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  1. In the general discussion someone put a image up. It’s smaller then the current for 500 bucks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Been waiting on my .223s forever Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Email misty it was up for pre order 11 total. Not sure what’s left Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I don't have 12.5K to drop on a Mark 8, but we all saw it with Covid, and now the Protests, and the who knows whats going to happen come November, clearly states think they can stop online ammo ordering, which means Local shops (who love infringing because it means more money in their pockets) jack up prices. Having the ability to create the projectile maybe MORE then worthwhile in the not so distant future.
  5. oh i wont run it 24/7 ever just to figure out how much material plus machine cost is per bullet. if 12.5K and it can only last 5 years at 24/7 thats low quality machine work.
  6. At least with casting there is little waste, first 10-20K go right back into the pot to be melted back down.
  7. i can redo my calcs on pallet ordering, it was easier to do it based on bullet quantity and work that way but yeah ordering that pallet above your CPR that i did would go down
  8. anyone feel free to correct my math if I am off here... 36K 125 Grain from Blue Bullets = 2,187 using the 10to50 discount code. unsure what shipping would tack on. to cast the same amount we need 36K x 125 Grains = 450,000 Grains of Lead Needed Divide that by 7,000 Grains per pound, = 643 Pounds of Lead needed. Lyman Number 2 is sold 5 Pounds Increments on Rotometals = 129 needed Lead Cost Alone = 2,229 if you use a cheaper lead, Hardball = 2%-Tin,6%-Antimony,and 92%-Lead the cost for the same 643 pounds needed to cast 36K = 1,903 TLDR Blue Bullets = .06075 Lyman #2 = .06197 Hardball Lead = .05286 Bottom two we need to remember to depreciate our machine cost into the price per, assume 30 year straight line. Edit #1 --> I did the depreciation math, here we go Magma Mark 8 Casts 5,000 per hour. Run that 24 hours a day = 120,000 Bullets a day Every day for a year = 43,800,000 machine cost = 12,500 / 30 = 417 dollars of depreciation per year each bullet depreciates the machine 0.00000951 adding that in to our bottom two from above Lyman #2 CPR = 0.06197951294 Hardball CPR = 0.05286951294
  9. id powder coat, sizing ive seen people working on automating the Lee APP, now that would be a combo with a bullet feeder
  10. He automated the master caster? I can’t create a cast boolits account their captcha is unreadable lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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