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  1. Anyone try the Fortis K2 System (Locking Lever) Castle Nut - LE™ Lightweight Enhanced AR15 End Plate? How does it compare to the PWS ratcheting castle nut? https://fortismfg.com/endplate-castlenut-k2
  2. Thanks for your reply. I experimented with 1.15” and 1.12” loads and did not see any difference in reliability or feeling. Will chrono them in the coming weeks.
  3. Awesome info everyone. Has anyone experimented with lowering your overall bullet length from 1.15” to say 1.13” and chronographed the result? It should be hotter, of course. I use N320 and 3N37 with 115 grain CMJs. I have intermittent failures to extract that do not occur with hotter loads. Want to achieve higher velocity without just adding more powder. Thanks.
  4. Now that that the CMMG Guard and various buffer systems have been out for a while, I'd like to get your thoughts about how they stack up. How does the recoil, dot bounce, shot cadence, and overall stage times compare with those who have tried the CMMG Guard versus a blowback 9mm PCC with a specialty buffer system. These include the Taccom 3 Stage buffer, hydraulic buffers, and short stroke systems. Can a blowback PCC with these buffers be made to shoot as soft as a Guard? Or, is the Guard system still the front runner? Thanks in advance for your insight and comments.
  5. Thanks to everyone for your insight. For those proficient in the Glock mag platform, which is faster to reload: - 17 rounders - pistol style - 33 rounders - "beer-can style"
  6. Which is faster to reload for you? A PCC that takes Glock mags. Or, a regular AR-15 with 223 mags like the popular Pmags? Reason for this question is I'm considering one of two options for a PCC: - Purchase dedicated PCC that takes Glock mags - Place my Colt 9mm AR-15 top end over a regular 223 lower, and use the Mean Arms EndoMag 9mm conversion. The second option is cheaper. I don't have a dedicated Glock mag PCC so I figure I would ask around. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  7. Good advice about removing a round from Colt mags to make them easier to seat. I do notice having an odd number of rounds makes it easier to seat than an even one. However, if you live in a 10-round state, this is not feasible except for stages like classifiers with shooting sections that need less than 10 rounds. Always a downside when you are limited to 10 rounds.
  8. What's also cool is that it appears to be relatively easy to insert a loaded mag on a closed bolt. This is problem with Colt-pattern 9mm mags. I hope this product works. If so, it's very innovative.
  9. The Taccom 3-stage buffer buffer looks like a worthwhile upgrade. I've read this whole thread but want to make sure so I'll ask. Are the new versions of this buffer modified so the last round bold hold open device can still work? I would be using this in a 1990s Colt AR-15 9mm with a carbine buffer tube. Apologies if this has already been addressed by Taccom or any other posters. BTW, we are limited to 10 rounds (period) in Hawaii so having a bolt-hold is very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  10. Nice looking M2i gun. What brand comp is on it? Thanks.
  11. Those are beautiful guns. I notice those comps have sideways ports versus the traditional ones on top. How do these sideways port comps compare to the standard top port comps? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for your reply and info. Bedell's new design looks good.
  13. Nice Bedell gun. What kind of comp is that? Thanks.
  14. kneelingatlas: I appreciate your reply and taking the time to post the pictures. This helps. Good shooting.
  15. It's the softest shooting comp I've tried (and I've tried over a dozen!), up and down is good (about the same as most of the popular comps), but the slap in the hand is almost non existent You can definitely feel the heat out off those gills on your hands though and lots of fire Appreciate your response. Glad the comp works well. Could I ask if your gun is a two- or three-port hybrid barrel? I can see two holes but want to make sure. Also, are there "standard" specs on how much and where the hole at the top of the comp is to be cut? Thanks.
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