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  1. what press are you running? I have an evo pro and the mark 7 9 MM shellplates don't even allow an insertion of a .380 to the press
  2. can i ask why you find the digital not worth it, i been seriously considering based on the data people post in the m7 facebook group to biting the bullet on the digital. currently have 2 mechanical.
  3. so converting and staying same primer size, i.e. small pistol to small rifle. is easy. 1 bolt for the tool head, loosen 4 remove the spring, loosen 4 for the shell plate hold down, pull shell plate up, change case feeder arm, re-assemble change case feeder plate .... 15 minutes max since you will be also lubing and cleaning the machine a bit if you are disassembling a bit. i have not down a primer conversion yet, when i installed my primer orientation sensor i had access to the primer system, and from just looking it over it didn't seem overly complex, but if you join the mark 7
  4. In the general discussion someone put a image up. It’s smaller then the current for 500 bucks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Been waiting on my .223s forever Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Email misty it was up for pre order 11 total. Not sure what’s left Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I don't have 12.5K to drop on a Mark 8, but we all saw it with Covid, and now the Protests, and the who knows whats going to happen come November, clearly states think they can stop online ammo ordering, which means Local shops (who love infringing because it means more money in their pockets) jack up prices. Having the ability to create the projectile maybe MORE then worthwhile in the not so distant future.
  8. oh i wont run it 24/7 ever just to figure out how much material plus machine cost is per bullet. if 12.5K and it can only last 5 years at 24/7 thats low quality machine work.
  9. At least with casting there is little waste, first 10-20K go right back into the pot to be melted back down.
  10. i can redo my calcs on pallet ordering, it was easier to do it based on bullet quantity and work that way but yeah ordering that pallet above your CPR that i did would go down
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