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  1. I have been emailing them the past few days about a new front sight. (I know this is about rear sight) They said the front was a Rev 5 cut that they offer but not on the website, so it has to be ordered by phone. Maybe they have what your looking for just not on the site. Shoot them an email and see what they say.
  2. I close mine right behind my holster, it leaves the most space for everything else.
  3. well that sucks! Because I can't head up tonight, I have to leave the house around 330am, so it seems we will both be tired. Have a safe trip.
  4. mine fits in a G34 ALS with a little dremel work.
  5. Is It a 12ga mag loader? and it took me a min to come up with that.
  6. Are the spring plugs the same on these as any other 1911?
  7. This is the part you posted. Its on the trigger group, and also how you get a shell on the lifter.
  8. Sorry it took so long, but here they are. Basically you just angle the screws to get them started and then tighten them down.
  9. I'll take a picture when I get home. No need to make new holes.
  10. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=222599#entry2572945 7133 Iron Stone Hill Rd, Dallastown, PA 17313
  11. But the rule you quoted did say pull, not actuation. While I think it would be unsafe and useless on a compitition gun, I'm guessing he could get away with it. OP you may want to ask the match director for whatever match you plan on using it at.
  12. The dump bucket is a range rule, and after watching a few hundred shooters go through it the only thing that changed with the clays was the way the wind was blowing. I didn't much like the size of the shooting box either but if all long range was from prone what fun would that really be.
  13. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=223895&hl=
  14. MBX, SPS, STI (may need some modification) Para mags with dawson base pads (may need some modification). I have been using SPS mags and they seem to be doing good. I changed the plastic pads to TTI's, and i will probably change the followers when I find some in stock.
  15. Im using mine for 3 gun, and currently using the Safariland GLS Pro-fit.
  16. I just used a dremel and opened up the stock belt loop. I now have them on ELS forks.
  17. MOA doesn't charge tell they ship.
  18. Anybody know if or where I can get a replacement shim? I emailed safariland and they haven't responded.
  19. You have to shave the edge of the basepads down for them to fit.
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