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  1. Stockade is good if you don’t mind waiting for a custom, Kevin is top notch with some good options, will Inlet for their aics compatible bottom metal. HS or a bell and Carlson comes stock with inletting for bottom metal take aics mags. manners makes some savage inlets with bottom metal that takes aics style too. I have all the above, all with pros and cons. Happy to chat more if you want more info, fell free to pm me.
  2. Welcome, and thanks for starting GlockTalk. I know I, and many others on here, have probably been on that site and benefited from the info it provides.
  3. I have some TekLox I can round up.  Let me know if you are interested and how many.



    1. lwink


      Absolutely interested, thanks for the follow up.  I'd be in the market for 3-6, guess depending on what you had and price and all that. Hardware included is certainly a plus, however think I have some around I could use if needed as well. 

    2. Boomstick303


      I think I have at least 3, probably more.  Not promising anything on the hardware but I will look for it tonight when I find the final number of TekLox I have.  I will let you know tonight.

    3. lwink


      Sounds great, appreciate the info.  Looks like we are distant Denver neighbors, may even work to meet up.  Although sometimes shipping is even faster and easier, so we can see.  Thanks, will standby for more info later on. 


  4. No doubt good stuff - the idea of starting trigger pull early was a thing I started naturally doing, was a good affirmation first time I saw these tips. And Langdon is also the place to go for your Beretta double action needs!
  5. HAHAHA!! Well I always enjoy learning from your expertise, please expand on this
  6. Subscribed to this, have a beretta px4 that I like, and want to like more.
  7. Think Steve is right on! Practical/speed related port work has to be tops after tube capacity, triggers are subjective but a good one usually doesn't hurt (unless you're used to jerking 8 pounders and fire early with a reasonable one :)). I've shot Benellis with and without, I can't tell you I notice a huge difference in the moment, maybe at the end of the day? You could certainly take a step in the right direction with a limbsaver pre-fit pad and kick-eze cheek pad for $50 or so total, which I've done on one of my old non-comfort tech benelli stocks and a stoeger, never looked bac
  8. I have had this happen twice on different platforms, both with relatively high cyclic weight (heavy buffers, bolts, and strong springs), and discovered two things: 1. Shooting off a bench, the gun actually more or less bump fired. Moved back toward me on recoil, and without offhand support the cyclic mass moved the gun, and trigger, forward into my finger and fired again. Never happened in thousands of rounds but put in a heavier buffer and beefy spring to play with things and sure enough, wouldn't have believed it until I heard about the possibility and really paid attention. Ther
  9. As usual, Tony is right on. Almost any $200 rangefinders of current production from Vortex, Nikon, Sig, Bushnell, etc. will hit anything within 4-600 yards fast and easy. Remember my first rangefinder as a guide in Colorado - spend $400 on a "1000" yard model and was lucky to hit 500 most of the time If you don't need fast and light I'd look at bino combos, but may not be ideal for your needs and are much more spendy if you just need to range what you'll hit with your prism sight
  10. Yep, it’s all good there. This is good to know, and lines up with my experience now. May consider running a different case gauge, although at this point I will just go through with sizing all my “ready to load” processed brass as that seems to eliminate the issues. Ran a bunch Friday after full resize with no issue and new Hornady brass has no issues so far. thanks for all the help, hopefully this post helps another loader down the road.
  11. Thanks for all the info, following back up with a few things I’ve learned. 1. Not a head stamp issue, had some lake city that didn’t fit and some that did. 2. measured neck thickness and couldn’t find a pattern there, but wouldn’t rule it out 3. ended up running a Lee taper crimp and that actually allowed a few to chamber freely that didn’t before, but didn’t fix all of them 4. Had a couple “bad” ones that I pulled Bullets, resized, and will reload time see if they go in now. Empty brass freely chambers, although not sure if it did pre-loading. step 4 is probably the re
  12. lwink


    I've had an XDm since they got rebadged, been a dozen or fifteen years with a lot of rounds and never had one issue that I recall. I do hear stories from certain online "experts" - some may be legitimate but my feeling is an awful lot are SHTF mall ninjas that need stipling for when their gun gets too bloody to grip... and the XD can't keep up with their needs. Anyway, also have an xd for edc that I never worry about and the XDm is pretty kitted out and shoots great. Like many things, comes down to what fits you, what platform you're invested in, and how much aftermarket suppor
  13. Just started loading for this caliber, worked up a few basic 110 V-Max loads to try before pumping them out on the dillon and about 5 shots in (with promising accuracy) had a "click" no fire. Turns out my bolt didn't go all the way into battery so no bang, no big deal on a new gun. Had to take some serious measures to open the bolt (slide hammer action on a concrete pad). Figured it had something to do with the load so I got home and started looking and here is the troubling issue - about 3-4 of the 15 loads I made are between 1/8 and a hair more not seating fully in the chamber, so a closed
  14. Aero Precision makes a thunder ranch edition that has some custom cuts, if you can find them in stock. I'd strongly consider looking at Iron City Rifleworks, they have some F1 type stuff for pretty good prices. Believe that have a set called "Berserker Light". I've used a lot of their BCG's and been really happy all around.
  15. lwink

    6mm Arc

    Gotcha! Well those are usually pretty easy to make cycle reliably...
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