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  1. I'm in the same boat with both my S2's milled for DPPs. I think the key thing to remember there are A LOT of DPPs out there and have been the primary go to optic for CO for awhile. So we tend to see the issues more often due to the larger install base. SROs and Romeo3Max are all brand new this year, so we'll have to wait to see how they hold up after they reach the install base comparable to DPPs. I think there is a thread already going on issues with SRO electronics and few have the Romeo3Maxs. Who knows, Leupold could be coming out with a DPP2 one day with all the lessons learned from DPPs - which I'm sure will happen the moment after I get new slides milled for an SRO/Romeo3Max Part of this game is the gear chase. Might not be cheap, but we're always excited when we get a new toy to play with. Good luck! I think we're both going to need it.
  2. Leupold took care of everything for me. After calling them on Monday and escalating it up nicely, they were extremely apologetic to the issue with the Deltapoint with the broken accelerometer, #AD serial, that wasn't repaired and they sent me a brand new one in its place with an #AF serial code. Received it on Thursday. They also understood the frustration I had with the entire downtime and missing a number of matches and were able to sell me a 3rd Deltapoint at an extreme discount so I have a backup for my backup. They expedited shipping on it as well so I just received it today. I think the rule I've learned with Carry Optics is: 2 is none, 3 is one. Hopefully these new ones last a very long time. If you are in a hurry and don't want to miss any matches, I definitely recommend giving them a call and tracking the status if it takes more than a week. They're willing to help us out.
  3. Well, I got both Deltapoints back from Leupold today. Took 3 weeks. Both of them had paper work saying they had "Bad Circuit Module" and replaced the Circuit Board. Unfortunately, they didn't actually fix the issue with unit ending with serial #AD that had the rattling sound and broken accelerometer. I'm completely disappointed as you can clearly hear something inside the unit rattling. In addition to a note I included in the box explaining the issue with the unit, I explained it in detail prior to sending in. Its like they didn't even check the unit and disregarded the rattling sound. The unit will only turn on manually and turns itself off after 5 minutes. There is no way to keep it on even after trying other batteries besides the new one they sent back with the unit. Anyways, this unit will go back for repair today as I already called, they apologized, and are sending me another RML. Hopefully it won't take another 3 weeks.
  4. Absolute truth. Both of my DeltaPoints wen't bad within a two week period. First one had about ~4k on it, and second had about 10k on it. Both are at Leupold being repaired. When I get them back, I'll be purchasing a 3rd as a backup DPP to my backup gun's DPP which is a backup to my primary DPP optic.
  5. I spoke with Leupold today and they emailed me a RML to send both the Delta Points in for repair. Their customer service was awesome. They were empathetic and quickly got me a label out, apologized for the issues, and he made notes in the file that I'd love to have them back asap for matches. The tech mention they had a beefier board as well and would make the necessary update. We'll see how it goes when I get them back. Again, Leupold's customer service was awesome and assisted very quickly.
  6. Sign me up for those having issues. I have two Shadow 2s both with Delta Point Pros each, and both have gone bad in a two week period. At the Oregon State match a couple weeks ago, the first Delta Point had the accelerometer go bad and the sight would not auto turn on. You can hear something rattling inside, and I needed to manually turn it on for every stage. It would stay on the default 5 min and then turn off again. I switched out to my backup gun on the 2nd day of the match and didn't have any issues. My primary Shadow 2 had about ~4k rounds on it before the accelerometer broke and I used it only mainly for matches. It was an AD version. The backup Shadow 2's Delta Point went bad today during practice. It has about ~10k rounds through it with the Delta Point and during practice the dot cut out. Inspecting it, I could see the same "slippage" of the contact to the battery on the circuit board towards the rear of the sight. Its exactly like others have posted on this thread. It was an AE version. I was planning on sending the 1st after the Washington State Championship this weekend and use it as a backup in case my backup died. Well, with the backup is dead now and the primary "iffy" at best with a broken accelerometer, looks like I'll be shooting another division. It really has rattled my confidence in the Delta Point. I'm sure Leupold will take care of both optics, I'm just not sure what I plan to do next. Really sucks!
  7. I agree with having to many cases or too much wobble will cause cases to be upside down more often. Also, if you ever have cases jam up near where they drop down, watch the video below. Its a simple, cheap, easy fix, but I've never had a single jam since adding those pieces of plastic (a curved piece of a ziploc cup or plastic cup works great to get the curve).
  8. Roons

    Problems with Shadow 2

    Does it still occur with a heavier recoil spring? If not, its your ammo or possibly thumb riding the slide. 11lbs is what I use in both my S2s and never have an issue. You can try the stock recoil spring and see if you're maybe riding the slide a bit with your thumb since its a new gun to you. Else, I would say its the ammo as I can't think of anything else other than your thumb riding it a bit.
  9. Cajun Gun Works. Crew there has always been super nice and fast. Had two of my Shadow 2's worked on by them, both have worked flawlessly in Carry Optics for over a year. I also like how low the Delta Point Pro sits on the slide without the plate, so CGW for me.
  10. You need to raise the Camming Pin (#9) up a bit by loosening Cam Pin Jam Nut (#4) to allow the Case Insert Slide to move forward a bit more. Just twist the Camming Pin until it raises up a bit. Assembly Info: https://www.dillonprecision.com/xl650-casefeed-body-assembly_8_45_25386.html If you're still having issues, it might be your Case Insert Slide Spring (#13) is bad/bent/broken. This happened to me though after 30k/40k rounds. It can be found here: https://www.dillonprecision.com/xl650-platform-parts_8_45_25388.html Hope this helps!
  11. I like to think it ended when they got to Alexandria. Happy ending. Show really went down hill from there.
  12. Avoid the Techwell for the GMR-15. I bought one and it doesn't provide a smooth transition into the GMR's magwell. Even the pictures on the website don't show it smoothly transitioning and they don't show an inside image as well like the pics above (https://techwearusa.com/techwell/magwells/pcc-techwell-jp-gmr-15.html). You can almost see the gap/ledge on the 3rd image, and your mag will get hung up on these gaps when inserting. . I'm using the Taccom magwell, and for the price and function its great.
  13. 1. PCC details, barrel length, brand and mods? JP GMR-15 14.5 barrel with pinned 3-port comp 2. Bullet weight, type and brand? 115 RN Blue Bullet 3. Powder and charge weight? 3.8 Titegroup 4. Primers? CCI Small Pistol 5. OAL? 1.150 6. Reliability? 100% 7. Accuracy? TBD 8. How does it shoot? Soft? Snappy? Slightly snappy 9. Split times? Below 0.15 10. Dot movement? Minimal I started with 3.4 Titegroup with a 125g RN Blue Bullet (everything else the same). While it feels soft, it had a more "push" feel to it. When I tried the 115 with 3.8 Titegroup, the GMR felt as it ran faster and the dot moved less. I'm now working on accuracy loads with different bullet manufacturers (Bayou 115 RNs and Xtreme 115 RN HPCB) in addition to reducing leading of the comp (not sure if Blue Bullets with Titegroup related). Hopefully the Xtreme HPCB or Bayou work out to reduce leading. I've used Bayou for years in Limited and would rather use them due to costs; however, accuracy will be key.
  14. Holosun HS510C on both my PCCs. Love it.
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