federal 124g American Eagles at the store. After running each mag with the 124s for functionality, I was amazed how well these performed in the EMP4! All testing was done at 10yds at Bud's indoor range. Lighting was great at the target stops but a bit weak for the FO front site.....EMP4 didn't care for the 147g CMJs, and did so-so with the 135g coated. So now I'm faced with starting my load development for the EMP4 9mm, and wondering what the consensus is here for initial bullet weight?Thinking about trying some 124/125g JHPs from Zero, etc....or should I look to the 115g pills that I've never used in any of my 9mm reloads! Have noticed that Atlanta Arms only offers their "Elite" ammo in 100, 115, and 147g! No 124/125g in this Elite line. So, I'm a bit confused there......Normally like to use N320......but have plenty of Bullseye, Titegroup, CFE Pistol, WW231, and N310 though I don't think it would do well in 9mm. Accuracy is my #1 goal.......guess I'm just not familiar enough with the smaller pills (115, 124/125), and not sure where to start, bullet wise. But again, the EMP4 sure liked the 124 AEs and never missed a beat!Truly appreciate any info you can share!Thanks,Ben
  3. I got a new SA Elite Range Officer 9mm a couple of weeks ago. Before I did any testing, I tightened the bushing to slide fit, and did a 3# trigger job. Below is the results of my test. I used 9 shot groups because the magazine only held 9 and to keep things consistent with the Ransom Rest without changing mags. I used factory ammo and reloads. Bullet Bullet Wt Powder Chg Wt. Primer Case O.A.L Avg E.S. S.D. PF Grp Size Notes Date Temp °F Crimp P.D. JHP 115 P.P. 6.00 S&B Win 1.080 1.35 7 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 3/28/18 78 0.3765 P.D. JHP 115 P.P. 6.00 S&B Win 1.080 2.04 10 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 3/28/18 78 0.3765 P.D. JHP 124 HP38 4.30 S&B Win 1.085 3/28/18 78 0.3785 Fed AE FP 147 4.40 Fed Fed 1.060 1.84 10 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 3/28/18 78 0.3770 Fed AE FP 147 4.40 Fed Fed 1.060 952 54 15 139.9 1.62 10 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 3/28/18 78 0.3770 Rem UMC FP 147 3.80 Rem Rem 1.090 963 39 11 141.6 2.25 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 3/28/18 78 0.3775 Rem UMC FP 147 3.80 Rem Rem 1.090 2.49 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 3/28/18 78 0.3775 Aguila 147 4.10 Aguila 1.110 954 13 4 140.2 1.93 10 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 3/28/18 78 0.3750 Bayou TCG 120 T.G. 3.80 Fio Rem 1.060 10 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 3/28/18 78 0.3785 Blazer 115 CCI Blazer 1.150 4.75 10 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 3/28/18 78 0.3785 Rem UMC FP 147 3.80 Rem Rem 1.090 963 39 11 141.6 2.05 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3775 Aguila 147 4.10 Aguila 1.110 954 13 4 140.2 2.08 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3750 Blazer 124 CCI Blazer 1.150 1123 26 8 3.29 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3785 Fed Syntech 115 Fed Fed 1.122 1186 22 6 136.4 6.10 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3785 Fed Syntech 124 Fed Fed 1.120 1099 47 13 136.3 6.10 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3785 P.D. JHP 115 P.P. 6.00 S&B Win 1.120 1195 30 9 137.4 2.31 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 115 P.P. 6.00 CCI Win 1.120 1221 54 15 140.4 1.76 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 115 P.P. 6.20 CCI Win 1.120 1227 32 11 141.1 1.57 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 124 CFE 4.90 CCI Win 1.120 1082 21 7 134.2 2.05 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 124 CFE 5.10 CCI Win 1.120 1122 43 12 139.1 2 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 124 CFE 5.30 CCI Win 1.120 1161 49 14 144.0 2.22 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 124 CFE 5.50 CCI Win 1.120 1187 22 7 147.2 2.88 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 124 P.P. 5.40 CCI Win 1.120 1113 35 12 138.0 1.91 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 124 P.P. 5.60 CCI Win 1.120 1128 26 10 139.9 1.44 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 124 P.P. 5.80 CCI Win 1.120 1152 27 8 142.8 2.31 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 124 P.P. 6.00 CCI Win 1.120 1187 27 9 147.2 1.37 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 124 P.P. 6.20 CCI Win 1.120 1199 41 13 148.7 1.66 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 P.D. JHP 124 HP38 4.30 Fio Win 1.085 1108 23 8 137.4 2.42 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3785 Bayou TCG 120 T.G. 3.80 Fio Rem 1.060 1108 23 8 133.0 2.88 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3785 Bayou TCG 120 S. Pistol 3.50 CCI Win 1.120 946 76 20 113.5 3.61 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 Bayou TCG 120 S. Pistol 3.70 CCI Win 1.120 997 23 7 119.6 3.49 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 Bayou TCG 120 S. Pistol 3.90 CCI Win 1.120 1022 51 15 122.6 3.00 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770 Bayou TCG 120 S. Pistol 4.10 CCI Win 1.120 1069 26 7 128.3 3.16 9 shot avg @ 25 yds R. R. 4/2/18 78 0.3770
  4. Does anyone have an opinion on aftermarket (or factory if Springfield makes them) adjustable night sights for the rear sight? Pros/Cons? I just picked up an XDm 5.25 45acp the other day and absolutely love it! The rear sight is great for daylight but was looking at using this gun in a low light and vehicle training class. Any and all thoughts are welcomed and appreciated. Cheers, -JD
  5. Silly me, I thought a 1911 9mm firing pin and 45 ACP firing pins would fit into their respective caliber guns. If you have a Springfield Armory....NO. After 10K rounds through both guns, I thought I better have spare parts around. So, I ordered Wilson 9mm and a 45 ACP firing pins from Midway. To my surprise none of the parts fit into their respective guns. Not thinking clearly I ordered a genuine Springfield 9mm firing pin from Midway next. It didn't fit either. So, I took out my calipers and did what I should have done in the first place, measure the nominal tip diameters of the firing pins. Here is what I found. 9mm Springfield RO 0.062" 45 ACP Springfield TRP 0.070" Wilson 9mm FF from Midway 0.068" Springfield 9mm from Midway 0.066" Wilson 45 ACP from Midway 0.089" Results, only the factory original RO firing pin would fit into the RO. The Wilson 9mm and Springfield 9mm firing pins from Midway will fit into the Springfield 45 ACP TRP. Looks like Springfield uses 9mm firing pins on their products. The Wilson 45 ACP firing pin won't fit either the 9mm RO or the 45 ACP TRP. I called Springfield customer support and asked them how much new firing pins would cost. They asked for my serial numbers, verified my address and said the part will go out FREE of charge! I'm very impressed with the SA customer service. A few years ago they replaced the slide on a XDm for free, even after 20K rounds.
  6. How are you all doing?! I am approaching my 21st birthday so I will finally get to buy my first handgun. While my dad has handguns so I'm not new to the handgun world of shooting, I am looking for something special as my first pistol. I am in CA so we do have a roster, basically all guns except for glock gen 3's are illegal here. That being said, I have a friend that is offering to sell me his Springfield Model P9 LSP (long slide ported) for my birthday. I am trying to find as much information as I can but Google is lacking of much information. I could only find that they are Tanfo OEM parts assembled in the US by Springfield (I don't even know if this is correct). I was also told that they used to be used heavily as Open guns if they were chambered in 9x21 to make major power factor. This one my buddy is selling is chambered in 9x19. Anyone here own one and/or have more information surrounding this pistol? Where can I get extra parts? Barrels? Sights? I kinda want to shoot this in production but it is ported.... Thanks in advanced!
  7. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I've loaded Xtreme 200gr SWC over 4.9gr of TiteGroup @ 1.230" with great accuracy at 167 PF. I decided to try some Xtreme 200gr Plated RN @ 1.240" but have seen HUGE swings in velocity (+/-40 FPS), and random tumbling. I've tried 4.9gr (154.2 PF) of Titegroup up to 5.4gr to finally achieve an avg 827 FPS (165.4 PF), but the velocity swings are terrible and 5.4gr of TG is WAY too hot. I'm getting lead spirals on close targets, so I know the heat is vaporizing the lead. Any recommendations or suggestions for other powders and/or load data would be much appreciated. Notes: Large CCI pistol primers, I've tried crimping less/more. Firearm is a Springfield Loaded Target .45 government 1911. I shoot 180gr Plated RN .40 over 4.7gr of Titegroup @ 1.180" with +/- 15 FPS velocities. Thanks in advance.
  8. Nick179


    So SA released the Saint an AR15 from Springfield. Not much is known but their advertising thourghly confused me. Sweaty people working out for an AR release?? What do you all think of their move?
  9. TL;DR: I picked up the Springfield Range Officer Operator as a new duty pistol. I'm very pleased and in a pinch it'd qualify as a competition pistol if I needed it. So after 7 years I'm going back to law enforcement as a reserve officer - I just can't let my license expire after all the work I put in to get it (I'm a paramedic now and enjoy that a whole lot more). I've found a place that's a good fit, especially for a reserve, and they allow Glock and 1911-style pistols. I carried a Glock 21 before but over the last year I've been shooting Single Stack competitively and I'm likely to continue that in the future, so I'd rather stay with one platform for muscle memory purposes. 1911 it is! I currently shoot a Para Ordnance in .45 major and a Springfield Range Officer in 9mm minor. For duty carry, I wanted a brand known to be reliable, I wanted a left-side-only safety (I knock ambi's off on the outside), I wanted "carry" sights (to not catch on things) with a fiber front and I wanted a rail for a light. Springfield's 2016 SROO met the requirements at about $800 delivered. First off, the front fiber sight on the SROO is shorter than the SRO. I can't tell a difference when looking down the sights, however: The front sight serrations are nice, too: As for competition weight? Granted this is without mag and with no magwell, but it's still under the 43oz limit if need be. My only addition was some skateboard tape on the front strap since it doesn't come checkered (my only complaint). I'll be adding a light (likely a TLR-1) then heading to the range to get it dialed in before I have to qualify.
  10. Just got my xdm 5.25 .40 back from the springfield custom shop. Had them install their customer fit match barrel. Turn around time was two weeks. Before sending it back it would shoot 4-6 inch groups at 25 yards off a rest. Didn't matter which ammo I used. With the new barrel it consistently shoots 1.250" 5 shot groups at 25 yards off a rest, using 180 fmj factory ammo. The 165 fmj is right at 2". Well worth the money. This is the second gun I have had them re-barrel and am very pleased with both. I would recommend there service to anyone with an XD or XDM.
  11. Hey guys, I wasn't sure if this went in 1911 or reloading. Now that I've done a search I think it may be tied to my Winchester primers. Last night while working on my gun I noticed very notable pitting on the breach face. This is a Springfield Trophy Match with approximately 850 rounds through it. Talk about really ruining my night. By this point it was really late and I didn't have energy to research it I just went to sleep pissed and ready to call Springfield first thing about their bad steel. Before calling I did a little googling and first thing I found was about Springfield 1911 and Winchester primers. the more I read the more it seems this has happened to people in other brands of 1911 using WLP primers. After reading that I was curious, I have a TRP <800 rounds and a RI @ a couple grand. I went and got them out and sure enough one tiny pit starting on the RI and a couple on the TRP. Man talking about a suck ass morning. Here are my questions: 1. How bad is this? do I contact springfield and see if they will correct it or is it not that bad yet? I realize it is hard to tell from a picture that isn't better focused (damn iphone). I did read where a guy got Winchester to help him out, so they must be aware of issues with their primers 2. obviously I'm going to throw away any remaining WLP primers I have, my question is about the 400 or so loaded rounds and 600-700 pieces of primed brass. I care more about the guns than any money lost, am I crazy to just throw anything with these questionable primers in the trash? I read that one guy thought he was having the problem more with remington brass+WLP, because of the primer pocket being chamfered. My brass is all mixed at this point (I was waiting for more allowance before buying some starline just for competition) is it worth picking through the brass just to save a few dollars? obviously I'm switching to Federal, which I was planning to do anyways, these were bought a couple years ago during the shortage. I'm really not happy guys, please somebody tell me it isn't that bad. Red
  12. I have been contemplating what gun project I would like to work on this year. I'm not saying that every other gun project I have started is completely finished, because they aren't, there is always an inevitable sight change or trigger job... The 2 projects I am considering are 1) a suppressor and 2) a 1911. Since I didn't spend ~$1300 on a shotgun this month, I already have a little gun money saved up and it wouldn't take long to pool up a little more to make another purchase, say by mid summer-ish... I would like to get some pros and cons from the users on here. From both people who have and have not purchased suppressors, and why? The suppressor will most likely be a Huntertown Arms Kestrel 5.56 and they cost $499, plus sales tax, plus the tax stamp, should come out to $750. I have heard it is best to setup a trust for this class III item, that way it can be handed down, but can it be handed down beyond my children when that day comes? How much does it cost to set up a trust, pay an attorney? $200? If so, that basically puts my out ~$900-1000, and wait 8-10 months very impatiently for all the paperwork to go through The 1911, it would be either in 9mm or 45acp. Probably a Springfield Trophy Match in 45acp or try to find something similar in a 9mm. It seems to be basically ready out of the box, probably change the front sight and grip panels fairly quickly. They seem to be around $1200, plus 6 magazines, holster, mag pouches, plus sales tax, and maybe a transfer fee... probably going to run ~$1600-1700. My concerns are: 1) Would I really enjoy shooting a suppressor? Would I even shoot it enough to justify owning it? When I go out to the range now, for fun, or training, I rarely take my AR with me. I generally just take a pistol. The one absolute benefit I see with have a suppressor is being able to use it on the AR for Home Defense, however, with Peltors I figure I could use my AR for Home Defense although everyone else (family and bad guys) in the home may be deaf. 2) I know I would enjoy competeing with a 1911. I have really enjoyed shooting this past year. Back in late 2009/early 2010, when I first started, I was hooked. Then came a couple of years, when work kept me from shooting, but now I'm mostly back and enjoying shooting again. My son really doesn't seem to care much about pistol competition, but my daughter (12yrs old and very small stature) is showing promise, but no guarantees that she will be a pistol shooter. Which is the reason for deciding between 9 and 45. I'm thinking buy a 45, setup my Ruger 22/45 Lite to be similar to a 1911. There was a nice setup from Cylinder and Slide in a magazine a while back that looked really nice. Then in 3 years talk my wife into letting me buy another 1911 in 9mm for my daughter...
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