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  1. After running a few hundred rounds through the APP the case inserter seems to stick every once in a while and when it releases it launches the riser and the brass across the room. Im just using this press for 223 and 308 which should use the same riser so I was thinking about gluing the riser to the case inserter. Anyone think this is a bad idea? My cases are all clean also so no dirt on the case inserter track and the press is inside my house so dirt/dust shouldn't be an issue. I have seen some posts on other forums about using mineral oil, or silicone on the track to keep it running smoothly which I am going to try...
  2. I do not recommend the swagit. I tried it with my 650 and was very disappointed. I have not had the issue with the brass rings myself. Maybe adjust the swage punch some more on the APP...
  3. Got my setup going today and thought I would share a pic. I looked at purchasing the adapter mentioned earlier in this topic from eBay but I was able to make it work with some 3/4 pipe, 3/4 pipe flange and the 223 case feed adapter from my 650.
  4. Thanks I think ill pick one up and try it. if it works well I think ill get the 650 case feeder attachment.
  5. Has anyone processed a large quantity of 223 brass with this machine yet? Does it do just as good of a job swaging the primer pockets as the Dillon 1050? I tried the Swageit with my 650 and it was a major let down...
  6. I was looking into installing a a hornady bullet feeder on my Dillon 650 but instead of using the hornady die I was going to use the MBF setup with the just the dropper die or the assembly with the microswitch. Has anyone done this? Does anyone know if the MBF microswitch runs off or 12v or is it 110v?
  7. Can you supply a link to where you purchased. these from? do you have any issues with coated bullets?
  8. I have spoken with the seller and it is in stock but it will take time to get here especially with the current situation going on. Im not in a huge hurry though.....
  9. Does anyone have experience with one of these? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bullet-Feeder-for-Dillon-XL650-XL750-by-SD-9mm-40SW-and-45ACP/323983453561
  10. CMC 9mm trigger is my favorite and has not let me down. I see them on sale for 120.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try moving my inner belt overlap around
  12. I am glad to hear I wasn't the only one! I tightened mine down today and I think it will be fine as long as I don't pull a mag out wrong and it pulls the belt up...
  13. I bought a used Safarland ELS belt with the ratcheting buckle. When I tighten it up with the ratchet my inner belt forms an uncomfortable lump in it. I can tighten the inner belt more to avoid so much of a lump but that defeats the purpose of the ability to loosen up after the stage. Has anyone gone without using an inner belt ?
  14. CMC trigger is the bet for reliability IMO. It is not the softest pull but it has a nice clean single stage break and has not let me down after at least 2000 rounds.
  15. I don’t think you will regret it at all. Better field of view and better glass on the swaro for sure.
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