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  1. Can’t really get a good idea looking at pictures how big these bags are. I am currently using the shooter’s connection tournament series bag, and it has ample space for me it’s just starting to tear in a few places and I want something different. My question is do I need the medium rangepak or the larger one to have the same amount of storage?
  2. Got the email today.. pistol will be completed by Oct 5th.. only thing that sucks is I broke my support hand yesterday.. guess I will get some strong hands practice in for a little while.
  3. Can’t wait to get mine. Was told last week my pistol was in the next PO that will be coming back from coating. Got the 9 minor sight block, 9 major, and 38sc barrels
  4. No.. didn’t have a light on it. I had to back out one of the retention screws a little(one near trigger guard), but it fit great and had great retention. I just put lock tite on the screws when I got it set like I liked and it was great.
  5. Thanks.. bought one from a member on here.
  6. Did a search and couldn’t find anything on it. Is this holster exactly like the Manny Bragg holster?
  7. I got a message today that said they are still building pistols right now on schedule. Of course If their vendors shut down it will slow things up. I have watched every video on YouTube on the honcho I can find and can’t wait to fire one.
  8. Placed an order with the st paddy’s day sale. Hopefully the wait won’t be too bad. Can’t wait to have a 2011 again.
  9. Anyone have one for pistol magazines? Will any of the adapters work on 2011 magazines. I emailed the company but haven’t gotten any responses.
  10. My local dealer can’t seem to get one from his distributors. Hopefully one will show up soon.
  11. Ok thanks.. been waiting on one.
  12. Anyone got any inside information on when these will be hitting the local gun shops?
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