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  1. Awesome! I'm glad to hear that you can make it out this year!
  2. We do that to. This is an eoy match where we try to amp everything up for a little more excitement.
  3. I'm not sure I agree... ammo mfg's, sure... stock gun mfg's sure... custom builders and custom parts and gear vendors... I'd be curious to hear from anyone with an insider's view on that.
  4. Hey guys, I've been bouncing an idea around for how I might handle my 2020 end of season prize table match and thought I'd get a take from everyone. I'm afraid this current covid-19 crisis is going to have a big impact on many of the vendors that support our prize table matches best they can. Without this news it has been getting harder and harder to sustain as it was. I'm thinking about simply offering to fly banners for all vendors interested and maybe just put together prize packs for top finishes but not try to build a big prize table so that everyone gets a prize this year... Kind of a, let's really around our vendors type theme. What do you think the community's response would be knowing its just not fair to think we can expect these vendors to keep forking it over if the economic impact is as hard on them as it looks to be?
  5. For those here that shoot in PCC division and cross over from 3-gun, what has been your struggles? Any advice?
  6. Sorry for the delay, I don't know how most of a whole week got away from me! I'm grabbing basically right at the hanger. On the short mags this is about 1/8 the way from the bottom. On the long mags this is about the middle of the mag.
  7. If I can interject, I think this depends on mag length. I tried to set my long mags up so I grab in the same place as short mags. That way I can basically have the same feel for sending the mag home no matter what.
  8. Interesting; I saw some people have actually attached the ELS directly to the mags as well. I was thinking that would be the way to go given all the clips I have on my belt but of course attachment sounds like the tricky part.
  9. I have. I am interested in what you feel is the best. I would have said the same thing about UML rules.
  10. I put on 3-gun matches at 2 different clubs, Colfax Sportsmen's Club over the summer (May - Sept) and Marc-On Indoor over the winter (Dec-March). I try to help out at both clubs with their other events as both run USPSA and Colfax does Steel & Rimfire Challenge + Bowling Pin matches. I also travel and help out at some of the 3-gun majors. Love this forum and thought I should put in a shout out as I never did the intro post.
  11. If you really need to get a USPSA fix and don't mind a drive, Marc-On is located near Eau Claire, WI and runs indoor USPSA 2x per month. We do 4-5 stages, multiple of which are classifiers, and the matches get done within about 2-3 hours. Matches are on PractiScore if you want to check it out.
  12. Looking for any lessons learned from guys that have been running box feed shotguns on how to carry spare mags... Or how not to
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