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  1. On 6/12/2019 at 1:24 PM, Darqusoull13 said:

    My fault....I didn't realize I was in the pcc forum. Every ar in 223/556 does that, from the ones I used in the military to the ones I own now. 


    That's not at all normal on any of my GMR's. 

    I'd suggest the OP contacts the manufacturer to discuss his concerns. 


  2. Cuz you load one shell that way....I was talking about the traditional loading of one shell. If you try to load one like you fumbled a dual or quad it still hangs up.  I understand you don't have the gun in your hands but being an ass never helps and that seems to be your go to move.

  3. 2 hours ago, kurtm said:

    First off the video CLEARLY shows a port that has been opened way up, it didn't come from the factory that way! It is allowing the crimp of the second shell to ride over the rim of the first shell and this is what is causing the bind. Two objects can't coexist in the same space ment for one!

    Secondly, the first "trouble" was not caused by the port being too small it was caused by the fly cut on the bottom of the bolt carrier being improperly cut causing the lifter not to depress enough causing the single shells to bind. TWO COMPLTELY DIFFERENT PROBLEMS!!! Like I said in my P.M. it is amazing how much a improper fly cut, off by 5-10 thousands of an inch can end up causing so much damage......when one doesn't understand what is happening and just starts grinding.

    Is this gun in Sweden by chance???


    First off your attitude is garbage! Your BIG words don't help anyone.  And the port isn't opened hardly at all.  What you see in the video must be miss leading. I really wish you could see it with your own eyes because you would change you opinion. Secondly its not the fly cut because a bolt and trigger group out of a functional  (well over 7000 rounds) stoeger had the exact same problem in this receiver before any mods.  I came to you because Im sure you know your sh*t, but you always have a horrible attitude.  Your not the end all be all!  I may not be some super well known gunsmith or shooter, but I'm certainly no idiot. And no the gun is not in Sweden. 

    Its not getting stuck on the crip of the second shell, you don't even need a second shell for it to happen.


    I'm sorry I asked your opinion, it certainly won't EVER happen again, and I wont ever respond to another one of your posts.  Enjoy the rest of your evening. 

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