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  1. I sent a email to FN...I'll update when I hear back.
  2. Any info would be great. If they have moved it people need to make travel plans.
  3. Those are last years dates. Not sure where they got it from.
  4. I believe its the usps, ups, or FedEx problem if it takes 5 days to travel 24 miles. Brownells puts it in a box. Its never taken more than 4 days to get to me.
  5. Is that really Brownells fault?
  6. I'm not going home because my handgun fell out of my holster just because I wanted to save a few seconds.
  7. It should be 10-12 inches past the end of the tube.
  8. I wanted to use the moa page but my work computer wouldnt let me see it.
  9. http://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/stoeger-m3500-parts/33543
  10. The SPS mags work in my RIA 9mm. The followers need changed to stop them from tilting, but other than that they are great.
  11. I think the blue button your talking about is the bolt release. My M3000 doesn't release a shell when you push that button.
  12. The most important part is shaving down the inside of the handguard, that will hold it in place. Then if you need a little more room shave down that plastic piece near the recoil spring. It should be a tight fit so it doesn't move around. If you need a different angle on anything let me know.
  13. I have one on my m3000. If you want I can take a picture of what I did when I get home from work.
  14. Your right some did come from out of town, I worked with the Canadians. A lot of them come from York, pa. I was just saying its hard to staff that many big matches this close together.
  15. I think it's because they had FNH, the World shoot, then Iron man. It may be running the local RO's a little thin being all in 1 month. Just my thoughts.
  16. I just received an email from peacemaker asking for experienced staff. They are giving free match entry, prize table, and $300. If anyone wants the contract info let me know.
  17. From what I understand there will only be 1 this year. I'm not sure what 1.
  18. Why not just order their Para/Armscor mags?
  19. I meant I wanted the set screw style. Me with a file can turn a new safety into a useless piece of metal.
  20. Guess it depends on where you shoot. At the range I normally shoot at there are at least 2 stages that will be from 350-700, so a 1-8 could come in handy.
  21. Mine, on both desktop and phone, redirects me to the new link. I'm not using taptalk.
  22. Why would they put it on 3GNs home page?
  23. I've been using SPS 140mm mags in mine, they fit 21.
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