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  1. "To teach is to learn twice." - Joseph Joubert I started teaching classes about five years ago and it really forced me to think about exactly how I do various techniques, which makes me do them better. I don't have kids but just teaching other adults has been fun for me and watching someone improve right before my eyes is a great feeling; I know I've made a positive difference in someone's life if I've helped them learn something they never knew before and might never have known otherwise.
  2. These look almost the same and even the name sounds similar. I'm told that the Hiperfire Reflex is one of the hardest-hitting triggers out there, which I want to try for a 5.45x39mm upper that I bought years ago and was plagued with failures to fire (5.45mm is actually available and affordable in 2020: The Year The World Turned Upside-Down). I'm a member of Big Daddy Unlimited and they have the B.A.D. (Battle Arms Development) trigger for considerably less money than the Hiperfire. Would I be getting similar hitting power out of the B.A.D. offering or is the Hiperfire version the way to go
  3. I just saw that these were in stock at Midway USA today. They look an awful lot like an MK1919 or one of those other Turkish AR-style shotguns. Has anyone used one or have any more info on these?
  4. This seems like a popular recommendation. I think that I'll get one of these soon. It won't be right away since I'm one of those weirdos who actually saves up money before purchasing something but I'll get one soon and report back here on what I think.
  5. It's a private forum that a few friends made. Less than 20 members, not open to the public. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, stick! BTW, your sig line weirded me out for a minute since I have the same one on a different forum.
  7. I owned a CZ 75B years ago, so I'm not a total stranger to them. My LGS has a CZ (not sure exactly what model; it might have just been an upgraded SP-01) with a trigger job and some mags for sale used and that's what got me thinking about CZ again. Do I want a new gun? My heart says yes, my head says no; I've already got Glock holsters, mags, spare parts, etc so I think the smart thing to do would be to just upgrade the Glock trigger, if such is worth it. What route would you go if you were to upgrade the Glock trigger?
  8. I've been getting back into 3-Gun in the last two years and I'm finding that my strong point is my pistol shooting. I've been shooting Glocks since about 2008 and I went Open this year with a milled slide and a Holosun. I'm really pleased with my pistol but can't help but wish that the trigger was just a little nicer; I've occasionally thrown shots that I shouldn't have (I know, that's my fault, not the gun's) because of trigger control so now I'm looking at what upgrades can be done to the Glock trigger... but are there any that are worth it? Or should I save whatever money I'd spend on a
  9. Hello all, I think I had an account here years ago but got out of visiting forums and then forgot my password. Regardless, I don't think I posted much (if at all) on my old account so this is not a bad time to introduce myself. I've been shooting since about 1996 or 97, got into IPSC in Canada (where I was born) in late 2001 or early 02, 3-Gun shortly after that, and moved to the USA in 2010. When I moved to CO from WY in 2012 I got back into 3-Gun, did that until the end of 2015, took a 3.5 year hiatus where I only shot local outlaw pistol matches but got back into 3-Gun in the
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