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  1. Probably will buy one when they come out and do a review and post on here. I live an hour from psa, so if i have any problems with it I can just run it by and let them look at it.
  2. Just ordered 2k of the everglades 9major. Ready to start practing and get the open gun to its first match.
  3. scduckman03

    ZEV OZ9

    Got pistol back and it is running great. Hopefully it continues to do so. I have no plans on getting rid of it at current time. It checks the boxes for me fight now and the only pistol I would replace it with is a staccato p duo and that would be an expensive swap. However if I have any more issues that is my plan.
  4. scduckman03

    ZEV OZ9

    Realized today that I misread the paper and they didn’t send me a magazine they replaced the magazine release, not sure why. It seemed to work just fine to me. Can’t wait to have it back tomorrow, hopefully I can get home before dark tomorrow afternoon and put some rounds through it.
  5. scduckman03

    ZEV OZ9

    Got an email today showing that my pistol has shipped out back to me. Looks like they threw in a $40 magazine with it. They changed out the trigger due to mine being on the recalled list. Replaced the barrel with a match grade g17 barrel, sounds like the same barrel that they normally have in them. Hopefully this is the one and only problem I have with the pistol.
  6. put some Everglades 147 9mm major through the chrono out of my Tanfoglio open pistol and came out to 164.56 power factor. Anyone else have a problem with Everglades Ammo not meeting PF? Black dot Ammo I ordered chrono at 169pf out of same pistol.
  7. scduckman03

    ZEV OZ9

    As of now I have all intentions of keeping it. I am gonna put it through some test and hopefully I won’t have any problems. really would like to keep the pistol because to me there’s nothing out there that I can replace it with that’s going to have the same features and grip angle for the same money.
  8. scduckman03

    ZEV OZ9

    Talked with someone today at Zev, and from what she said they have narrowed down the issue to a small batch of barrels. Not sure if they are gonna do anything else to pistol before they send it back. She assured me that the pistol has a lifetime warranty, and that if I had anymore problems they would take care of it.
  9. scduckman03

    ZEV OZ9

    I have around 2800ish rounds through pistol.. most of them were 132pf loads, and it is concerning me also.. thinking about selling it when zev sends it back to me fixed.
  10. scduckman03

    ZEV OZ9

    Talked with Zev this morning and they want me to send the pistol back to them. Just waiting for the email with instructions.
  11. Only thing I can think of is maybe they had a batch of barrels that didn’t get heat treated properly and it resulted in a failure.
  12. Gotcha.. didn’t understand that.. now I see why the adapter. Don’t understand what they didn’t make the barrel same diameter as Glock 19 and they could have threaded it without any issues.
  13. Got to shoot a WC Brigadier my buddy bought. It was one of the most accurate pistols I have ever shot. definitely one worth buying and holding onto.
  14. Glad to hear they are running like a Glock should. Does anyone know If there is a threaded barrel out there that is 1/2x28 without having to have a adapter?
  15. The hardest part for going back for me is the grip angle. I ended up buying a zev0z9 due to it having a 1911 grip angle. However after it Sheared off the barrel lug yesterday I am regretting the purchase. Should have just bought a Glock 17.
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