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  1. It was doing it worse before the mod. The mag tube came through on the 1st pass of the file.
  2. This is a friends new m3k. Loading 1 shell is fine, anymore than that this happens about every 5th time. Any idea what I can do to get it going?
  3. I have an MOA +9 that holds 13....I will take a picture in the morning.
  4. A few of the guys from work bought these......one shoots good, one hasn't be fired yet, and the last had failure to extract on almost every shell. We changed the extractor to a Stoeger one and every thing is good now. But he is getting light primer strikes about every 10 shots. Does anyone know a solution to this? On a side note I've tried both the stoeger and mossberg 930 charging handles and neither work. Has anyone found something that works?
  5. $48 is highway robbery! https://advancedtactical.com/products/magazines/22tcm/magazines/9mm/Rock-Island-Armory-Full-Size-1911-Magazine-High-Cap-17-rnd-9mm-38-Super Straight from the factory
  6. If an audit by the ATF is stopping them from sending you the part I don't understand why your mad. They didn't say they wouldn't send you one, just that they could not send one until the audit was completed. Your hate is misguided. Parts break, good companies fix them....you wanted to get your gun up and running and they gave you the best option they could and thats to buy one or wait. I find it disrespectful to make an account here just to bash a company. The members here would of likely helped you find what you needed (someone probably would of sent you one free of charge) if you had come off a different way.
  7. My arredondo pads fit both the RP9 and factory mags.
  8. I have two of them and they work fine....I put TTI pads on them (The G7's I think) They work fine. The metal seems a little weaker than other mags but I've used them for 2 years with no problems.
  9. I have 2 sps mags with TF pads. I get 22 in them but the 1st round wont feed. 21 always works.
  10. My RP9 mag with Arredondo pads work great, but I don't have the factory mag catch. A friend was having trouble with his factory mags with Dawson pads and he ran my RP9 mags with no issues.
  11. I guess I should have been more clear. I got 21 rounds of 9mm in the RP9 mags, with the inserts and RP9 spring and followers.
  12. I got mine yesterday and could get 21 in them.
  13. I don't think its the fact that the rifle bump fires, because your right most semi auto can. It's the fact that he sets his gun up to do it, so that just normally shooting the rifle gets that affect.
  14. Go my RP9 mags today and they don't fit with the magwell. I'll need the extensions to use them.
  15. Just my .02.......If he does it with two rounds every time than its on purpose, its when he does more, and he jokes about putting more on a target. He's not meaning to do more than two, but sometimes it does. Just because you can induce a malfunction doesn't make it a DQ, but since he can't control it every time I'd say it was.
  16. I believe the ones that add round to the mags look like this. Keep checking back they don't stay in stock very long.
  17. Good to know! I have to ordered that should be here any day now.
  18. I have a para extended mag release from gun craft. He has other videos on the rock.
  19. I think dawson is making them still. A friend just bought 2 last month after they had been out of stock for a while. I'm pretty sure he takes them off the site if he doesn't have any on hand. Shoot him an email, he's normally pretty good at getting back to you.
  20. Sorry it took so long. But here it is. Just trim below the grips on both sides until it fits.
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