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  1. I'm still liking my Stretch16, but don't consider it cheap. I had a lilja (18") made early on and it'll shoot well under 1/2" at 100 yards with good factory or my handloads. I've used some Odins, they make a light profile, and had good accuracy out of 3-4 of those now. I also have a couple faxons that have shot quite well in 16" with their gunner and pencil profiles 8 twist. I would absolutely buy another one of them, easily at or under 1 MOA with most decent ammo I've put through. Final note, got my first BA, and was pleasantly surprised. Hanson series 8 t
  2. Don’t know if this is right or wrong, but one alignment with can installed with whatever method is used (qd system, thread mount, etc) then I’ll trust the mechanical repeatability as long as nothing changes on the system. In my mind it defeats the purpose of a quick detach system to go through an alignment every time you swap platforms. Fyi I’m using silencerco with both asr and direct thread options for different applications.
  3. I went the route of a used M3k for a great price then got a carbon arms tube and did all the custom work I was interested in - was looking for an M3k freedom and glad I went the way I did. From what I understand most are doing port work on the freedom anyway, and I'd say the one piece polished design of the CA tube is pretty nice. Haven't found a cheap wal-mart load the gun won't munch yet and it points and handles well for me, which is probably more important out of the box than almost anything else. I've had very nice shotguns that ate a lot of money for fitting in addition to the price ta
  4. I have 3 atlas s ones on different rigs and really do like them, and the attachment method. I don't beat them up so can't comment on overall durability, but they sure are nice to time and install. Profile is great - assuming your gas block fits. I did have one gas block I had to return because it was a bit fat. That being said, my theory is "weight is a bit subjective". For example, I have a 3 gun rig that is pretty light - stretch 16 barrel with JP comp, Light Handguard, JP lightweight bcg, taccom buffer setup etc. Then another that is actually a full pound heavier with a pretty burly h
  5. It is a rifle, however I have several other rifle powder funnels for the 550 and best I can tell they go into the case not around the outside.
  6. Presumably then if I have a dedicated expander in station 1 this will work, as the brass would’ve already gone through a full sizing and trimming before the final loading pass so Thai station isn’t currently used in my bottleneck loading? This 0.5mm undersized funnel won’t flare the case, but since this would be done in step 1 all I need to to do is have the funnel deposit powder into the case without spillage.
  7. I am new to dillon loading, have a 550 setup. Toying with spinning up some 6.5 creedmoor loads - I know the shell plate/locator buttons will be the same as components I already have, but would it be functional to use a 243/6mm rem powder funnel rather than a dedicated 6.5 funnel? Not 100% sure how this setup indexes and dispenses, let me know if you think or know that this will/won’t work - and why so I can lean a bit on the system. Thanks!
  8. Stockade is good if you don’t mind waiting for a custom, Kevin is top notch with some good options, will Inlet for their aics compatible bottom metal. HS or a bell and Carlson comes stock with inletting for bottom metal take aics mags. manners makes some savage inlets with bottom metal that takes aics style too. I have all the above, all with pros and cons. Happy to chat more if you want more info, fell free to pm me.
  9. Welcome, and thanks for starting GlockTalk. I know I, and many others on here, have probably been on that site and benefited from the info it provides.
  10. I have some TekLox I can round up.  Let me know if you are interested and how many.



    1. lwink


      Absolutely interested, thanks for the follow up.  I'd be in the market for 3-6, guess depending on what you had and price and all that. Hardware included is certainly a plus, however think I have some around I could use if needed as well. 

    2. Boomstick303


      I think I have at least 3, probably more.  Not promising anything on the hardware but I will look for it tonight when I find the final number of TekLox I have.  I will let you know tonight.

    3. lwink


      Sounds great, appreciate the info.  Looks like we are distant Denver neighbors, may even work to meet up.  Although sometimes shipping is even faster and easier, so we can see.  Thanks, will standby for more info later on. 


  11. No doubt good stuff - the idea of starting trigger pull early was a thing I started naturally doing, was a good affirmation first time I saw these tips. And Langdon is also the place to go for your Beretta double action needs!
  12. HAHAHA!! Well I always enjoy learning from your expertise, please expand on this
  13. Subscribed to this, have a beretta px4 that I like, and want to like more.
  14. Think Steve is right on! Practical/speed related port work has to be tops after tube capacity, triggers are subjective but a good one usually doesn't hurt (unless you're used to jerking 8 pounders and fire early with a reasonable one :)). I've shot Benellis with and without, I can't tell you I notice a huge difference in the moment, maybe at the end of the day? You could certainly take a step in the right direction with a limbsaver pre-fit pad and kick-eze cheek pad for $50 or so total, which I've done on one of my old non-comfort tech benelli stocks and a stoeger, never looked bac
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