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  1. I saw a few people mention CLP. I spray it on then wipe off the excess. Is there a reason Lucas works better than CLP?
  2. I currently run standard cmc triggers in my ARs but I’ve seen posts in this forum of people having issues running them on their PCC which is why I was going to buy the designated PCC trigger. Thanks for the response everyone. Hopefully they go on sale again soon!
  3. I am looking to purchase a CMC AR-9 TRigger. I have played with one at a match but the trigger had not seen that many rounds yet. I wanted to know if anyone has shot 2k plus rounds using one yet to verify the durability/reliability that I have gotten out the AR15 drop in triggers? Any experiences you would like to share would be appreciated.
  4. I loaded 1000 9mm a little too long and want to resize. Is is safe to run the loaded ammo through the case feeder and resize or could I activate a primer as the tube fills up or some other way?
  5. When I posted this question originally I also sent an email to FM. They also confirmed it is compatible.....
  6. That is excellent news thanks for including the link as well!
  7. I recently purchased the FM heavy buffer through primary arms for my 16" FM upper. I have included the link below for reference. After I received it I noticed that it was longer than the one that came with my PSA lower that uses a standard rifle buffer tube with MOE stock. I then decided to read the full description on the primary arms website which says its designed for pistol length buffer tubes. I have run a couple hundred rounds through the gun with the buffer installed without any issues but I wanted to get a consensus that I am not going to have a failure during a match.... https://www.primaryarms.com/fm-products-ar15-9mm-heavy-buffer
  8. Put the gun together today and it ran awesome. Put several different types of ammo through it without any issues straight out of the box! I dont think you can ask for any better than that!
  9. I just recieved my Foxtrot Mike 16" upper and installed it on a PSA glock lower. I am very pleased with the setup as it ran everything I put in it straight out of the box! 115 reloads, 115 factory, and a few different kinds of 147 gr factory. I also tried both ETS and factory glock mags and had no issues whatsoever! Hats off to the guys at FM for making a great product!
  10. Thanks for the info. I was hoping to run 115 reloads in it but they are not loaded too light so it should function.
  11. I decided to cancel my PSA upper order and get a Foxtrot Mike from Primary Arms. Much better value with muzzle brake. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Also got some JP trigger springs 10% off with free shipping
  13. I ended up getting a complete upper and lower from PSA for a little over 500$ with free shipping. I figured I could start out with that and change parts as I go if I fall in love with it...
  14. I am wanting to get into to PCC and am currently looking at getting a PSA setup to start due to cost. But if there are going to be some really good deals this week or next I might spring for a higher end gun. Is anyone aware of any of the PCC makers who might be doing a sale for the holidays or have discount codes?
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