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  1. You may have already figured this out, but I got a handful of these which provide enough hole configurations to attach and set angle to most of what I've run into. https://taccom3g.com/product/shell-holder-riser/
  2. I know Tony had some interest early on, but anyone using Meopta Optika 1-6 SFP or FFP .223 illuminated reticle, I've heard both are options now. Or the Meopta R2 1-6 with BDC 3 reticle? I think most will agree if you're gonna spend the the money get the Razor Gen 2 E or Gen 3, but what's second best for a few hundred less?
  3. This please! there are dozens of not hundreds of great options, but like stated a little more info would help. Anything from a budget factory bolt gun to a $7k custom rig exists, these days almost anything will shoot acceptably well at close to medium range with decent ammo, handloads or off the shelf, in the 6.5 creedmoor cartridge.
  4. If you do go with the taccom setup please report back your experience. I have the ulw with an iron city lightweight and sentry gas block in one rig and really like it, never had an issue And it’s soft, but I also clean my guns pretty regularly. also have a JP setup with light bolt, sentry block, and scs and that system tuned easily and love it too. that three stage buffer is interesting and not to $$ though, following for more user info on its benefits vs other systems.
  5. I’ve always used a fixed stock with adjustable cheek, or a chassis that is set and forget and never had issues shooting off a bench, other support, or prone. Personally I’d go for the more rigid setup, get it tuned well for you with LOP, comb height, and scope mounting and think you’ll be good to go after a little time behind it.
  6. I have a few handguards with the threaded holes (wilson combat), and like them for what they are, however I don't add a ton to them. I can see the upside being reliability - though m-lok is supposedly pretty amazing I feel pretty confident in a screw or two torqued and loc-tited in. The downside is accessories are limited and it adds a bit of bulk to add a rail then a rail mounted accessory rather than just that same m-lok mounted accessory. I "think" that theoretically you can make a lighter rail with m-lok, or at least thinner, as there doesn't need to be enough aluminum anywh
  7. Very happy with accuracy and fit of mine (I have 2 right now), only thing I can't comment on is longevity. For the prices and free shipping deals out there on them even if they last half as long as some options they are still probably a bargain. With Frankly on weight - something like the Faxon Gunner or Pencil may be more appropriate if that's a concern, also been very happy with my 16" faxon.
  8. Could consider a JP with heavy weights and max springs, but I've only used those to lighten not make things heavier so no guarantee It's an expensive experiment, but also a great system. I have used the sprinco springs in different rates, cheap way to go and the extra power option may help you out. https://www.sprinco.com/ar-buffer.html There is also some good literature on there, including an article that helps you figure out what's "possible" to do with springs, buffers, or gas based on caliber and ejection trajectory.
  9. Like those numbers!! Are you guys running these with a comp or not?
  10. Good to know, I don't need mouse fart loads! I was hoping to get pretty hot loads out of this setup, after this and some other threads I've seen seems like I may be fine for a small batch of what I'm wanting.
  11. Thanks for the info - no the gun I was going to load these for doesn't have a comp... and only a 4.5" barrel so I'm vexed why I thought it was a good idea whenever I purchased the powder years back... I could see a longer barrel gettting higher velocity with this, not sure if that will come into play in my scenario though... Probably tough now, but I am not opposed to getting a different more ideal powder as it becomes possible of course.
  12. 1. Hey all, just wondering if there are any front range(ish) Colorado based 9mm loaders on here that would be open to helping a guy out. I'm more of a long range precision/hunting loader but got supplies years back to load up some 9mm. The time commitment never was worth it for me on my single stage, but did a cleanout of the loading bench yesterday and saw those components still sitting around. Never got around to getting dies, but I could supply the brass, bullets, powder, primers and would only be looking to load up a couple hundred rounds tops. Be more than happy to trade a 6 pack, some
  13. I built one years ago on a 20" Lilja on a vltor upper and it is insanely accurate, as one would expect from that barrel maker. Not crazy heavy for what it is either, a fairly nice barrel profile. I've shot a lot of .25" 5 shot groups at 100 with good ammo, and it's always under 1/2" with any decent factory ammo. Only pushed it to 550, which is plenty far for me with 223 ammo, but it doesn't lose anything in accuracy at that distance. I'd also look at Faxon, way cheaper and I recently got a few of their gunner profile nitride barrels that I've been super happy with them. 20" also
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